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we were able to efore leaving Namibia, coast as doors dramatically impact the semblies where opened up for school as to the children’s lives we have time to speak in continued on page 2


ave you ever stopped and wondered what the disciples thought when Jesus gave them the command to “… Reach the world” as part of the Great Commission? He said to reach the world with the message of hope and salvation. Can you imagine the joy they experienced when, just a few weeks later, they witnessed over 3,000 people accepting Christ as their savior? They were off to reach the world. That zeal for Christ still moves us for ward tod ay – to reach the world for

Christ. Together, each month you give to LF TL to supply the necessary evangelism resources to keep moving for ward with the love and messa ge of Christ. We are not alone. Dr. Greg Mundis, our Assemblies of God World Missions director, recently shared some exciting news. We now have 2,800 missionaries around the world with almost 4,500 associates and shortterm assistants to reach the world for Christ. The passion continues as

someone accepts Christ’s salvation every 37 seconds somewhere around the world because of AGWM! This is something to celebrate! Yet, Dr. Mundis also shared that 100,000 Christians suffer martyrdom every year in our world. More than 300,000 are persecuted. So, I thank you for continuing to pray, send, give, and resource so All Can Hear. RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

continued from page 1 and pray with them. Then we distribute The Amazing Gospel comic book into the hands of over 3,000 children and teachers in schools. These books are a big hit with the kids. We cannot thank Light for the Lost enough for providing us with this tool. Mark and Kim Gardner AGWM - Africa



icily is a very poor community with approximately 53% unemployment. We were asked to produce cards to encourage the people and provide some comfort and hope during this difficult time. We have been blessed by LFTL and their assistance in printing these cards. We’ve given out hundreds, and they continue to be an encouragement to

those in need. This is an amazing answer to prayer. We are able to plant the seed of hope with the message of Christ’s love. Thank you Light for the Lost for your ministry and support!  Kathy Vanaria AGWM - Europe



hank you so much for helping us to provide Bibles to all the graduates of our Sunday School programs. We were able to hand out 20 Bibles to the children in our church plus give Bibles to new believers in our church and community. We wouldn’t be able to bless the hard

work of these children or minister to our community without the assistance of LFTL. Thank you so much for your dedication and support! Patrick and Michelle O’Loughlin AGWM - Europe

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October 2017 LFTL Spotlight  
October 2017 LFTL Spotlight