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FTL is committed to assisting missionaries and outreach centers throughout the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people. Through your faithful and generous gifts, we move for ward each month to fulfill that objective. One of the strategic areas LFTL assists is Teen Challenge. Years ago, LFTL funded resources lit the path for our son’s journey back to Christ. With my wife, Bev, and I in ministr y, Chris was raised in church, enjoyed children’s church, church camps, and was a key leader in the youth group. Through

a difficult season in his life during his senior year, he started to use drugs. This downward spiral would begin a four year journey away from us, church, and would eventually leave him alone and scared. Drug addiction had taken its toll. Finally, in desperation, Chris called out to God for help. Within 48 hours of reconnecting with us, he was in the Teen Challenge center in Hot Springs later moving to the one in Cape Girardeau. Each day in those centers Chris used LFTL evangelism resources to find his way back to Christ.

So, on a personal note, our family is deeply thankful to each person who ministered to our son during this time in his life and to those who prayed and gave the funds to help our son and many others COME HOME. Today, 11 years later, Chris ser ves in his local AG church and continues his walk with Christ.  As I write these words, I pray for your loved ones and ask the Lord to lead them that they may find a hand extended to show them the way to Christ.

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

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one of the most successful addiction recovery programs today with 80% of Teen Challenge graduates living a life free from addiction. Global Teen Challenge and Teen Challenge USA are non-profit organizations on a mission to help anyone and everyone in every nation around the world find freedom from life-controlling addictions. There are 246 million people worldwide that struggle with drug abuse … 2.5 million souls die from this addiction each year.

6,849 deaths per day 285 deaths per hour 5 deaths per minute Focusing on seven core values that facilitate rehabilitation and life transformation, one person at a time, Teen

Challenge is able to show these lost souls the love and hope of Jesus. Faith in God is the foundation upon which all aspects of the Teen Challenge programs are built. They hold Bible studies, plant churches, and lead community-wide outreaches. Today, Teen Challenge operates over 1,100 centers in 118 nations. Light for the Lost is honored to partner with Teen Challenge. With the curriculum that is presented with hope and love and the faith-based counseling, God is able to heal these individuals through the investment and determination of the workers and the faithful donors that give. For more information about Global Teen Challenge and Teen Challenge USA, visit and *All statistics from Global Teen Challenge

“I was an abused girl who married young that struggled with addiction with an education only at a 9th grade level. Without the studies that Teen Challenge provided me, my new Christian walk would have failed. The Group Studies for New Christians (GSNC) curriculum dealt with many areas in my life such as forgiveness, prayer, and a relationship with God. It was a step-by-step process, and with the help of the staff, I have experienced the love of God. I’m now the mother God intended me to be. I am currently an active intern that rejoices in the fact that I’m helping women learn about God’s Glory!” - Dawn

“The GSNC has helped me grow my personal relationship with Jesus Christ tremendously. It is presented in a way that is simple to understand but straight to the point. It gives examples of ways that you can apply what you have learned successfully in everyday situations. The class that impacted me the most is “Anger and Personal Rights”. Needless to say, I wasn’t the bright and joyful person I am today, and it is only because I surrendered my life to Jesus. “Anger and Personal Rights” class helped me pin point the root of my aggression and why I had such a hard time submitting to authority.  Before Teen Challenge, I continuously found myself in combative situations. Whether arguing with family or in a fight with a random person at a party, I could never get along with anyone and had no idea why I was so mad all the time. I know now how to prevent these situations from arising because of the real life examples taught in the Teen Challenge curriculum. I would like to give special thanks to the developers and teachers of these classes that help people like me grow closer to Jesus and get our lives back on track.”  -Caleb

“Throughout the GSNC curriculum, I have been able to address prior hurts in my life and learn how to grow through them in a biblical way. Prior to coming to Teen Challenge, I would find myself in difficult situations and would seek temporary relief from drugs or alcohol, which further suppressed my underlying hurts and struggles. While all of the classes have been helpful, “Growing through Failure” has impacted me the most. I have learned that our most difficult times of struggle, show that we are powerless alone, but reveal God’s great power. We are all going to face failure and go through ups and downs, but the most important thing is to remember during those times is that this is also where we can grow the most. God is never going to waste pain. James 1:2-3 says, ‘Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.’ After coming to know that if the Lord brings you to it He will see you through it, I can learn from my mistakes and grow the most during these times.”


“Ten years ago, I was in Teen Challenge. The curriculum really impacted my life and molded my attitude. Specifically, the GSNC course “Anger and Personal Rights”. The principles found in that curriculum have taught me to handle stress, anxiety, and lack of respect from others. The fundamental principles that are found in the TC contracts are still with me today.” -Kyle



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