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he birth of Christ is one of the most amazing gifts man has ever received. Without a birth, there cannot be a death or resurrection. In Matthew’s writing , there is one to verse that always stands out ing com “On , me. Matthew 2:11 d to the house, they saw the chil y with his mother Mary, and the ed ship wor bowed down and him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him se with gifts of gold, frankincen ing rest inte it t Isn’ rh.” myr and e that when the first men cam s. gift t ugh bro y the us, to see Jes And not just any gift, they s brought the most valuable gift e. tim t tha at man to known This year, Light for the Lost a has seen people across Americ s gift zing bring their most ama

for evangelism resources and I THANK YOU for each gift that was prayerfully given. I am amazed when a disabled h friend makes a $1,000.00 fait t promise and finds out the nex . ycle torc mo a day that he won He sells that motorcycle to d. fulfill his promise to the Lor of wife a n whe I am amazed a councilmen continues to pay her husband’s monthly faith promise after his passing because her husband loved LFTL and its ministr y. She has and continues to do this for 17 years. I am amazed when one church receives a special offering for Fire Bibles and gives over $100,000.00 in response to this need. And, I am AMAZED by every gift and every donor who will not surrender the vision of LFTL

s to send evangelism resource around the world to share the ultimate gift, Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for adding list LFTL to your Christmas gifts for g evin beli are WE r. yea this g the greatest Christmas offerin r. yea EVER this On behalf of every missionary and ministr y partner, thank you for d presenting your gift to the Lor As t. Los the for t Ligh ugh thro y a former missionary, we pra r be favo and sing bles that God’s s. live and es hom r you to ed add . nds Frie My Merry Christmas,

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

continued from page 1 and empowered to reach their schools and approximately 5,000 saved through our weekly services and conferences. A special thank you goes out to the LFTL team, National Director Rick Allen, and PenFlorida Director Baldy Boyd for investing in a significant way so that we could provide a Student Fire Bible to every Campus Missionary. Here are a few testimonies that we would also love to share with you: “Today, I went to this awesome event called WarCry hosted by pfyouthalive. It was absolutely life changing. So, I wanted to share about my experience. We sang worship songs, hung out with our youth group, being real for Jesus, listened to an amazing rapper, and so on. The sermons were absolutely amazing, and I learned so much. One thing that this made me realize is that I am not just serving Jesus with my account, but with my WHOLE LIFE. I recognized that I wanted to make a difference in my school and not just be that average Christian, but be open about my faith by inviting people to church, concerts, reading the Bible, meeting before school to pray, and the list goes on. There is so much we can do by being a good example and showing people that you’re for Christ. So, don’t be ashamed be DAUNTLESS with your faith. This is something I want to talk about more so there will be some devotions on this topic in the future.” @Sparklingprincesswarrior “Blessed to be able to participate in the WarCry Empowerment Day. I was grateful to be able to pray over the young men and women going back into their campus’s spreading Jesus’ love.” @goodtothemax “We have a student who never says a word about anything. He always seems uninterested when we have group time. However, at the Empowerment Day something clicked for him! After the first two sessions he seemed to be more engaged than normal. Then, during the group strategy time, he began talking nonstop! He kept sharing more and more ideas about how he could reach his school. It seems like becoming a campus missionary has awakened him to something he never realized he could do.” – Marlene Thank you for making this yearly empowerment of students possible.  Joseph and Natalie Barnoske PFYouthAlive



ver the years, LFTL has provided funds for me to buy copies of Basic Christianity by John Stott. It is a great book that outlines who Jesus is and what he’s done. Recently, I had a student come into our group to recommit his life to Jesus. We began to meet often, and I gave him a copy of the book. He read it very fast and his life turned around quickly. He then gave that book to his nonChristian girlfriend who read it twice and

discussed it with him. Over the summer, she came to the end of the book where there is a call of salvation. That night she gave her life to Jesus. Both of their lives transformed through Chi Alpha with the help of LFTL. I couldn’t do this without YOU! Matt Herman Chi Alpha Director - SLU

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November 2017 LFTL Spotlight  

November 2017 LFTL Spotlight