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MAY 2021


Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.





very SECOND, of every MINUTE, of every DAY someone, somewhere, uses a Light for the Lost resource! Whether it be through a print, audio, video, internet or a technology- or app-based medium, YOU are helping LFTL tell others about Jesus worldwide. Your prayers and giving make a difference.

Thank you! You will see this powerfully illustrated in the 2021 edition of Celebrate the Light, our bi-annual missions video presentation, which we will premiere at General Council in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday, August 5. You don’t want to miss the premiere event of Celebrate

the Light 2021. We always say the videos we show are “the must-see missions videos of the year.” And they are. If you are an Assemblies of God pastor or district/network officer and are planning to attend General Council, we have FREE tickets to this event for you. All you need to do is email to request your free tickets. Next month, we will share more details about what we’ll show you in Celebrate the Light 2021. Also in this issue of 360 Spotlight, on page 5, is information about National Men’s Day (June 20, Father’s Day). Please take a look and begin making plans to honor, encourage and celebrate the role of godly men in the home, church and community. Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL



ight for the Lost funds assisted missionaries Bob and Lynne Rose in Rome, Italy, during and after the darkest days of the COVID pandemic.

Italy was hit harder than any nation in continental Europe, with more than 104,000 deaths and 3.3 million infections. While millions of Italians languished emotionally and spiritually under the most austere nationwide lockdowns in Europe, the Roses and Italian believers utilized LFTL funds to reach out to neighbors with Christ’s message of hope and redemption.

Armando uses these LFTL-funded tools to evangelize in hospitals and clinics.

“They were looking for ANSWERS,” says Bob Rose. “They were not satisfied being placated with ‘pat’ answers. They were living in an unreal reality, searching for a foundation that cannot be shaken.” Armando, a believer in the Roses’ church, took LFTL resources (produced by Global University) into health care facilities that allowed visitors. He boldly shared Christ and prayed with the sick. He continues to do so to this day! LFTL resources also touched the lives of dozens of people from the African immigrant community, particularly

Missionaries Bob and Lynne Rose used LFTL resources during and after the darkest days of the pandemic.


Bob Rose using LFTL tools to talk about Jesus with immigrants in Rome. Nigerians. Bob and Lynne often lead some of their church members out to share Christ in their neighborhoods, and the LFTL tools go with them every time. “We are so thankful to LFTL for the funds to make these tools and materials available to those who ask, seek, and search for an everlasting hope and future,” says Lynne Rose. To all LFTL supporters, we want to say thank you for remembering the mission during the pandemic! Thank you for enabling LFTL to resource the Roses for evangelism ministry.

These immigrants to Italy were reached through LFTL and the Roses’ ministry.

“THE LIGHT” APPEARING TO MUSLIMS DAILY T he events in this story are supernatural. They are ALSO typical of daily events in the Muslim world.

sources called the Discovery Series which he uses to tell Muslims about Jesus.

In places far away from churches, missionaries, or Bibles, the Lord Himself becomes the evangelist and appears to Muslims in dreams and visions.

LFTL funds are used to translate and print the Discovery Series.

We get reports of these events all the time. Jesus, “the Light,” is appearing to and reaching Muslims. *Ahmed is a former Muslim from East Africa. One day a couple years ago, as Ahmed read his Koran, Jesus Christ suddenly stood before him in shimmering white. “You are a slave to Islam,” Jesus said. “The road you are on does not lead to heaven. I am the way, truth, and life. Follow Me.” Ahmed was transformed by this encounter and became a follower of Christ. Next, he felt a call to be an evangelist. At this moment, Ahmed is in Bible school. Africa’s Hope missionaries equipped him with a large set of re-

Ahmed recently stated, “Wherever the Lord leads me, I will go.” I believe him. If the Lord leads Ahmed to Muslim peoples in Africa, he’ll go. And in his hands will be those LFTL-funded evangelism tools! The result will be more of the supernatural. Jesus, “the Light,” will come into the lives of Africa’s Muslims. You make the supernatural possible through your prayers and giving. Thank you! Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you.

*Name changed

Jesus is appearing to Muslims all over the world, and they’re turning to Him in the thousands!

Becoming a 360Man is now more important than ever! There is hope for the MEN of America. We need to give them Jesus. Scan with mobile device

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