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o take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people wherever they live on planet earth, this was, is, and will continue to be the mission of Light for the Lost and Assemblies of God World Missions. May I remind all of us the mission is not over! We are far from finished. This is not the day to accept failure or

of Christ. We could not decide this mission is continue this mission too hard to accomplish. without YOU! There have been too Thank you for many missionaries, your persistent and donors, prayer prayerful commitment partners, churches, and to LFTL each month. individuals that have I am humbled by your paid the ultimate price steadfastness to this to send, equip, and pray cause. Until the mission to venture towards the is over, we give. Great Commission. Even in the hour we live RICK ALLEN in, we must continue to National LFTL Director follow in the footsteps

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on Unreached People Groups throughout all of AGWM including here in Mexico. This coming week, with the funds you contributed, 25 VBS workers will receive training and the materials needed to hold campaigns in 25 different indigenous villages throughout Oaxaca, Mexico. Literally thousands will be impacted both today and in the future.

One Chatino Indian evangelist said, “I have no doubt that 250-300 children will attend from a small mountain village called Cerro de Pie and will be greatly blessed.” Please accept our sincerest gratitude to LFTL and those that support this ministry.   Paul Kazim AGWM - Mexico



et me take just a moment to express our appreciation for LFTL. It has been a blessing to find, time and again, that LFTL is ready to equip missionaries and national pastors with the tools that they need to do effective outreach. A case in point would be our request for funds for Bibles and literature for evangelistic campaigns set to begin this month. Your involvement in

ensuring that the Mexico field had funds on hand for just such a project helped fulfill this request. The funds have been distributed and the literature is sure to arrive on time for these events! I love it when a plan comes together! Thank you, again, for directing this vital ministry. We have indeed been blessed! Dave and Kelly Godzwa AGWM - Mexico



eing able to place evangelistic literature in the hands of people who need Christ is one of the most important things we can do as missionaries. God has opened an unprecedented door for us to do that in Cuba. We recently received the following testimony: Hello pastor, This photograph was ta ken just a few minutes ago when we entered the on cology ward at the hosp it al. The young woman’s name is Yudirca. She is in th e process of knowing God while her child is in the midst of a battle with cancer. The book “Power to Change” caught my eye. She said the book has ha d a great affect on her li fe, and she has exhort ed ma ny to read it. A group of evangelists gave it to her. God is extending His Ki ngdom in a very powerf ul way.

Without LFTL we could not get this book into the hands of so many.  Thank you for your support and dedication!   May God richly bless you!   Jason Frenn AGWM - Latin America



flash drive & download contains:

• The presentation - video as a whole and separated for your use.


• The music - all theTHE sheet music and the video choir presentation. CELEBRATE LIGHT • The artwork - for Celebrate the Light available for your use. • Response Devices - for you to use following the presentation.

Light for the Lost Spotlight is the official voice of Light for the Lost, the missions focus of the Assemblies of God. National Light for the Lost Director: Rick Allen; LFTL Advisory Committee; Designer: Josh Thomassen. LFTL may be reached at 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802 or 800.988.0292. Please feel free to visit our website: or send us an email at: If you are a missionary or missions partner that utilizes Light for the Lost funds and would like to send us your story, please email us at Copyright © 2016 by Gospel Publishing House, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802

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