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urope, and especially Spain, is close to my heart. My mother and older sister are from Spain. Their years in Spain were difficult, and it was hard growing up and learning to live together. Today, my sister is one of my closest allies. She’s my hero.

arose, I visited Spain. I was eager to learn and process how my mother’s and sister’s stories contributed to mine.

When the opportunity

The streets I walked

I went with a Project Rescue team to see their work helping trafficked and sexually exploited persons in Madrid.

were full of pain—past and present. And the women being trafficked on those streets were without hope, love, or futures. I caught a glimpse into the lostness of the continent where my family comes from. As you read this special Europe-focused edition of 360 Spotlight, please take a few minutes to pray for Europe. It’s a spiritual battleground. I would like us to make a serious commitment to spread the Light of Christ in Europe this year. Rick Allen National Director MM/LFTL



housands of Romanians all over Europe are receiving evangelistic tools provided by LFTL funds. Romanians live in hundreds of European cities. Churches are being planted in their communities, and they frequently use tools provided by LFTL to evangelize. One of the fastest-growing church movements in Europe is among the Roma, or gypsies. Many come from Romania. Here you can see a number of Roma new believers proudly displaying certificates of completion for a Global University evan-

Romanian pastor Costel Gramada “Great Questions of Life” to children. gelism and discipleship program called Christian Life. The courses were all printed with LFTL funds.

Gypsy believers using LFTL resources in Urziceni, Romania.

“God is doing miracles through LFTL materials,” missionary Rick Cunningham says. “Both at a beginning faith level for new believers, and at a ministry preparation level… LFTL is making an impact in country after country through Romanian immigrants!”



ashid* is an Iraq war refugee living in Belgium. Last year, he came to a Pentecostal church and decided to leave Islam and embrace new life in Jesus Christ! Next, Rashid was baptized. Missionaries Robert and Raquel Suarez offered him an

Arabic Bible. But Rashid refused. Instead he said, “I want a Dutch Bible. The Arabic reminds me too much of the oppressive religion I just came from. I want to study the Bible in the language I received Christ.” Belgium has three national languages. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE



Dutch is one, and it’s the language Rashid learned when he arrived as a refugee. LFTL funds provided the Dutch Bible that Rashid studies today! Thank you for

Rashid being baptized.

investing in Rashid, whom God brought to Europe so he could hear the gospel *name changed message.

Rashid with his Dutch Bible.



FTL funds are being used to help the Dutch Assemblies of God connect youths, children, and immigrants to local churches. Missionary Adam Fitthen works in two of those churches and will be using LFTL-funded resources this summer to establish a kids camp. LFTL funds will provide Bibles, evangelism pieces, and other resources to communicate the gospel to the kids.

Adam Fitthen baptizes new believers in the Atlantic.

Here, you can see Adam in one of the Dutch churches and also baptizing new believers in the North Atlantic. Thank you for enabling LFTL to partner with missionaries like the Fitthens as they minister in Europe!

This Dutch church uses resources provided by LFTL funds.



en’s Ministries offers a free daily devotional, which can be sent via email, or viewed on Facebook every day. We created this daily devotional for several reasons. It is a useful tool in the hands of men for:

the daily devotional on the Men’s Ministries Facebook page, and 4,904 others receive the email version. Devotionals are sent out late at night so that it is in the recipient’s inbox for a morning prayer time.

1. Personal spiritual growth 2. Discipling others 3. Sharing the gospel and biblical truths with others 4. Leading Sunday School or small group Bible study 5. Encouraging other men within your personal network The MM daily devotional can be read in one minute or less and includes a scripture, an observation, and a personal application piece. In 2019 we plan to periodically publish devotionals covering targeted themes for an entire week. Some of those themes include purity, integrity, addiction victory, one-on-one discipleship, and family leadership. There are no copyright restrictions. Anyone can view our devotionals and share them with others on social media or via email, thereby increasing the number of men (and families) impacted. Currently, more than 2,000 people view

We highly recommend that you take advantage of this daily devotional by either locating and “following” the Men’s Ministries Facebook page, or going to and following the devotional link to subscribe with an email address. Also, a one-year archive of past devotionals is available at If you have questions about subscribing to the devotional or using it in personal ministry please contact Jimmy White at, or 417.862.2781 ext. 4171. LFTL.AG.ORG | MEN.AG.ORG



ust like Rick Allen, I am the son of a European immigrant (Germany). As I reflect on my travels in Europe, I grow more thankful for the impact LFTL has had, and is having, there. Recently, I was in Europe where I met a young woman I’ll call Jasmine (name changed for security). She was sexually exploited by her own family in Colombia before being trafficked into Spain and exploited again. When Project Rescue personnel were able to bring Jasmine into their Home of Hope, she was completely devastated and broken—in every way. But when I met Jasmine, even though she clearly had many hurdles to overcome, I could tell God was beginning to win her over. During a Sunday service, Jasmine suffered a demonic attack. Project Rescue workers surrounded Jasmine and prayed over her for deliverance. Afterwards, her countenance was quite different, changed

by the loving hands of Jesus. Europe is close to my heart. It is painful to see things like human trafficking and sexual exploitation taking place there. Europe needs Jesus! But I am thankful for the work of our missionaries, national workers, and LFTL. Great things are happening in Europe! If you would like to be directly involved, use the enclosure to designate an offering to our 360 Spotlight “Feature Project” this month, and we will apply it to projects in Europe this month. Thank you so much for praying and giving so the church can be replanted in Europe.

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