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was beaten, hung on a s we approach this cross, and finally died Easter season, I for us. I could not put found myself thinking the Bible down. I read on my first Easter as a every sentence with Christian. In those first the anticipation of days, I wasn’t secure the next truth. Today, in any area of this new years later, my prayer life in Christ, but I is that we continue to knew this was where pray and give to reach I belonged. Sitting in the lost for Christ. That the ser vice, my pastor when they receive a began his message Bible or tract and hear on Easter Sunday. He ness to the good talked about how Christ wit


news they feel the same anticipation I felt so long ago. Thank you for your gifts to Light for the Lost and may God, through your gifts, allow someone, somewhere the feeling of freedom from sin. RICK ALLEN National LFTL Director

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I am one of a few bikers in our community here in Northwest Kansas. I've never been much on going to church or following His lessons. I have five kids. My kids are good people, and accordingly, have quite a few friends. One of their friends, a really quiet young lady around twelve or thirteen years old got her hands on the Book of Hope: Road Edition. She took it to school, hands it to my son, and asks him, "Your dad's a biker, right? Can you give him this?"     Far be it for me to refuse a gift from a kid. I took it. I read it, and I read it again. It goes with me on the road, to work, everywhere. It has prompted me to start studying my Bible and learning my verses. I've been back to church more in the last two months than I have in the last twenty years. He's making His plans for me obvious more and more every day, and I'm really enjoying building this new relationship with Him!   I plan to get copies of this book into the hands of people I know who could benefit from it – folks just like me – and even get some to my pastor.   Thanks so much for everything.   Jake

Thank you, Light for the Lost. Without your assistance, God couldn’t work in ways like this. It’s amazing how a gift from his son’s friend brought Jake back to the Son of God. Chaplain Duane Gryder Motorcycle Chaplain



ome of our workers recently met a man from Syria named Farouk. Much to their surprise, Farouk accepted their offer to teach him about the Bible, so they arranged another time to meet with him. When they got together again, the seven people who gathered represented six ethnic groups and four nations. Some of the individuals there were former Muslims. They shared with Farouk about their journey from Islam to faith in Jesus. Their stories moved him, and he said he felt great joy as if he wanted to cry. Within a few minutes, Farouk wanted to believe as well. They first prayed for Farouk, and then he prayed. After his prayer, Farouk said it seemed as if he had been born again—a phrase he had never heard before. They

were able to give Farouk his own Bible thanks to the help of Light for the Lost. Later that night, Farouk had a dream in which a shining man with an unseen face came to tell him he was on the right path and to continue on. Farouk is growing in his new faith, is thirsty for the gospel, and is sharing the good news with others.  Thank you for all you do. God uses your gift to bless us and minister to those we come in contact with.  Blessings,  Missionary in Eurasia  Names and country withheld for security reasons.



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