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JUNE 2021


Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.





une is a big month for us. First, we have a major announcement about Celebrate the Light 2021. Second, June 20 is National Men’s Day in the Assemblies of God.

past year we were not able to film overseas like normal. But God opened a door of opportunity for us to tell the stories of Light for the Lost in a different way.

I can’t WAIT for the premier of Celebrate the Light 2021 at General Council this August 5 in Orlando, Florida.

Details about each video are inside this issue of 360 Spotlight. Please make plans to attend the premiere event if at all possible. However, if you are not able to be in Orlando on August 5, we will make

We plan to show two videos that will thrill and inspire you. Due to travel restrictions this

Celebrate the Light 2021 available on our website and social media immediately after the premiere event so you can be among the first people to see the videos. As mentioned earlier, June 20 is National Men’s Day. On this day (which is also Father’s Day) we encourage churches, families and individuals to do something special to honor and celebrate the role of Christ-following men in our lives. We believe every man should be a priest in his home, church and community. He accomplishes and sustains that by committing to a life-long journey of following Christ. Please read our message of encouragement on pages 4-5. Thank you for all you do to help share the Light with the world and help men to connect with their Creator. We hope you have an awesome June 20 celebration! Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL

CELEBRATE THE LIGHT 2021 – ASIA Our first CTL video tells the story of how LFTL assisted missionaries Ron and Penny Maddux (former Regional Directors of Northern Asia for Assemblies of God World Missions) throughout their 44 years in the countries of Asia. LFTL resources in the Maddux’s hands reached many thousands in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and other countries. You’ll hear the story of how Jesus changed the life of Moses, a little boy who literally arrived on a boat on the Mekong River. It’s quite a story!

Ron Maddux explains how LFTL assisted he and his wife, Penny, over their 44 years in Asia.

CELEBRATE THE LIGHT – AFRICA In our second video, Africa Regional Director Greg Beggs shows us the thriving national churches of Africa (numbering more than 84,000 currently) and urges us to be part of the next major push to reach 800+ unreached people groups. That major push includes a focus on church health through Acts 2 Journey. Healthy churches reproduce healthy churches. Africa Region and LFTL are teaming up to bring the Acts 2 Journey for church health to the entire continent. The future impact in Africa is immeasurable!

Greg Beggs invites LFTL to assist with the next major missions push on the continent.

We say it every two years, but it’s always true: these are the must-see missions videos of the year. You don’t want to miss them! Celebrate the Light 2021 will premiere at a special LFTL luncheon on Thursday, August 5 in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. If you are a pastor, district officer, or a LFTL or Men’s director for your home district/network we have FREE tickets for you and your spouse. Simply email LFTL@AG.ORG to RSVP.



here’s no question. Popular culture stands against the role of godly men in the home and community. We see the effects of absent godly men, fathers, and mentors everywhere.

Something has to change in America. And it has to start with the MEN! On Father’s Day we usually celebrate fathers and fatherhood. But this June 20, let’s do something MORE, something BETTER! Let’s celebrate and honor the greater role that Christ-following men have in the home, the church and the community. That includes ALL men. Whether they are single, married, widowed, or divorced. We believe discipled, missional men have the potential to radically change the world for Christ. But they need encouragement and support from their families and their church. National Men’s Day is a chance to do exactly that.

What will you do for the godly man in your life? How will you honor, celebrate, or show expressions of love and appreciation to him? As you think about what you’ll do at home and in your church this June 20, we ask you to also think about sharing that with us. We’d love to feature the story of your National Men’s Day celebration in 360 Spotlight this year. Simply email MEN@AG.ORG with the details of what you did on June 20 and include some photographs. Your story might be featured here in 360 Spotlight this year! Thank you for observing National Men’s Day with us. Remember to make it MORE than just Father’s Day. Dr. Jimmy White is Director of Discipleship for Men’s Ministries. You can email Jimmy at jdwhite@ag.org or call him at 417.862.2781 ext. 4171

FREE RESOURCES FOR MEN: RELATIONSHIPS On National Men’s Day (Father’s Day) we think a lot about relationships. Here are some powerful, yet simple, teachings on relationships available to men, men’s leaders and pastors. All are FREE! Find them on the MEN.AG.ORG website or the Men’s Ministries app.

CONNECTING Human beings are made for connecting to each other and to their Creator. Without understanding of the power of connection, spiritual growth can’t happen.

FAMILY POWER Families are under attack! This series addresses four key components to spiritually strengthen families despite a culture opposed to traditional family structure. (also available in Spanish)

FAMILY SURVIVOR Being a Dad now is vastly different compared to a few decades ago. Discover biblical ways to survive parenting in today’s world.

HOME IMPROVEMENT Every family can use improvement in crucial areas. This series teaches biblical ways to make improvements in your marriage and family.

TAKING YOUR FAMILY TO THE NEXT LEVEL Our upbringing affects how we think and live now. This series provides a foundation for raising the kind of family God intends.



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Becoming a 360Man is now more important than ever! There is hope for the MEN of America. We need to give them Jesus. www.360Man.ag.org/signup Scan with mobile device

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