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JUNE 2020


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inistry to men matters! That is quickly becoming our mantra and central message across the nation. This month we celebrate Men’s Ministries Day in the Assemblies of God, on Father’s Day, June 21. On this day each year we invite churches to do more than just celebrate and honor fathers. We invite them to integrate Men’s Ministries and Light for the

Lost into their church’s community ministry. Why? Because a discipled man is missional, and a missional man is discipled. You don’t have one without the other. Furthermore, every man needs to realize he is called to be a priest in his home, his church, and his community regardless of age, background, vocation, or abilities. Men’s Ministries provides valuable disciple-

ship resources to help men grow in this sacred mandate. From basic lessons on growing in the Christian walk, to biblical studies, to targeted theological studies, we have abundant resources for churches and men to utilize. And they are all FREE! Yes. All Men’s Ministries discipleship resources are now free. More about that recent development inside this issue of 360 Spotlight. Inside we also share an inspiring message about how Light for the Lost has successfully resourced numerous missionaries and national partners worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis. God bless you and thank you for joining us in celebrating Men’s Ministries this month. Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL


s the COVID-19 crisis forced much of the world into a lockdown, LFTL was thrilled to realize the many ways in which evangelism resources you helped provide for missionaries were being used during the pandemic. Even though numerous missionaries were recalled from the field, the LFTL-funded evangelism tools they left in the hands of national churches were put to good use. Here is a look at two places where we know LFTL evangelism resources have been widely used during the pandemic.

MYANMAR July Oo is a Burmese believer in Myanmar. She has a ministry to orphans and abused children. Jesus gave her victory over the traumas of her past, and she now speaks peace and love into the pain of these children. When July became a follower of Jesus she also received a call to ministry. Missionaries in Myanmar (whom we cannot name) used Light for the Lost funds to provide materials for July to study and learn about the Bible and evangelism ministry. Later, she devel-

July Oo uses her LFTL materials from Bible school to reach children for Christ.

UES DURING PANDEMIC oped a passion for children’s evangelism. Today, she shares the gospel message every day with children in Buddhist homes. Many of these kids have also experienced the same traumas she did. Missionaries in Myanmar remain able to provide LFTL evangelism resources for more than 300 evangelists and ministers like July thanks to your prayers and financial support. Thank you!

CUBA Over the past 10 years, missionaries working with the Cuba Assemblies of God have used LFTL funds to provide evangelism tools to more than 4,000 Cuban pastors and evangelists. Cuba reported 1,137 COVID-19 cases and 38 deaths at the time of this writing, but widespread fear about the virus deeply affected the Cuban people. Nevertheless, Cuban ministers like Cesar Suarez (who was featured in a 2015 Celebrate the Light video) have been able to continue sharing the gospel with others using the evangelism tools provided by LFTL. Pastor Suarez is one of 4,000+ Cuban ministers who have Kindles containing thousands of lessons, books, and ministry helps for preaching and evangelism. LFTL funds placed those resources on every Kindle in Cuba! Thank you for making it possible for evangelism to continue worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please join us in prayer today for hundreds of missionaries who are anxious to get back to their respective fields, and resume evangelism ministry using LFTL funds.

Pastors Cesar and Jenni Suarez with Kindles containing hundreds of evangelism tools.

Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at dkersten@ag.org or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you.


ather’s Day is June 21! It is also national Men’s Ministries Day in the Assemblies of God.

On this day we ask churches to do two things. First, celebrate the many roles that godly, discipled, missional men play in the life and ministry of the church. Second, emphasize the importance of men’s ministry and invite men to get involved in church ministry. When men get involved in the church, incredible things begin to happen in their families and communities. Every Christian man should be a priest in his home, church, and marketplace. Encourage every man you know to get involved in a men’s ministry or help start one in his church/ community. This is important! Ministry to Men Matters! Through our website, men.ag.org, and on the Men’s Ministries app (available on all app stores) we now offer ALL of our discipleship resources free of charge. This includes 225 growth-level lessons, 34 biblical study lessons on the Gospel of

John, 30 targeted study lessons on the Holy Spirit, and two extra resources called LAUNCH and LEAD, which provide steps for starting and sustaining a thriving men’s ministry in the local church. This month let’s celebrate fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons…MEN! And let’s do all we can to connect them to Men’s Ministries resources for spiritual growth. Dr. Jimmy White is Director of Discipleship for Men’s Ministries. You can email Jimmy at jdwhite@ag.org or call him at 417.862.2781 ext. 4171

A FREE GIFT TO YOU FROM MEN’S MINISTRIES Everything is now FREE! During the unprecedented events and circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting impacts on men, their families, and the local church, the National Men’s Ministries department made the decision to place ALL of our men’s discipleship resources on the Men’s Ministries app and the Men’s website where they can be accessed 24/7, and FREE of charge. Previously, only the “growth-level” resources on the men.ag.org website were offered free. Other resources available for purchase were:

Journey Through John

Targeted Series: The Holy Spirit

LAUNCH: Starting A Men’s Ministry

LEAD: Building Your Team

Now, Men’s Ministries is pleased to offer these resources—and all companion pieces offered in the future—to men, their pastors, and their churches worldwide for free. “Each of these resources is digital and can be downloaded as a PDF,” says Dr. Jimmy White, Director of Discipleship for Men’s Ministries. “You can access them on our website or find them on the Men’s Ministries app, which I highly recommend every man have on his mobile devices.” LAUNCH and LEAD and 54 growth-level lessons are available in Spanish.




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