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JUNE 2019


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e observe National Men’s Ministries Day in the Assemblies of God on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16. We urge you to do something special to

emphasize and celebrate “The Value of the Man.” Men’s Ministry is critical to the health of a church, and we need to realize and celebrate its importance. Father’s Day is the per-

fect time to do so. As a suggestion, on National Men’s Ministries Day, you can emphasize the central theme of Men’s Ministries—Every discipled man is missional, and every missional man is discipled. Across America, we are sensing a man-focused, spiritual movement about to break loose. It will dramatically impact our country and culture. Furthermore, it will change families, churches, and cities. For this to happen, men must first be transformed individuCONTINUED ON PAGE 2


ally. We need every man to feel valued, empowered, and discipled for missional living in the power of the Holy Spirit. National Men’s Ministries Day could be the catalyst for something huge in your church or community. We would love to hear how you plan to emphasize “The Value of the Man” on National Men’s

Ministries Day on Sunday, June 16, and celebrate with you. Please give us a call or shoot us an email and share your ideas with us. Rick Allen National Director MM/LFTL



few months ago, we were in southern India at a graduation service for believers completing a church planting program from Global University. Each of the 1,300+ graduates were actively planting churches. We met a father (we’ll call him Thana) and his two children. All three worked together to plant a church in their home. They were happy to be graduating together. In their house church, Thana preaches and the kids help their father make disciples. One day, they too will plant churches. Fulfilling the Great Commission is a family thing for them! Light for the Lost provided the funds used to print the materials Thana and his family use to win souls to Christ. Thank you for enabling us to help equip Thana and his family for evangelism.


Thana and his two children, southern India.


hat is The Value of a Man? I guess it just depends on who you choose to listen to. If you surveyed men in American churches today with just one question, “Do you feel valued?” What do you think they’d say? How would YOU answer? I don’t think many men would say “yes.” The evidence is all around us. So we have to ask the question, how did we get here? And more importantly, can we get back? Our culture has strategically and incrementally devalued men, and manhood. Like you, I see it every day in TV, media, and on multiple social platforms. What I don’t understand is how we, the church, have allowed that mindset to come into our midst where we seem to no longer have strategic plans to build upon, and release, the true value of men. It can no longer be acceptable for targeted ministry to men in our local churches

to be anemic, lacking strategic intentionality, or non-existent. It simply is no longer acceptable. Too much is at stake.

“OUR CULTURE HAS STRATEGICALLY AND INCREMENTALLY DEVALUED MEN, AND MANHOOD.” Men are a value to our local churches, our families, and our communities. That cannot be debated. GET OFF THE SIDELINES If we want to see a change, then we in ministry leadership must have the courage to get up off the sideline, be stewards of the influence God has given us in the lives of men, and actively motivate men to rise up to the challenge. With what do we challenge them? To no longer allow the culture to determine the direction of their marriages, families, communities, and most importantly their churches, while they sit passively on the sidelines watching it all take place.

IT STARTS WITH A MAN I truly believe this statement: If you change a man you change a family, if you change a family you change a church, if you change a church you change a community, and if you change a community the world is at your doorstep. But it starts with a man!

“IF YOU CHANGE A MAN YOU CHANGE A FAMILY…IT STARTS WITH A MAN!” And because I believe that, I have to rise up as a leader and be strategic about what I am trying to do. Imagine if we could challenge, motivate and develop the men in our churches to live out these biblical values of manhood: • • • • • • •

Christ-Centered Integrity Spirit-Empowered Discipleship Relational Intentionality Biblical Servanthood Financial Responsibility Missionally Focused Generationally Driven

If we truly believe in the value of men, then we, as men, need to get off the sideline, get in the game, and be intentional about developing men. If we truly believe that ministry to men matters, then let’s do this. I refuse to believe culture’s view and value of a man in the year 2019. Instead, I choose to believe the value of a man is beyond what we can think or imagine, and his role must be to rise up and make a difference. Men are warriors by nature and we want to be challenged! May you and I be the kind of men who lead the charge off the sideline and move men into the game. This is not a dress rehearsal, and this isn’t pre-season. This is it, this matters...now. In closing, let’s look at the original question: What is “The Value of a Man?” I guess it really does depend on who you choose to listen to. Gordon Houston is the Director for Ministry to Men in the SoCal Network. Gordon and his wife, Nonda, have four kids and eight grandkids. Gordon has spent the majority of his 34 years in ministry devoted to the development and building up of men within the body of Christ.




s a young girl, my father often gave me the affirmation I needed. It helped me feel loved and secure. Fathers who learn how to affirm are especially valuable to their family and children. I think the church needs more affirming men. During a season of loneliness, I approached my dad with my struggle to find purpose in my life. My dad simply said, “I’m proud of you.” Those four words made a profound impact on my life. They helped me understand that God would fulfill His purpose in me. A woman, a daughter, or a wife wants to feel loved and secure. Fathers build deeper relationship with their daughters and the women in their lives when they learn to affirm.

Proverbs 31:25 (ESV) says, “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” This verse declares that a godly woman is strong and worthy of honor. But how does she develop into that place of spiritual strength? Her father, or a father figure, plays a part. Fathers, you have incredible value to your daughter! Pray this verse over your daughter(s), and learn how to affirm her as a woman, and in Christ. It will be a powerful source of encouragement for her. Anna Moyer is a recent communications graduate of Evangel University and interned with Light for the Lost and Men’s Ministries this past spring semester.





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