June 2018 LFTL Spotlight

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ach month, I have the great joy of writing to you about the amazing ministry of LFTL, and each month we hear your feedback, r feel your prayers, and see you rt. faithful suppo Thank you so much for your commitment to sharing the h good news of Jesus Christ wit the by ker dar a world becoming day. Without YOU we would not be able to partner with , ministries, like Project Rescue … us Jes ut abo lost the tell and to give them hope. LFTL is excited to be involved with Project Rescue as it ministers to women, children, and even men who

are being exploited through global human trafficking. This dark world of forced labor and sexual slavery is a blight on humanity. Project Rescue ministers to over 45,000 individuals who are trapped in exploitation or are survivors. It has ministry sites in 18 cities across 10 countries. The International Labour Organization estimates there are over 40.3 million persons being exploited by human trafficking—25% are children, and 75% are women. Human trafficking is a $150 billion criminal enterprise worldwide and two thirds of that comes from commercial sexual exploitation.

Project Rescue has developed evangelism resources specifically created for exploited persons, and LFTL assists in producing and distributing these resources. With your monthly gift, we can expand this ministr y to reach more people who are hurting and help them meet the One who breaks every chain, Jesus Christ. Thank you for praying and giving so that LFTL can assist Project Rescue in its mission to rescue and restore exploited and trafficked persons.

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

Project Rescue ministers to over


individuals who are trapped in exploitation or are survivors.

There are over

40.3 million

persons being exploited by human trafficking—

25% are children, and 75% are women.

Project Rescue has ministry sites in

18 cities across 10 countries.

To learn more about Project Rescue, visit ctl.ag.org and watch our video.

CAMPUS MISSIONARIES Below are a few testimonies from some of our campus missionaries. Training students to be campus missionaries and see their school as their mission field is building the Kingdom of God one student at a time.

Campus Missionary Christian Bullard Christian, pictured on the left, wanted to start a Youth Alive club at his school this year. Multiple times he was held off by administration and was finally told that his school was a closed district, meaning new clubs would not be allowed. With encouragement, he continued to witness to friends and to not worry about the fact that he could not have an official club. God honored his faithful witness. In the picture with Christian is Sam. Christian led Sam to the Lord at school this year. Sam said, “My whole life has totally changed around, and I am a new person.” We serve a faithful God.

Campus Missionary MaryLana Nix I grew up in church and was saved at a young age, but I didn't have a growing relationship with God until I started high school. Jesus has changed my whole life around. I became a campus missionary because God planted a purpose in my heart. I want to pursue Him with all I have and help classmates from my school who are bound by addictions. I want to promote Jesus' love, grace, and mercy! My favorite Scripture

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is John 16:33, "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. But take heart! I have overcome the world." In middle school I was bullied. My 8th-grade year I struggled with depression, and I began to cut my wrist. I wanted to feel the physical pain instead of the mental suffering. It got so bad that I wanted to die. I felt like a lost cause. I was hopeless. One night, I wanted to end it all. I wrote my suicide note, got the gun, and contemplated pulling the trigger. I was praying to God to show himself. At that moment, my baby sister came to my room to tell me goodnight, and that she loved me. Right then, I knew I had to find help because I couldn't leave this world and leave my sister to find me dead. I just couldn't be that selfish. Because of God in my life and with the help of school counselors and youth leaders in my church, I was able to overcome the depression. Today I am a new creation in Christ. This year I got to share my testimony with a guy from my school. Jesus used my story to give him hope and save him from committing suicide. I was able to share with him that things do get better with God in our lives. We prayed in the school hallway, and he gave his life to Christ. I am so thankful to God. This year I have been able to lead five friends to Jesus. I can’t wait to see how God will continue to use me. “My school is my mission field.”

Campus Missionary Skylar Jacobs As a campus missionary at Jackson High School, God has made a huge difference in my life, the students' lives, and the school in general. Every day, I minister to at least five students in my school, and sometimes I even pray with them and see them healed right in front of my eyes. I have seen students with broken bones, and even broken hearts healed and changed as I prayed with them and shared with them the good news of Jesus Christ. I'm handing out Bibles to those who need them. I have been given opportunities to preach at the school's "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" club, and I'm working on starting the school's very first Youth Alive Club. Revival is coming to Jackson, Georgia, and I can't wait to see what God is going to do next in my journey as a campus missionary.

Skylar has personally led seven friends to the Lord through one-on-one conversations at school. When he preached at FCA a few weeks ago, 10 more friends prayed and accepted Jesus as their Savior. Praise God for students dedicating their lives to Jesus. That is 17 lives impacted this year by ONE student. Thanks to LFTL, we are able to supply these campus missionaries with resources to witness to their fellow classmates. God is GOOD and we are seeing His work through these campus missionaries. Jessica Riner Georgia Youth Alive, Equipping and Empowering Students to reach their schools.

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