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s we approach the midpoint of 2017, please accept my sincerest appreciation for your faithful giving to LFTL this year. We are experiencing one of the best years in your response to our continued quest to present the gospel to the lost. Many times our hearts are burdened for unreached people groups somewhere in the world. There are an estimated 6,700 unreached people groups globally; however, what you may not know is that within the 6,700 unreached

people groups, there are 84 unreached people groups representing 17% of the population in the United States. In the United States. I am so thankful for each church, organization, and expression of outreach that targets these forgotten people. And I am exceedingly blessed to know that our United States missions group is strategically working every day to bridge the gap between the lost and those who have found Christ to be the Lord of their life.

To every AGUSM missionar y reaching the lost in America, we say thank you. Thank you for going where many of us have never been. Thank you for committing yourselves to a mission that many are not aware of. Know that we are assisting and will continue to assist you in spreading the good news of Christ through LFTL funded resources. Together, we will make a difference. RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

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that she had heard from friends in China that Christians were nice. "Are you nice?" she asked. She needed help getting to the County Health Center for some missing vaccinations.  One of our students, Beth (pictured with Yan) agreed to take her and a friendship was born.  Yan was very curious about Christianity and asked for a Bible. When my wife, Mindy, gave her a Chinese/English parallel Bible that we purchased with LFTL funds she opened it and began to read. Tears began to stream down her cheek as she turned to Mindy and said "This is beautiful."  

A few months later through the influence of Beth and our Chi Alpha family, Yan gave her life to Christ. She went on to lead her fiancé and parents to Christ and is raising her children to know the Lord as well. Thank you, Light for the Lost!  Without your support and dedication to reaching the lost, these life changing experiences wouldn’t be possible. Brian Hargett Chi Alpha Missionary North Carolina State University



ne of our students had a young man for a roommate for several years. He was a self-described Atheist who "hated everyone in Chi Alpha except the funny

guy." After several years of friendship and prayer, he began to open up this year and began attending our Thursday night Bible study. We were able to give him a

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continued from page 2 Bible and our “How To Read The Bible" card (with the ABC's of salvation on it) at the beginning of the school year. After several months of reading, questions, and time spent with him, I am so pleased to tell you that he gave his life to Jesus in January. It is amazing the life changes that simple friendship can make. Thank you so much, Light for the Lost, for giving us the funding to have these

cards and Bibles to give to this young man and so many others like him. They are able to know Jesus and enter into His light of salvation because of the ministry of Light for the Lost. Jason Harshbarger Chi Alpha Missionary Indiana State University



bout 4 months ago, a Japanese lady, Hiroko, walked into our ministry center. She found us from a website. She said, “I want to study the Bible.” Because of Light for the Lost, we had a bilingual Japanese English Bible on hand. We immediately started to talk to her and walk her through studying the Bible. At times, she is tearful as we continue to explain various Bible truths to her. She continues to do weekly Bible study with

us. Pray with us that she will turn her heart to the Lord. Thank you, LFTL, for providing the tools we need in order to reach the lost here in our community. We are blessed because you are determined!   Steve and Linda Smith AGUSM - Michigan

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