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believe there are times in our lives when God places us in specific places at special times. These divine appointments are with certain people to affect our worlds for the rest of our lives. In March, I had such a divine appointment in a restricted region of our world where we are sharing the good news of Christ in the most difficult situations imaginable. Over the course of a few hours, I heard from a group of 20 something individuals about conversion to be a Christ follower. They talked about how they are being changed by the power of the Holy Spirit, growing

through the secret small group meetings, and how LFTL funded resources are assisting them in their knowledge of Christ. I was shaken to my core. To know that each day they live in the cloud of government oppression, the wonderment of how Christ will provide for them and to hear how they pray, study and share God's e plan knowing that at any tim e tur cap a trap could be set to them was humbling. Despite the dangers, this young group of people press on! I must admit, I've been noticing this from this age group everywhere I go including the United States.


here are over 250 million deaf individuals worldwide. We recently used funds, generously provided continued on page 2

God is raising up an army; and we must be able to deliver LFTL funded resources to them regardless of their y homeland. If we succeed, the ly ven hea our will join us in homeland. It will be worth every prayer, every dollar, t every heartbreak to know tha the of together we were part , chain that cannot be broken ed. rusted, or shorten Thank you from the depths of my heart for your faithful support of LFTL. We have come a long way, but the mission is NOT over.

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

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by LFTL, to purchase copies of illustrated Bible books that consist of the four Gospels and the book of Acts. We had been searching for a book like this as most of the deaf we want to reach can barely read. We are excited that the box containing the new illustrated Bible books were recently shipped; and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival!

support LFTL know that words can't express what receiving the funding meant to us in reaching a portion of the hundreds of millions of deaf allotted to us by our Lord's Grace. In His Excellence and Love, Sterling and Mindy Carroll AGWM Missionaries

Please let those that faithfully



e are so thankful for Light for the Lost! We recently received funding to purchase the gospel of Luke for an unreached people group in Central Eurasia. We have had several opportunities to distribute these books. Due to the extreme lack of any type of literature in this language, the printed pages of the gospel are even more attractive. Recently one of our missionaries had the opportunity to share the gospel with an individual who

had never heard about Jesus’ love and redemption. We have been surprised at the positive feedback from the people of this “closed” country and expect it to be instrumental in our church planting efforts. Pray that it will be so. Thank you again, Light for the Lost, for your continued support in our ministry!  Name and country withheld for security purposes



e used Light for the Lost funds to purchase a Mongolian Bible for a Whatcom student named Unuruu. One of my co-workers, Theresa, mailed it to her when Unuruu was visiting Chicago for the summer and prayed that this gift would be well received. Fast forward several months: Unuruu attended our Fall Camp, praying after one of the sermons. She said to the Lord, “God, if you love me, please give me a hug.” Right at that moment, a friend reached over and gave her a huge embrace. I was watching this, but had no idea what she had just prayed in her heart. Unuruu decided to follow Jesus at that moment!  Unuruu relayed to Theresa that her aunt was really curious about the Bible she received from us, so she began to read it too. Through reading the Bible and attending

church, Unuruu’s aunt met Jesus! She now reads the Bible written in her own language every day. She told Unuruu that she loves reading the Bible and falls asleep hugging it every night.  That’s not all! Unuruu was baptized at our Christmas service and Elaine, an international student from Hong Kong, was profoundly moved by her statement of commitment. Elaine told her host mother that she wanted to be baptized too. When her host mother explained how serious a commitment that was, Elaine said, “Yes, I have decided that’s what I want! I want to make that commitment to Jesus!” Three lives are eternally changed and reconciled to Jesus. It all started with your support of Light for the Lost. Thank you for investing in the lives of these future world changers! Jonathan Lytle



flash drive & download contains:

• The presentation - video as a whole and separated for your use.


• The music - all theTHE sheet music and the video choir presentation. CELEBRATE LIGHT • The artwork - for Celebrate the Light available for your use. • Response Devices - for you to use following the presentation.

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