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To see video of our encounter with this man, go to, scroll to the bottom and watch the 2015 Celebrate the Light Florida video.


ver the past few months my heart has been grieved by what I’ve seen and heard across the airwaves and conversations in airports, restaurants and meetings. From school shootings to the way people treat each other, I have come to the decision that America needs Jesus NOW! Here’s one example. A few years ago our Celebrate the Light film team drove into a “Rainbow ” camp in the Ocala National Forest in central Florida. The camp is a community of people who isolate themselves and

live in tents or vehicles. “Rainbows” are frequently called “American gypsies.” Drugs, prostitution, exploitation, and poverty are rampant in these communities. Our team met one man and engaged him in conversation about God and heaven. His angry response was heartbreaking: “There’s no way you’ll ever get me to believe that…I’m a nasty [person], and I’ll admit it. But my shoulders are broad enough to carry

MY pack [into heaven] without His help. And I WILL do it!” His bitterness and resentment towards God was obvious. If there was a heaven, he believed he’d get there by himself. Who is there to share Jesus with people like that? My friend David Houck. He uses Light for the Lost funds to distribute simple Children’s Bibles in the Rainbow camps and surrounding communities. Illiteracy is ver y high there, so a regular Bible is never accepted. But Children’s continued on page 2

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Bibles with simple words and colorful illustrations of Bible stories ARE accepted. Children’s Bibles give David many open doors to show “Rainbows” and others who Jesus is, what salvation is, what the Bible says about sin, and how someone can decide to follow Jesus. It’s incredible! Bev and I served as U.S. missionaries for 13 years. We’ve always been burdened for America. There are many places in our nation where people urgently need someone like David to walk amongst them and share the Light, Jesus Christ. We’re so thankful for the work Assemblies of God U.S. Missions (AGUSM) is doing to make the name of Jesus known in rural and urban parts of our country, utilizing

every tool and missions resource possible. There are 2,640 AGUSM personnel working in the U.S. They are church planters, chaplains, Chi Alpha leaders, intercultural ministers, Teen Challenge workers, builders, and youth leaders. Please pray for them all today. Pray for America. Thank you for supporting Light for the Lost in our mission to resource AGUSM personnel with evangelism resources to reach places like “Rainbow” camps throughout our homeland. RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL




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Edna Braley Intercultural Ministries “As a U.S. missionary to the Native American community I use funds from Light for the Lost to purchase and distribute Bibles and other Christian literature at various outreaches. One is the United Tribes Technical College International Powwow each September. More than 20,000 people attend this event from all over America and other countries. Light for the Lost funds are also used in prison ministry and local churches on North Dakota and South Dakota reservations. Thank you Light for the Lost! Blessings to those who give to Light for the Lost!”

Kent and Judy Anderson Rural Compassion “Since 2009 Light for the Lost has given Rural Compassion funds for over 4,800 Bibles specially designed for police, firefighters, and EMS workers. We help rural churches conduct a “Hero Day” to bless their local first responders. At these events, each hero receives a personalized bible with his or her name and badge number imprinted on it. In one American town, the local police chief gave his life to Christ as a direct result of a Hero Day. THANK YOU Light for the Lost for your tremendous generosity in blessing rural America.”

Malcolm Burleigh Executive Director Assemblies of God U.S. Missions “In U.S. Missions we are so appreciative of the important work of LFTL. Through their generosity, and diligence to the task of resourcing our missionaries, they faithfully assist us in fulfilling our assignment. Here in the United States, God’s agenda is reaching the nations for Christ for the redemption of humanity. Together we are building the Kingdom.”

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