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ithout Light for the Lost th and their partnership wi d Life Publishers, we woul this amazing not be able to send out continued on page 2

was in uniform, they would he Fourth of July holds salute. I was taught to stop, special meaning to stand still, and put my hand me. As the son of a career over my heart. I remember Marine, I lived on militar y when Dad told me why. His bases until my senior year in explanation was simple but high school. I learned how profound. He looked at me to drive on a base, and when and said, “Rick, men and my mother was diagnosed women went to war so you and with cancer, her surgeries I can remember the cost of were performed on base. freedom.� And I understood. Every year, Independence Day was more than just a Dad went to Vietnam holiday to my family; it was twice and came home twice, deeper than that. We did the but there were so many that usual stuff. We watched the did not return. To this day, I militar y parade and attended remember being that 8-yearthe celebrations, but one of old boy and hearing Dad say t my fondest memories is wha that. I still get choked up occurred at sunset. The playing hearing "The Star Spangled of taps and the lowering of the Banner" and saying the Pledge a flag. The base would come to of Allegiance. So, this month standstill. Cars pulled over to I would like to THANK YOU ier the side of the road. If a sold


to every ser viceman and ser vicewoman who have sacrificed their time and life. Whether it was in the past, currently ser ving, or just signed up to be the next generation to defend our countr y, YOU are my heroes. I am indebted to you for the sacrifices you make so we can be Americans and know freedom. May the Lord bless you and your families. to Whatever you put your hand us Jes y Ma r. spe pro it do, may give you strength, health, and us a safe return. Remember, Jes . you gave His all for

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

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resource to our military personnel. It is with a grateful heart that I listen to their testimonies. To show you how God is moving, I received the following request from one of our servicemen serving in Northern Iraq: Chaplain, I am currently leading a small group study in northern Iraq and came across the typical "Army Bibles." I was wondering if you would consider sending a few copies of The Warrior's Bible for my group to use. The group is thriving! I did a topical series on lying, gossip, lust, and anger. This week, I went over my testimony and taught a way to pray the Lord's Prayer. I will be moving soon due to operations, but have no doubt we will have a group at the next location. There is a man willing to step into my role as the leader here. It has been an incredible experience, seeing people come to Christ in the midst of a religious war then being baptized. It's just been more than I could ever ask for.  

Because of LFTL, we were able to send this young man 20 copies of The Warrior's Bible for the small group he is leading.  I received this response:  Sir,

The small Bible study that started with me leading 6-8 service members, contractors, and civilians has now grown into three. YES, THREE completely separate groups in less than two months! Thank you again for your support. Again, I cannot thank Light for the Lost enough for this blessing. God is moving among our military, and I am privileged to witness it. Chaplain Scott McChrystal U.S. Missions-Chaplaincy



e were able to distribute more than 40 copies of The Warrior's Bible to veteran legislators and their veteran constituents. These Bibles have blessed many. God has opened this door to have His Word in the Capitol and beyond.    Thanks, Light for the Lost, for helping to make it happen.    The man in the photo is Don Schottel, a decorated military Vietnam veteran. He wrote the letter to the left. John A. Battaglia, D. Min. Capitol Commission Missouri State Minister



have had a lot of Bibles throughout my life, but The Warrior's Bible is one of the best that I have seen. I love the fact that it is not designated for one particular branch of service – Airmen, Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers alike can benefit from its content. I am not just talking about the Word. The articles themselves were well thought-out and included for encouragement. My Soldiers

will like the topical "bread crumbs" that lead them from one related passage to another. It makes the Bible relevant and understandable. Well done! Please ensure that our military receives this essential tool for their spiritual arsenal. CH (CPT) Alison Ward Deployed on CENTCOM mission

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