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he strength of Light for the Lost (LFTL) has been and always will be eir in the people who give th ice to energy, resources, and vo the mission of LFTL . t These individuals live ou the Great Commission to and direct their passion rist. reaching the lost for Ch als I have met many individu n who champion the visio and heartbeat of LFTL . eir These individuals pour th works dedication out through e and prayer. Among thes

one exceptional individuals, d like stands out. Today, I woul of my to introduce to you one lly dear friends who faithfu serves the Lord and has er represented LFTL for ov 40 years. ght Don Jacques became a Li for the Lost councilman as in 1973 and has served e the LFTL Director for th rict Southern Missouri Dist since 1977. He served 16 ive years on the LFTL execut as committee, including 12 APS president. He has led M continued on page 2

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construction teams and has ministered in 37 districts and 30 countries around the world. From the time I stepped into this role as national LFTL director, Don has been there for me. In January, at the Assemblies of God Leadership Conference, I was honored to present Don with a Flame Award

believes the future is bright. He wants to be in the middle of what

God is doing through LFTL. I am honored to serve alongside Don and to call him “a godly man who walks righteously before God and man.” in recognition of his service and passion for LFTL. Don’s heart for reaching the lost surpasses any past victories, any current obstacles, and always

Thank you, Don, for your commitment and heart for LFTL. I can’t wait to walk the next several miles of this journey with you. Rick Allen National LFTL Director

Without the individuals listed on the next page, LFTL would not be able to accomplish the goals and vision it has set out to achieve. These individuals are the foundation of this ministry and LFTL would be nothing without them.

David Strahan – Alabama

Del Weyer – Northern Missouri

Jim Duncan – Alaska

Justin Thacker – Northern New England

Billy Welch – Alaska

Dave Cole – Northwest

Jeff Bush – Appalachian

Jim Palmer – Ohio

Dale Gray – Arizona

Chad Brodrick – Oklahoma

Cecil Culbreth – Arkansas

John Bagorio – Oregon

Mark Vega – Florida Multicultural

Baldy Boyd – Peninsular Florida

Jane Collins – Georgia

Thomas Rees – Pennsylvania/Delaware

Jonathan Fennell – Georgia

Bobby Basham – Potomac

Michael McBride – Georgia

Henry Valle – Puerto Rico

Dan Miller – International

Loyd Hoskins – Rocky Mountain

Farley Bayudan – Hawaii

Robert Sandler – South Carolina

Gary Blanchard – Illinois

Eli Garcia – South Central Hispanic

David Delp – Indiana

Steve Schaible – South Dakota

Bob Henkelman – Iowa

Shane Klinkerman – South Texas

Steve Bowman – Kansas

Gordon Houston – Southern California

Lee Williams – Kentucky

Doyle Fulkes – Southern Idaho

Russell Snider – Louisiana

Don Jacques – Southern Missouri

Joe Coffman – Michigan

John Blunt – Southern New England

Chris Book – Minnesota

Pulciano Vasquez – Southern Pacific

Jody Gurley – Mississippi

John Martinez, Sr. – Southwest

Bob Unterseher – Montana

Nelson Burgos – Spanish Eastern

Don Masten – Nebraska

Bob Brown – Tennessee

Mark Rose – Nebraska

Jose Cavazos – Texas Gulf Hispanic

John Bechtel – New Jersey

Lorenzo Gallegos – Texas Louisiana Hispanic

Shawn Ambergey – New Mexico Larry Frank – New York James Dodd – North Carolina Tom Waldie – North Dakota Robert Kennedy – North Texas Dr. Samuel Huddleston – Northern Cal/Nevada

Clinton Howell – West Florida Billy Snider – West Texas Joe Lara – West Texas and Plains Gayland Hendrickson – Wisconsin/ Northern Michigan Joe Galvin – Wyoming



flash drive & download contains:

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• The music - all theTHE sheet music and the video choir presentation. CELEBRATE LIGHT • The artwork - for Celebrate the Light available for your use. • Response Devices - for you to use following the presentation.

Light for the Lost Spotlight is the official voice of Light for the Lost, the missions focus of the Assemblies of God. National Light for the Lost Director: Rick Allen; LFTL Advisory Committee; Designer: Josh Thomassen. LFTL may be reached at 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802 or 800.988.0292. Please feel free to visit our website: or send us an email at: If you are a missionary or missions partner that utilizes Light for the Lost funds and would like to send us your story, please email us at Copyright © 2016 by Gospel Publishing House, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802

July 2016 LFTL Spotlight  
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