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Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.





e did it! Mission accomplished. What a miracle!

Last September, I shared an opportunity for LFTL supporters to help us maintain focus on the Great Commission as this ministry’s first, and only, priority.

We called this special focus the First Priority Miracle Challenge. The goal was to raise $2 million for our missionaries’ evangelism resource needs by the end of 2020. We knew it would require a miracle,

with everything going on in the country and the world. I am so honored and humbled to announce that we exceeded the goal! Thank you so much for your steadfast prayers and support and generosity. You made the difference. Despite a global pandemic and nationwide economic hardships, people and churches from everywhere responded in a BIG way! Day after day, contributions

continued to come in. We watched in excitement, reverence and amazement as God moved. The month of October 2020 set a record for LFTL. No previous October saw more contributions to LFTL come in. It soon became evident we were witnessing the miracle for which we’d prayed. As I write this, missionaries are being informed that their requests for funds have been fulfilled. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to say that. Despite a pandemic, economic hardships, and our current national issues, LFTL supporters have spoken—the Great Commission is our highest priority. Therefore, this issue will be a tribute and a thank you to you, our missions partners. May God richly bless each of you in 2021! Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL


he First Priority Miracle Challenge. It was a significant endeavor requiring a miracle to take place. Our effort to raise $2 million by the end of 2020— in the midst of a pandemic and economic hardships—needed God’s blessing and your participation. THANK YOU for generously giving and faithfully praying so that our mission-

aries would be well-equipped on the field, and the Great Commission remain priority #1. As a tribute to all of you, we felt it would be very special to share photos from places where people are hearing about Jesus RIGHT NOW thanks to your giving!

LFTL helps missionaries distribute evangelism tools to house churches like this one in India.


MoorĂŠ- and French-speaking pastors in Burkina Faso use LFTL resources to develop church planting and evangelism strategies in rural areas.

LFTL is helping provide the FireBible for the people of Armenia, where pastors and missionaries already use printed LFTL resources for evangelism. The FireBible will be the biggest tool for them!

Military chaplains in deployment zones worldwide use LFTL tools, especially the Warrior’s Bible, to minister to soldiers.

More than 4,000 Cuban AG ministers use LFTL-funded electronic and print tools for evangelism. Here is a photo of the Spanish FireBible in Cuba.

Secret baptisms take place in homes and hotel bathrooms like this one. This Lisu pastor in Burma uses LFTL tools each week in his ministry.


f you’re like me, 2020 was not one to repeat. It was a “wilderness year.” We lived with lockdowns, isolation, quarantines, and significant economic hardships. None of it by choice.

As a result, a lot of “stuff” came up to the surface in our lives. You know what I’m talking about. Through our public and private words, actions, and attitudes we either imitated Christ, or gave voice to the flesh. I know many men who handled it well and many who didn’t. As for me, I give myself a C+, a grade which is far from the honor roll. I wrestled daily with ordered lockdowns, social distancing, and mask-wearing. My family put up with lots of complaining and grumbling while we journeyed through this wilderness period. But I learned something valuable: Your wilderness will reveal your identity. Did you know that Jesus went into a wilderness, too? In Matthew 4 we see Jesus led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit for 40 days. Quickly, Satan arrives and targets Jesus’ identity. “If you ARE the Son of God…” Satan challenges Jesus’ divine origin, and therefore His authority and purpose. “…command these stones to become loaves of bread.” (ESV) Satan’s attacks often appeal to our human desire to satisfy or exalt ourselves. Jesus’ response exemplifies how a godly man submits himself to the rule of God’s Word rather than insisting on human gratification. “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Read the rest of Matthew 4. Jesus conquered his wilderness. In 2020, maybe you are like me and you give yourself a C+ (or worse). At the beginning of 2021, why not commit to strengthen your identity in the wilderness. Some of the same challenges exist. However, a man who follows Christ in the wilderness needs to understand that he: 1) can be a priest in his home, his church, and in his community 2) must be committed to lifelong discipleship 3) needs a healthy understanding of his identity in Christ If you want to strengthen your identity, Men’s Ministries has 10 lesson series focusing on that spiritual dimension of a man. If you want to dive into scripture, navigate your wilderness, and minister effectively to others, you need to understand your IDENTITY in Christ. Go to www.men.ag.org and click on Discipleship Resources to find these lessons. You can also find them on the Men’s App (available on all app stores). Remember, your wilderness will bring out your identity. We can do better than a C+ grade. But it takes work. Take a moment to pray and ask Jesus what He would have you do to help strengthen your identity in the wilderness. Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at dkersten@ag.org or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you.


Discipleship Series on IDENTITY FREE downloads at www.men.ag.org or the Men’s App.

*(Three series available in Spanish)

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