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Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.





fter receiving Christ at age 19, I looked forward to church every week. I was eager to see what God would do in the altar times. People got saved, were healed, and were baptized in the Spirit. We witnessed miracle after miracle right before our eyes. Afterwards, we were always filled with an eagerness to win others to Jesus.

All of last year, 2019, reminds me of those times! However, the miracles currently taking place around the world through Light for the Lost are greater than anything I saw in my first few years in Christ. 2019 was a year of miracles because of your prayer and giving to help resource missionaries with evangelism tools.

And we start 2020 by focusing on National Light for the Lost Day, Sunday, January 26. On that day we invite churches to show one of our Celebrate the Light videos (found at lftl.ag.org) and receive a LFTL offering to assist missionaries with evangelism resources. What better way to celebrate Jesus than to help tell others about Him? I hope your church will join us in celebrating Jesus on January 26. On pages 2 and 3, we share some great testimonies from 2019. Pages 4 and 5 highlight the 360Man network and our Endurance theme materials now available for download on the website. Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL



can’t think of a better way to thank you for your support of Light for the Lost than to share with you about some of the people you’ve helped reach and resource.

INDIA One year ago, I was in southern India where I met a woman named Ruth. Her story is incredible. She came to faith in Jesus as a young girl. Ruth’s mother, a Hindu priestess, tried to kill her by slashing her wrists. But no matter how much blood flowed out, Ruth would not die. Ruth declared to her mother, “See. Jesus protects me!” News of that miracle spread and many people wanted to hear the story of Ruth’s God.

This is Ruth, a soul winner in India.

Today Ruth pastors a church in her home. She uses evangelism books written by Global University and funded by LFTL. And Ruth is just one of 32,000 Indian workers using those same LFTL-funded evangelism tools!

SPAIN A few weeks before the trip to India, I was in Madrid, Spain. While visiting the city’s center square, I observed Spanish evangelists and Assemblies of God missionaries openly sharing the gospel and distributing Scripture portions to a crowd of thousands. It was thrilling to see so many people stop and listen to a presentation of the gospel. To date, LFTL has funded more than two million such gospel pieces. In 2019, many thousands of people received them. Many more will, I’m sure, in 2020.

This Spanish evangelist preaches openly in Madrid using LFTL resources.

ES A DIFFERENCE SENSITIVE COUNTRY In 2019 Light for the Lost partnered with what is probably the most secret, yet explosive, evangelism movement on earth: the Upper Room movement. In a sensitive Arabic-speaking country we can’t name, more than 20,000 secret house churches called “Upper Rooms” have sprung up in the past few years. LFTL is providing the Bibles and other evangelism tools Upper Room believers use to teach new converts AND witness to others. This is incredible to see. In the

heart of the Muslim world, an evangelism movement is growing and we get to be part of it! Thank you for supporting LFTL in 2019. Our vision for 2020 is for more and more of the same—evangelism in places where lost people need the Light. Contact us if you would like more information. Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at dkersten@ag.org or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you.

LFTL-funded Arabic Bibles destined for Upper Rooms (we need to send more).

360MAN NETWORK TO HAVE NATIONWIDE FOCUS IN 2020 T his year Men’s Ministry directors across the nation will begin a concerted effort to introduce 360Man to men in their churches. This ministry was created as an anchor for men to network together for prayer, discipleship, service, and evangelism. Our hope is for every 360Man to embrace and practice the example of the church in Acts 2:42-47. We believe that if a man does this, he will become: • A man of prayer and worship. Imagine the impact in America if tens of thousands of men worshipped in spirit and prayed with purpose for their country! • A man who studies the Scriptures. Through Bible engagement and study, such a man can lead with conviction, and walk confidently in Christ. • A man who serves others. An army of Christian men focusing not on self, but on others—serving their families, churches, pastors, and communities. That’s exciting! • A man who evangelizes. When a man tells and demonstrates for others what Christ has done for him, the Holy Spirit anoints that testimony.

The men of America CAN REACH America!

• A man who is part of God’s family. A 360Man knows he’s part of a movement of like-minded men who want to minister to others and grow in Christ. There is power and blessing in brotherhood! We ask everyone who signs up to become a 360Man to commit $10 per month to help us sustain this ministry and continue reaching men everywhere. This growing network has vast evangelism and discipleship potential for the church in America! I truly believe there are men in your church or family who, right now, would join this network if they were invited. Please help us build this army of prayer warriors, servants, ministers, and evangelists! Please go to www.360man.ag.org to learn more, and to sign up today.

Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL



ll 2020 Men’s Ministries ENDURANCE theme materials are now available on the men.ag.org website in both English and Spanish. Click on the second image in the “slider” sequence at the top of the home page. Hebrews 10:36 is the Scripture focus: “For you have need of ENDURANCE, so that when you have done the will of God you will receive what is promised.” (ESV) As with our COURAGE (2018) and STRENGTH (2019) themes, we have produced resources anyone can use this year in their men’s events, small groups, sermons, personal study, etc. Theme materials include: • A 21-day devotional • “Shipwrecked” sermon series; Pastor Rod Loy, author

• “Shipwrecked” small group study series (adapted from Loy’s sermon series) • Graphics and images to use in your men’s ministry “Every man needs to develop, build and use courage, strength, and endurance throughout his life and spiritual journey,” says Rick Allen, national men’s ministries director. “Jesus helps a man with all three of those things! Get ready men. This is going to be a year of ENDURANCE!” COURAGE and STRENGTH resources are archived and still accessible online. Please contact Men’s Ministries if you have questions concerning these theme materials or ministering to men in your church and community.

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