January 2019 360 Spotlight

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s we begin another year, we are committed to staying focused on The Great Commission. Thank you for helping us introduce thousands to Christ through your prayers and giving. You are an amazing ministry partner! I am excited to minister alongside you again in 2019, a year we believe

will be important to the future of Light for the Lost and Men’s Ministries. We are seeking God’s direction in several key areas. Here are several significant items of which you need to be aware: 1. National Light for the Lost Day: this month on Sunday, January 27.

2. National Men’s Day: on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16. 3. Celebrate the Light 2019 (the new preview is finally here). 4. The 2019 theme for Men’s Ministries is STRENGTH. Please read and share this important edition of 360 Spotlight with others in your church. Additional copies are always available upon request. Again, I thank you for your faithfulness and partnership. Truly, we can’t do what we do without you at our side! Rick Allen National Director MM/LFTL



n National LFTL Day, families and churches celebrate Jesus by having a LFTL service or event. At ctl.ag.org are 12 videos which tell stories of people

changed by Jesus. You can show one of these videos as part of your celebration and then take up an offering for LFTL. Here are details about the 12 videos:

She was going to commit suicide until a message of hope changed her mind.

A unique strategy to evangelism targets “American gypsies.”

LIGHT entered the home of this Tibetan woman, and highlights a powerful FireBible story.

In Burma, the FireBible is making a huge impact! One of our favorite videos.

In Kenya, an evangelism tract led John to Christ. See what’s happened since.

Cuba! See how LFTL resources help spread the gospel across the whole island!

A Romanian teen goes from living in a sewer, to walking in the light of Jesus!

Thousands of churches planted in India with help from LFTL.

Usha lived and died in a brothel. See how her daughter was saved from that fate.

Yes, Iranians really WANT the gospel. LFTL helps them receive it.

He survived a genocide. Today he’s an evangelist.

A declining church is reborn and thrives. See how LFTL helped make it possible!



These videos are proof that your giving impacts many lives. Thank you for celebrating Jesus with us on Sunday, January 27, National LFTL Day! Your giving makes a difference. Email: dkersten@ag.org • lftl@ag.org • Phone: 417.370.6280 360 SPOTLIGHT

“FREEDOM and FIRE”: A Celebrate the Light 2019 Preview! We hope the media we produce through Celebrate the Light become useful tools in your hands. Thank you for helping LFTL share the gospel in all nations, by all means, through Celebrate the Light! Here is a preview of what is to come at General Council this August in Orlando, FL.



n 2010, Beauty was trafficked from Africa and forced into prostitution in Spain. In a critical moment, a Project Rescue leader intervened and provided a chance to escape, heal, find restoration, and make a new beginning. Today, Beauty knows Jesus and ministers to other survivors of human trafficking and sexual slavery. LFTL provides a unique resource used to help rescue other women and girls like her and introduce them to the gospel. Details

FIRE! about that item are a well-kept secret. Videographer Nate Sims and Dan Kersten, LFTL communications director, traveled to Spain to capture Beauty’s story and learn how LFTL partners with Project Rescue to help provide FREEDOM (physical and spiritual) to trafficking survivors. Celebrate Beauty’s unforgettable story of freedom in the FREEDOM portion of this year’s Celebrate the Light.


ur second Celebrate the Light video highlights the Armenia FireBible project, one of the most significant FireBible undertakings ever. The only Bible available to most Armenian believers is a 150-yearold translation full of errors and in outdated language. There is much confusion when Armenians study this Bible. Pastors often study in Russian and then preach in Armenian to help overcome this challenge.

The situation is unacceptable when you consider the Armenian alphabet was created 1,600 years ago for the sole purpose of providing a means for the people to read Scripture. The Armenian FireBible will finally solve a problem centuries in the making! Be ready to see and hear a truly unique presentation of a world changing FireBible translation project.




n June 16, the Assemblies of God will recognize National Men’s Day, which falls on Father’s Day for the first time this year! We need your help to

bring special focus to, and celebrate, the role of godly men in the church, family, home, and marketplace. We hope thousands of churches will use this occasion to encourage men to take greater roles in the ministry of their churches and leadership in their families. A church can utilize this special day to begin a powerful ministry to men of all ages. Men’s Ministries has numerous

Please let us know with a quick phone call, email, or Facebook message (Men’s Ministries) if you and/or your church will celebrate National Men’s Day on June 16. Here are some important things you can highlight: • Amazing fact: 90% of the time, when the man in a household gets involved in church, the rest of the family follows him. • Our philosophy: Missional men are discipled, and discipled men are missional! • Available FOR FREE: a daily email devotional, 206 discipleship and small group lessons (54 in Spanish), and sermon notes for pastors. • The need: Men in America are under assault—ridiculed, demeaned, devalued and mislabeled. Someone needs to encourage and minister to them. That someone can be you! This year’s theme for Men’s Ministries is STRENGTH, inspired by Mark 12:30. Let this be a year of spiritual STRENGTH for the men in your church and community!

resources available to help you. All are FREE of charge and available for download on the MM website men.ag.org.



Dr. Jimmy White is director of discipleship for Men’s Ministries. You can email Jimmy at jdwhite@ag.org or call him at 417.862.2781 ext. 4171



INDIA. 82-year-old Ambutai accepted Jesus last year when her son, Amos, shared the gospel with her. Amos uses LFTL materials in his house church in their village.

MUSLIM WORLD. Ahmad* was a in a terrorist group when Jesus appeared to him in a dream. Ahmad now disciples other new believers using LFTL materials in house churches in a sensitive part of the Middle East.

CUBA. This man drifted into an AG church in Cuba on Easter Sunday and encountered Jesus! LFTL materials are used there to equip pastors and evangelism teams.

*name changed to protect identity

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