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65 STRONG change. But “Our message must never that message our method of spreading om millions must change, or we will do rist.” who have never heard of Ch SAM COCHRAN (FOUNDER


n 1953, a young insurance consultant by the name of Sam Cochran saw a vision of people of every race extending their hands toward heaven, desperately reaching for the Message of Hope. An idea was birthed to provide evangelism resources to assist missionaries in reaching people all around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Beginning in the Southern California region, Cochran and three other men shared their vision and immediately began raising monies for y literature needs. The ministr t wha into ed elop dev quickly is now called Light for the Lost (LFTL). A volunteer

charitable ministr y of the Assemblies of God, the faithful giving investments of core supporters and churches fund the mission of LFTL. Over these 65 years, LFTL has raised more than $330,000,000. LFTL now funds evangelism in multiple resource areas including print, audio, visual, Internet and apps. Light for the Lost has one guiding principle: that all assistance must be used to provide resources . directly related to evangelism God took that vision and the work of Sam and those men and used it to mold this amazing ministr y. From humble beginnings and


hard work, LFTL celebrates 65 years of equipping those on the mission field to share Jesus with the lost. This mission continues and together we are giving individuals, churches, and countries the ability to accept Christ as their Savior and grow in their knowledge of Him. Thank you so much for your faithful and fruitful commitment to be the integral part of LFTL. The mission is not over, let’s keep praying and sharing until Jesus’ return. One Message, Many languages.

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

THE THREAD CONTINUES I received the following letter from a rural pastor in Farmington, Missouri: As the pastor of New Life Church, I attended my first Rural Compassion conference in 2015. Since the conference, I felt the push to go further and take things to the next level. As a result, I became a chaplain with the local police department. I continue to build and strengthen relationships daily. One of the greatest opportunities came through the partnership of Convoy of Hope Rural Compassion and Light for the Lost. Light for the Lost provided us with Law Enforcement Bibles. We were able to supply each person on the police force in Farmington with a Bible. Since then, several opportunities to lead officers to Christ have presented. One leads to another and another. The thread continues. Several offices and myself gather at the station to pray for each other and several of the officers have accepted Christ. It all starts with opportunity! This is not a New Life Church principle, but a Kingdom principle. Thank you Light for the Lost and Convoy of Hope for providing the opportunities that have equaled souls for the Kingdom. Kevin Kappler New Life Church Pastor Farmington, MO We cannot tell you how thankful we are for the partnership of Convoy of Hope Rural Compassion and Light for the Lost. Without Light for the Lost, this story would not be possible. Greg & Rachelle Colegrove Convoy of Hope Rural Compassion

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