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Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.





y heart hurts for the untold millions who have been affected by COVID-19. There has been great loss, disconnection, discouragement, and depression. Much of it lingers in 2021. I’m reminded of this simple truth that having faith in Christ means following Christ regardless of the situation. When we do, we realize just how big Christ is in our world.

The final four months of 2020 illustrated this for us. While many missions and charitable organizations experienced significant financial and logistical setbacks due to COVID-19, Light for the Lost experienced the opposite. The First Priority Miracle Challenge was a thrilling success. LFTL supporters contributed generously so that we could keep world evangelism (Matthew

28:19,20) and equipping our missionaries for the task our number one objective. In addition, Men’s Ministries has great news to share. Very soon, we will release two new discipleship series. The first is Targeted Series: Spiritual Disciplines. The second is Journey Through James. Very shortly, they will be available on the Men’s app and at www.men.ag.org. Please be on the lookout for them. You can download, review and share them with others. All of them are FREE! Thank you for having faith and following Christ as a partner in missions. We appreciate and value your friendship and support. May God bless you in this new year. Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL

CUBA: “THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH” Thousands Receive Christ Through Powerful Evangelism Booklet


simple evangelism booklet called Power To Change has made an amazing impact in Cuba, with many thousands of recorded decisions for Christ. Elian* was a violent alcoholic who found himself in prison. A copy of Power To Change reached his hands and it touched his heart deeply. He turned his life over to Christ and began witnessing aggressively when he left prison. Elian’s neighbor, Pablo,* was irritated with Elian’s preaching and nicknamed him “Mr. Hallelujah,” ridiculing him in public often. But when Pablo’s family life spiraled into chaos, Elian (Mr. Hallelujah) gave copies of Power To Change to the family, and this tool helped Elian lead Pablo’s family to the Lord.

This is Pablo’s family with the Power To Change booklets they received. function in his past and how Christ can bring hope and transformation. Light for the Lost has funded the distribution of tens of thousands of copies all over the world in English, Spanish, and Dutch. Thank you for helping LFTL provide tools like this little booklet for missionaries and national workers so the gospel can impact hundreds of thousands of lives.

Elian (Mr. Hallelujah) thanks Cuban prison chaplain Maria for giving him a copy of Power To Change. Cuban prison chaplain Maria* told us, “There’s never enough copies of Power To Change. Prisoners in the thousands request it. Even their families want copies!” AG missionary Jason Frenn wrote Power To Change to share about the family dis-

Cuban prisoners receive Power To Change. Even their families request copies. *names changed



ould you do door-to-door evangelism in -20 or -30 degree weather?

Dozens of evangelists and ministers in Russia are doing just that in the Arctic Circle, one of the harshest environments on earth during winter, and they’re using Bibles and other tools provided by LFTL. The Arctic Circle is home to numerous small settlements populated with people who have never had a chance to hear the gospel. Isolation, poverty, and political upheaval have taken a toll on these people for generations. They are among the least reached in Asia.

Women in the Arctic Circle study Bibles given to them by evangelists. Assemblies of God missionaries resourcing these evangelism teams with Bibles and tracts. In literally every village, we are told that someone makes a decision for Christ! A saying among the missionaries there is, “It’s way below zero. Perfect conditions for evangelism!”

“Snowmobile evangelism” in the Arctic Circle using LFTL resources. But when the gospel reaches their ears, they are very open! The problem is just getting to them. In warmer months, special boats are required to navigate the swamps and marshes. But when the Arctic Circle freezes over, there’s an open door to reach isolated settlements via snowmobiles and heavy trucks. For years, LFTL has provided funds to

In the dead of winter, this woman asked Christ into her heart when evangelists came to her village in the Arctic Circle. Please pray for these intrepid soul winners as they brave extreme conditions to share the Good News with lost people in the Arctic Circle. Thank you for partnering with LFTL to provide Bibles and other tools for the mission.

COMING IN MARCH… THE NEW MEN’S SITE! We’ve reorganized the Men’s Ministries website. In March, the new www.men.ag.org site will launch! We’re very excited about this. Be sure to keep an eye out!

• Nearly 300 FREE discipleship lesson downloads • Tools for starting a Men’s Ministry • Connection points to your local Men’s leader and events • Information about missions opportunities and 360Man



en’s Ministries will soon release two new teaching series.

The first is the nine-lesson Targeted Series: Spiritual Disciplines. If 2020, proved anything, it proved as men, we need to be Spiritually Disciplined to face life’s challenges. There are times when it is difficult to be disciplined in our activities, thought life, and core beliefs. In fact, many men practice their disciplines according to their current realities, circumstances, reactions to others, or out of habit. Spiritual Disciplines are biblical knowledge points, application steps and exercises assisting your growth in Christ. Through this process you spiritually transform and leave a great spiritual legacy for future generations. Another new discipleship resource

Men’s Ministries is adding is a 13-lesson study titled Journey Through James. Each lesson is divided into four sections: The Author’s Lens, My Lens, The Holy Spirit’s Lens, and Upward and Outward Focus. Five important discussion questions conclude each lesson exploring the biblical author’s intent, your perspective as a modern reader, and how the Holy Spirit helps you apply the content. Both items will be available for FREE download at www.men.ag.org, or on the Men’s app. Dr. Jimmy White is director of discipleship for Men’s Ministries. You can email Jimmy at jdwhite@ag.org or call him at 417.862.2781 ext. 4171


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