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here are people that once you meet them, you know at that moment they will make an impact in your life. So it is with Dwain Jones. Brother Jones was the ultimate encourager. If you had the joy of receiving a personal note from Dwain, he would usually conclude his note by writing, "You're My Hero." And to every person that received one of these precious notes, he meant every word he wrote. From the time I began my missionary

assignment, Brother Jones always encouraged me to understand the power of missions, the power to serve, the power to give, and the power to ask. During his life, Rev. Jones had the honor of serving in the role which I now serve. During his tenure, LFTL made great strides in taking God's Word around the world. And he became a champion for LFTL throughout his life. We are deeply blessed to have a man of this stature to lead this amazing ministry.

Today, I ask you to pause and pray for his wife, Jeanne, and their family. We are asking this month for those who were touched by his ministry or moved by his message to join us in giving a tribute gift to LF TL in memory of Dwain Jones and his uncompromising heart for missions. It is time for us to FILL HIS SHOES! RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL



ev. Dwain Jones spent his life building the kingdom of God. He will be missed, but his ministry reaped numerous rewards. His investment in the men of the Assemblies of God continues today as thousands of those men that were influenced by his ministry carry on the work. Dwain served as the National Secretary for Light for the Lost and as National Director for Men's Ministry and in these roles his leadership was felt by thousands of AG churches. Men


t was more than three decades ago that I was introduced to the "legendary" Dwain Jones. I had heard the name, but I will admit that I had my doubts as to how effective a National Men's/Light for the Lost Director could be as the speaker at a youth camp. I could not have been more incorrect in my suspensions. Among the many gifts that Dwain Jones exhibited was an amazing sense of humor, a storytelling genius, and a passion for lost souls surpassed by no one. The capacity for all three of these not only made for an effective week of communicating to teens, but a lifetime of leadership and inspiration. This missionary, pastor, national leader, and missions motivator was instrumental in the generation of millions of missions dollars. Beyond his years of service

were impacted and therefore impacted their families for God. The Kingdom was spread in a mighty way by Dwain and the many ministries he represented. Dwain will be missed and we send blessings condolences to his family. Charles A. Brewster National Men's Director 1998-2004

as the National Light for the Lost Director, Jones was in demand at endless LFTL events, missions services, and conventions across America. Dwain and his wife, Jeanne, are defined by so much more than missions offerings. Their personal investment in ministers, friends, and lost souls will reap a harvest that cannot be stated in mere words. Never has it been more true ... only eternity will reveal the blessing of MY HERO, DWAIN JONES. Tom Greene National LFTL and Men's Director 2005-2012


cannot remember when I first met Dwain Jones. We grew up in the Greenville section of the North Texas district. I am sure we attended some of the same youth rallies. As pastors, we worked youth camps together. Some years later, I learned Dwain was preaching a Light for the Lost rally in Tulsa. My wife and I decided to attend. This was the first-ever Light for the Lost sermon/appeal I had ever heard. Needless to say, Light for the Lost became a big part of our lives. Dwain changed so many things in the Light for the Lost office that benefited those


wain Jones was my friend and my hero. Our paths first crossed about 40 years ago. I was this young layman who had signed up as a Light for the Lost Councilman and was working to bring it to the Southern Missouri district. Dwain was the speaker for my LFTL event. As I sit here today, I could tell you most, if not all, of the stories Dwain told that night. Little did either of us know that we would soon work closely together in the Light for the Lost ministry. Dwain became the National Director, and I got to serve on the National Executive Committee. We did a lot of district training around the country, just he and I flying to a site to help district leadership to enlarge their LFTL vision and production. One highlight will always be when Dwain had a burden for Mexico City. He challenged LFTL Councilmen to join him in Mexico City for a Prayer Task Force. Twenty-one

who followed him. For me, Dwain was a friend, but more than that, he was a mentor, an example, a leader, and a great preacher and storyteller. Dwain will be sorely missed. But heaven is richer today. And only eternity will reveal how many will be there because of his commitment to the Savior's harvest. Benny Ferguson National LFTL Director 1992-2004

of us gathered with Dwain for a week of fasting and prayer and one of his rules was "no cameras please." This week of prayer made a huge impact on my prayer life to this day. Dwain taught me that reaching the lost was the heart and soul of what we were about. We planned together, worked together, traveled together, prayed together, cried together, and laughed together. I have never known a man who loved reaching the lost more than Dwain Jones. I was proud when he called me his friend. My hero. Don Jacques Southern Missouri LFTL Director



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