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s we dive into 2016 with all of the dayto-day basics, there is one truth that remains constant. Jesus Christ is the Lord of All and His Word is steadfast and righteous. As we present this edition of the Light for the Lost Spotlight, my heart is extremely heavy for our countr y. As I read the story of David and Tammy Houck and their heart to reach

the unreachable, I am convinced that David believes these people are not only reachable but valuable to Christ. For that reason, we ask you to pray for those in the United States who haven’t heard of Jesus Christ and haven’t received a sincere challenge for eternal life. As you pray this month for America, would you please ask the Lord how you could assist us in reaching

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the ends of the world, including the USA, by giving towards evangelism efforts like David and Tammy to reach the unreachable in the United States? We know that LFTL would not exist without you and your continued support. Thank you in advance! RICK ALLEN National LFTL Director

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simplest form of evangelism material may be all that is needed to reach the lost.   David and Tammy Houck, serving as U.S. missionaries for over 22 years, know this as reality and see it firsthand.    In the first U.S. story featured in a Celebrate the Light edition, the Houcks daily see the effect of poverty, anger, hurt, and hopelessness.   “The Forest” is a cluster of isolated communities in north central Florida. Addiction, low education, and generational poverty make “The Forest” a place full of people looking for a way out but wary of trusting and hoping for change. Ministry and evangelism in this area can be difficult. However, children’s Bibles provided by Light for the Lost have helped the Houcks lead dozens

of unchurched, spiritually-resistant Americans to Christ. The Houcks planted Salt Life church in April 2011. Combined, there is a total of over 200 years of prison life reflected in the congregation of Salt Life. Many felt that Jesus could never love them because of what they have done in their past and who they were. With the help of LFTL, the Houcks have been able to minister to these people and show them the love of Jesus… giving them hope and a reason to change for the first time in their lives.  

“Sometimes it’s not enough to say, ‘Hey, get into church.’ Sometimes, we have to send out a missionary right here in the U.S. to reach these people.” - DAVID HOUCK

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hank you for sowing into PFYouthAlive this past fall! Your generous gift has been so impactful all across the state of Florida and continues to multiply as students reach their schools. We are excited to share some of the details with you from last fall! We encouraged every student leader across the state to attend one of six Empowerment Days, where they were empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped by LFTL and BGMC. We saw close to 1000 students attend. Second, we had student leaders download the app on their phones. The app includes our monthly podcast and blog, along with resources for student growth and student outreach. Third, we encouraged students to take on the challenge‌ The EmpowerME Challenge. This book takes the student leader through the book of Acts and reveals

more about the person of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your generosity and prayers in helping fund this incredible resource packet that every student who came to an Empowerment Day received (Includes FireBible, EmpowerME Challenge, and a handful of small things). YOU equipped the students with this power pack empowering them to be a witness. Thanks for standing with us in such an incredible way. Hopefully this gives you a small glimpse into the GREAT IMPACT that you made! We are eternally grateful for your generous hearts and open hands! Joe & Natalie Barnoske AGUSM PFYouthAlive Team



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