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issionaries have a special place in my heart. This spot has been developed by Christ Himself along with a group of pastors, mentors, t friends, and my wife, Bev, tha for rt hea have exhibited their missions. I love missionaries and missions. My wife has always been in the church, a far different story than mine. She met great men and women of s God who gave up the comfort ing call the se cha of America to of God in a distant country. Bev had the joy of hearing ily J.W. Tucker as he and his fam was She ica. embarked for Afr 9 when her pastor announced Scripture quotations are taken

that Tucker had paid the ultimate price to spread the gospel to those whom have never heard. In the midst of it s. all, God called Bev to mission ld wou too I n, atio After my salv hear the voice of God to join this army of warriors. This month, as we reflect on where God has brought you to where God is sending you, please remember, “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how


st tool to FTL has been our shar pe ers placed on help us remove the blind rs. Because the eyes of the unbelieve and you, countless of the ministry of LF TL EVERY church souls have been saved in continued on page 2

will anyone go and tell them without being sent?” (Romans 10:14–15 NLT). Paul finished this portion of scripture with, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” How true is that statement? Thank you for joining me in praying for our missionaries around the world. And thank you for not only praying, but also in partnering with us to spread the gospel of Christ. We U! could not do this without YO

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

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continued from page 1 plant, church construction project, mass crusade, compassion ministry outreach with city officials, in public schools, orphanage, food distribution, and much, much more!! LFTL provided Bibles and tracts at an event where 3,300 people were saved. During the event, a country girl named Liz Lopez received an invitation to the big city to see a FREE drama. She accepted Christ, received a call to ministry, attended

Bible school, taught in the school, traveled with us by horseback to remote tribal villages unafraid to proclaim the gospel. Finally, this summer, she was elected as the newest woman District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Mexico! We could not do this without Light for the Lost! Mike & Becky McGee AG World Missionaries



ince arriving in Italy in February 2016, we have given out almost 6,000 copies of Scripture on SD cards provided by LFTL. Each card is in the mother tongue of the person receiving it. Most recently, we have had refugees from closed nations asking for the Scriptures in their mother tongue. Even though refugees are often transferred and our contact may be minimal, everyone who takes an SD card with the Scriptures is carrying a portable

testimony with them, in the language they best understand. We've already seen people come to Christ through the Word of God, and we trust that these 6,000 seeds will bear much fruit. Thank you LFTL for these valuable tools. You are changing lives! Neil and Kathy Vanaria AG World Missionaries



want to take a minute and thank the ministry of LFTL for its partnership with us in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador. For more than a decade, we have endeavored to plant churches and train leaders among unreached people groups. To date, we have seen over 60 churches planted, 3 Bible schools formed, and

dozens of pastors trained and equipped with gospel literature. However, NONE of it would be possible without your faithful support. Rev. Joil Marbut AG World Missionary



ur Guadalajara Teen Challenge men recently ministered in the Federal Prison (El Puente Grande) located outside of the city. A young Honduran inmate named Oscar heard the preaching and received a LFTL gospel tract and prayed to receive Christ. Shortly thereafter, Oscar received an early release from prison and was accepted into Teen Challenge where he was discipled with materials purchased with LFTL funds. Oscar was called into fulltime ministry, enrolled in our Minister's

Training Center, and became a church planter. To date, Oscar has planted several churches in the region and is the director of a men's rehabilitation center in Guadalajara. Hundreds of lives have been changed because of Light for the Lost’s dedication to providing God’s Word to every person on the planet. Thank you, LFTL! Ernie and Sandra Peacock AG World Missionaries

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