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pel around the world. Thanks to you, people everywhere hear about Christ.

First, I am so thankful for your steadfast prayer and financial support of Light for the Lost. You have an incredible zeal for spreading the gos-

Second, this year Men’s Ministries developed further, adding new team members and launching new initiatives. Now we’re seeing

s 2018 closes, I want to reflect on several things.

a great response from thousands of men. Third, at LFTL we sensed a growing number of friends burdened to help us spread God’s Word everywhere. This is amazing because it means we were able to send thousands of evangelism resources to underground churches in sensitive countries this year. But we’ll need help to remain committed to resourcing them further. I believe 2019 will be a breakthrough year for LFTL and MM. Inside this issue of 360 Spotlight are more details. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


Thank you for taking the time to read this, praying for us, and giving.

Blessings to you and your family in 2019.

Be prepared, friend! God is going to move us into new and exciting places next year. Thank you for being on the journey with us.

Rick Allen National Director MM/LFTL



ne woman. Fifteen churches planted. Two hundred people saved!

Bahwna (BAHV-nuh) is an evangelist in India. Using four printed Global University evangelism tools provided with LFTL funds, Bahwna planted 15 house churches (seen here in photos) in a New Delhi slum and has led more than 200 people to Christ!

this incredible force of soul winners. Bahwna was one of the first to become part of the effort. So far, more than 22,000 Indian believers like Bahwna have opened 11,273

In 2014, LFTL partnered with Global University to help the India AG with their vi-

new churches through this initiative. They start churches WHILE they study and use the materials you helped provide them! sion to train 30,000 evangelism workers who would open 25,000 new churches by 2020. LFTL funds are helping provide much of the tools being used to train


Go to and scroll down to the “2017 Celebrate the Light – ICOM Video” to see a powerful story with more details about ICOM. Thank you for helping LFTL reach the nation of India!



ere’s an example of how your support of LFTL makes a difference in the lives of people who desperately need Jesus. Pictured here is my friend, Pastor Rashid.

had intended. Instead of silencing the gospel, the sabotage led to salvation for many, as people came to hear about the Man whose picture would not burn. In Rashid’s home, I noticed many evangelism tools provided by LFTL. He permitted me to take a photo on condition that I blur his face and not use his real name.

I met Rashid in a major city in Asia (which I can’t name) back in 2008. A few weeks prior, his church had been firebombed by people opposed to him preaching the gospel. After the fire, one small spot on the wall where the flames had been hottest had remained free of soot and ash. It was remarkable. There, hung a small reprint of a painting of Jesus. The firefighters were amazed. They spread word about what they’d seen. Rashid then had hundreds of opportunities for evangelism. Turns out, setting fire to the church accomplished the opposite of what Rashid’s opponents

It only cost about $100 to provide the evangelism tools Rashid was using to help people learn about Jesus. Only $100. That gift has yielded a hundred-fold result! Thank you for your support of LFTL this year. I urge you to give the best Christmas gift you can today to help our missionaries and people like Rashid share the gospel with millions in 2019. My wife, Tara, and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Dan is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and MM. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018, during which time he wrote and directed LFTL’s Celebrate the Light. Email Dan at or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you.



ach year we ask families and churches to set aside one Sunday to celebrate what God is doing around the world through LFTL by giving. A great way to observe National LFTL Day in your church is to show one or two of the 12 Celebrate the Light videos (found on the web sites listed here); then take a special offering to help share the gospel worldwide.


What you do on National LFTL Day impacts the eternal destinies of many people. If you are able, please plan to celebrate National LFTL Day on January 27! Please call or email us if you would like any help or advice about how to maximize this day at your church, or if you would like information about a special project. Thank you for celebrating Jesus with us on National LFTL Day! Your giving makes a difference.




omething is happening to the men in our churches: a good thing. God is starting an awakening! We’ve traveled the country extensively this year, preaching, teaching, interacting, and

ministering to thousands of men. In that time, God has drawn our attention to five realities taking shape in men today. Men are: 1. Sensing God urge them to rise up and do greater things for the Kingdom.

All these things, we believe, are the seeds of what could be a once-in-ageneration revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit among Christian men in America. Imagine what will happen next! Research shows that dramatically powerful things happen in families and churches when men are saved, discipled, and become missional. But we need to water these seeds with prayer and hard work. The work begins right now, and we invite you to work alongside us. In 2019, our first desire is to see a synergy and unification across every district of the Assemblies of God in

2. Realizing their children, grandchildren, and future children desperately need to be grounded deeper in the faith and have solid, biblically-masculine father figures in their lives. 3. Seizing more opportunities to grow and develop as Christ-like leaders at home, in the church, and at work. 4. Growing hungrier for the baptism in the Holy Spirit, or a re-filling.

forming a plan to water these seeds of revival. With God’s help, it will come to pass. But we want your help, too. Please pray for Men’s Ministries and Light for the Lost.

5. Discovering a newfound interest in supporting, blessing, and serving their pastors.

We love you and value your partnership and support. May you and your family have an amazing Christmas!


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