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LFTL Giving – All End of Year ed for it ed cr s to be contribution ed and MUST be mail the year 2016 All . December 31 postmarked by be st donations mu credit card er 31. mb ce De or before received on s, please any question If you have 4172 or 2.2781 ext. call (417) 86 email at lftl



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ecember is always full of busy days, shopping adventures, church celebrations, festive decorations and family gatherings. In the midst of it all, we worship Jesus Christ our Savior. Every day in our office we sense your prayers for the LFTL ministr y as we collectively drive to resource our missionaries and outreach points worldwide.   We ARE making a difference.   LFTL has had an amazing year. The response has been above and beyond what we expected. The Celebrate

the Light videos have been downloaded and featured across the nation. Powerful stories of God’s grace and love show how LFTL funds are being used to further His Kingdom. God is moving and we are honored to be a part of it. EVERY 29 SECONDS someone receives the gift of salvation and LFTL is part of this. On behalf of the National and District LFTL teams, we thank you for having the vision and resources to bring the true meaning of Christmas to over 1 million people who accepted Christ this year.

We pray this Christmas that Jesus Christ brings to your home the Spirit of Salvation to those who do not know Him, healing to those who are sick, peace to those who are troubled, and joy to all. I pray that God will increase your vision, expand your resources, and allow you to see the victories you’ve prayed about for so long. Thank you for being sincere and faithful friends of LFTL. I am indeed blessed to walk this journey with each of you.

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

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over. At the On the Red Box Prayer & Evangelism Center in downtown Madrid, we go out Monday through Saturday year round proclaiming and sharing the gospel with people one-on-one. We have been doing this for 14 years now and have given away over a million salvation tracts and gospel portions, all provided for us by LFTL.     This year, a Christian girl from northern Spain came by to visit us as we were evangelizing in the Plaza Puerta de Sol, Madrid. She told us that she would like to be part of On the Red Box and support what we are doing. She told me the story of her brother. A year ago, her brother and his girlfriend were visiting Madrid. They went through the Plaza Puerta de Sol and received the LFTL tract, “Calluses.” She said that it was through that tract that God confronted

her brother with a specific sin in his life. He knew that if he continued to live that way, he would not have access to heaven. He was awakened because of the content of the tract. He says that tract was “a ray of light” for his life. He is now married, they are expecting their first son and they are both serving God. People are hearing the message of Christ for the first time and others are rededicating their lives to Christ and making things right. We couldn’t have the reach we have if it wasn’t for LFTL and the donors who so graciously give.    Joyfully serving the Lord,   Jacob & Julie Bock AGWM – Spain



e are thankful for LFTL as they have helped us purchase Bibles in English and various Middle Eastern languages. We had been praying for and building relationship with a Muslim couple. While they knew we were

Christian missionaries planting a church in Antwerp, Belgium, they continued to meet with us on a regular basis for fellowship. In time, we would share a lot more about our faith and they were intrigued. They asked us for a Bible and

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at the time we didn't have one in their language; so we suggested that they can download one on their phone. To our surprise, they said they wanted a “real Bible in English” and, furthermore, that

We continue to pray for God to illuminate His Word and speak to this precious couple. We couldn’t show these people the love of Christ and present them with their own

They clearly recognized the uniqueness of God's Word. they wanted “to hold it in their hands and have the pages run through their fingers.” They clearly recognized the uniqueness of God's Word. We gave them a leather bound English Bible and they cherished it. After two weeks, they had read one-third of it.

Bible without LFTL and the donors who make it possible. Robert and Raquel Suarez AGWM – Belgium



e are so grateful for the LFTL gift of Bibles and tracts to use on our mission field in New York City. Our pastors and churches have been so encouraged with the outreaches in their neighborhoods. Many are coming to the Lord.     Thank you for helping us reach the nations without a passport; we couldn’t do this without you!   Steve and Deborah Kulish Intercultural Missionaries - NYC



flash drive & download contains:

• The presentation - video as a whole and separated for your use.


• The music - all theTHE sheet music and the video choir presentation. CELEBRATE LIGHT • The artwork - for Celebrate the Light available for your use. • Response Devices - for you to use following the presentation.

Light for the Lost Spotlight is the official voice of Light for the Lost, the missions focus of the Assemblies of God. National Light for the Lost Director: Rick Allen; LFTL Advisory Committee; Designer: Josh Thomassen. LFTL may be reached at 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802 or 800.988.0292. Please feel free to visit our website: or send us an email at: If you are a missionary or missions partner that utilizes Light for the Lost funds and would like to send us your story, please email us at Copyright © 2016 by Gospel Publishing House, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802

December 2016 LFTL Spotlight  
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