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his issue of 360 Spotlight is one of the most exciting editions we’ve published in years. There are many thrilling ministry developments to share. First, we have a new vision statement for LFTL. You’ll notice it above

in the masthead of this newsletter. It explains the purpose and strategy of LFTL. Please familiarize yourself with the new vision statement. Next, 18 months of hard work have produced our best Celebrate the Light yet. CTL, titled

FREEDOM and FIRE is available on our website,, as of August 3. On page 3 are details about the stories featured in the videos. Also, a new LFTL ministry brochure is available to you upon request. This is a great tool for introducing LFTL to others. Men’s Ministries has a new set of tools for pastors and men’s leaders to use in the local church. LAUNCH is a digital resource that helps you start, grow, and sustain a Men’s Ministry in your church. LEAD, the next piece, helps you cultivate leaders within your Men’s CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


Ministry as they disciple and lead men. Finally, be sure to look at page 4 for some very big news: the relaunch of 360Man! We believe this will begin a mighty spiritual movement among men in America. Be sure to read the 360Man article.

Thank you for your help sharing the message of Christ throughout the world. Enjoy this info-packed issue of 360 Spotlight! Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL

The new LFTL brochure! Email or call 417.370.6280 to request a copy.

LAUNCH and LEAD can be purchased for $4.99 each at See article on page 5 for details.

We’ve revamped the 360Man program! Anyone who signs up will receive a limited edition challenge coin similar to this one.



n 2002 a Nigerian woman named Beauty was trafficked into Spain and forced into prostitution for 11 years. One day she escaped but was soon arrested and put in a detention center. Her traffickers were coming to get her back and this time she probably would not survive. But when the door to her cell opened (in Beauty’s words), “Light entered.” And that light led to her FREEDOM. Over time Jesus worked a series of miracles in Beauty’s life. To see the incredible story of what took place, go to and download the Celebrate the Light video titled FREEDOM.



he Armenian FireBible is a high priority project. This video will show you the importance of the Armenian FireBible and why Armenian churches need it.

The video also highlights the partnership between LFTL and Project Rescue to help reach survivors of human trafficking with the gospel and set them on a path to true freedom.

This is the actress who plays the part of Beauty in CTL: FREEDOM.

You’ll see when you watch the Celebrate the Light video, titled FIRE. What most Armenian pastors must do in order to understand and preach the Scriptures is a bit shocking.

Here’s some background. The Armenian alphabet was created in 405 A.D. for one purpose—so Armenians could read the Scriptures. However, the Bible translation used in Armenia today is outdated, and full of errors and confusing phrases. Armenians often misunderstand what they read. How do Armenian pastors study and preach the Bible with any confidence?

Part of Pastor Artak’s story is in CTL: FIRE.

NEW 360MAN LAUNCHED! BECOME A 360MAN NOW. What if a Spirit-empowered network of men formed to change our families churches, and communities? What if they dedicated themselves to intercessory prayer and discipleship? What if they also committed to even greater world evangelism through missions? Such a network, or movement, is forming. And we want to you be part of it. For some time now, we’ve felt an urgency to build a platform for men to network together for prayer, spiritual growth, and biblical leadership in the home and church. That platform, that network, is the new 360Man! We would be honored to include you among the first to sign up and begin the journey of reaching and impacting men all over America. Your 360Man partnership includes:

discipleship at church or in the community. 3. Numerous opportunities to take a stand for Christ worldwide through special missions projects. 4. A limited edition 360Man “Challenge Coin” to remind you of your commitment to pray for men, and live out the principles of Acts 2:42-47. As you read this article, more than 1,000 men have signed up to become a 360Man. Each one has already agreed to invest $10 per month to assist national and local-level ministry to men. Their investment, and yours, will sustain this much-needed movement in America! Remember the “What ifs” from earlier? 360Man is the way they’ll become reality. Become a 360Man right now. Go to, scan the QR code below, or call 417.370.6280 to sign up and begin your $10 monthly contribution.

1. Participation in a national movement of Christ-following men praying, discipling, and leading other men. 2. Access to 200+ Men’s Discipleship Resources for evangelism and National 360Man Challenge Coin




inistry to men matters, and we have introduced numerous new resources to help amplify your men’s ministry potential. Men’s Ministries offers 200+ FREE Discipleship Resource lessons (54 in Spanish) on our website,, in PDF form. More than 20,000 downloads from all over the world have taken place thus far. Also, as mentioned in the July 360 Spotlight, we have produced LAUNCH and LEAD—important resources to assist the local pastor and/or men’s leader to start, grow, and sustain a local men’s ministry. They are written with the church of 400 people or less in mind. Whether you are interested in just learning about ministry to men or are really serious about starting a

men’s ministry in your church, we highly recommend you download these resources. Finally, the digital, fully-interactive book study, Journey Through John, will lead you in a deeper experience with the Gospel of John. This is an excellent piece for personal evangelism, Christian education, or sermon prep. At LAUNCH and LEAD are available for $4.99 each; and Journey Through John is available for $9.99 with the coupon code MEN_JOHN. Dr. Jimmy White is director of discipleship for Men’s Ministries. You can email Jimmy at or call him at 417.862.2781 ext. 4171

IN THIS IMPORTANT EDITION FIRE in Armenia! FREEDOM in Spain! See page 3 for details

about the new Celebrate the Light: Freedom and Fire available online as of August 3.

BECOME A 360MAN! Every 360Man commits to live the principles of Acts 2:4247, help other men in their spiritual walk, and invest $10 per month in missions and ministry to men.

See page 4.

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