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began my missionary assignment in U.S . Missions working with teenagers across America. I saw students dedicate themselves to sharing Christ, despite ridicule and rejection. They proclaimed Christ boldly. They still do tod ay! In a few short weeks, thousands of teenagers from our AG churches will launch major efforts to share the Gospel in their

schools. And Light for the Lost will be right there with them helping provide quality tools for sharing about Jesus! Depression, fear, anger, family problems, physical afflictions, bullying, and anti-Christian influence are just a few of the challenges, awaiting them. I believe this year will be critical for many American teens. As we approach this school year, I ask you to commit time each week

to pray for our students and help us take action by equipping them with the evangelism resources needed for them to share Christ. This year I believe Light for the Lost will give more than ever before to reach 22.7 million teenagers returning to schools. Last year Youth Alive coordinated efforts with AG youth groups to do assemblies in 225 schools. At those events they spoke to continued on page 2

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98,000 students and invited them to evening events where the Gospel would be presented. At those evening meetings more than 3,200 salvations were reported! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving and being part of this fantastic report. We can reach MORE 20182019, and with your help we will! Thousands of Christ-following students will take Gospel tools (like the one pictured on page 1) provided by Light for the Lost into their classrooms. The potential for spiritual impact is staggering. Let me tell you about Nate. In 2016, Nate was the school bully. He hurt lots of people and also struggled with addiction. No one liked him. Then Nate was invited to a summer youth camp. There, he gave his heart to Jesus, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and then called into ministry. When

school started he went and apologized to people he’d bullied. In addition, he boldly talked about what Jesus did for him. He even began using printed evangelism pieces provided by Light for the Lost to help other teens learn about Jesus. Nate was the school bully; then became the school evangelist! Teens in our churches are ALIVE in Jesus and they want to impact their peers with the Gospel. Pray for them today! And thank you for helping us resource Youth Alive, National Youth Ministries, and thousands of teenagers and youth pastors with evangelism tools to effectively communicate the Gospel. RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

In 2017, Light for the Lost Provided Youth Alive with Some Incredible Evangelism Tools!

98,000 middle and high students contacted


AG teens equipped to reach their schools

2,750 pieces of gospel literature distributed


school assembly presentations


came to evening events

3,200 salvations reported

Light for the Lost provided funds for The Gospel of John to be included in these gift bags for graduating seniors attending a baccalaureate in Klamath Falls, OR. This fall more evangelism pieces will be distributed among students.

Youth Alive did 225 public school assemblies like this one last year. More than 20,000 students came to evening meetings, and 3,200 accepted Christ as Savior. Light for the Lost provided 2,750 printed pieces for these services.

Staff in the National Youth Ministries department in Springfield, MO, show a few samples of the evangelism tools distributed in public schools all over the country using Light for the Lost funds. Thank you for providing these incredible tools!

“LFTL has helped us communicate the Gospel in school assemblies, in our evening events, and also helps provide each student who comes to Christ a copy of the Life in 6 Words and a Book of Hope. Thank you to all who give to Light for the Lost! Let’s believe together to take the Gospel to every student in every school this school year.” Kent Hulbert Campus Missions Coordinator Youth Alive


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