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ith the help of Light for the Lost, there are now over 500,000


he power of evangelism comes in many forms and outcomes. Light for the Lost (LFTL) believes that the power of the gospel comes from presenting Christ to those who have never heard. It gives those people the e opportunity to share the lov h wit and hope of the gospel their friends and family. One of LFTL’s greatest allies in this mission is Global University. Dr. Gar y Seevers leads the cause of taking the gospel around the world and allowing those who receive the gospel to be equipped to further the evangelism efforts and see

Global people that study with the University (GU) around materials world. GU offers study continued on page 2

lives changed. LFTL and Global University have a rich past and a bright future. In the last 5 years, LFTL donors have given over $2,500,000.00 to assist Global University in their unprecedented task. Global University has 11 active universities around the world with over 500,000 students receiving the lifechanging teaching of Christ. There are currently resources available in 126 languages. This upcoming year, over 800 students and pastors will graduate and will continue to launch the global mission of sharing Christ to the lost.

Thank you so much for your investment of prayer and finances to the ministr y of LFTL. Everywhere people are searching for truth, and because of you, Light for the Lost is able to deliver the necessary resources to assist missionaries and missions fields with the unchanging Word of God. Thank you so much for your faithful support, I wonder who will receive Christ today through our partnership.

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

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in 126 languages with a focus on reaching our generation for Jesus. The vast majority of people studying with GU are studying at the Evangelism, Discipleship, and Training levels in our School for Evangelism and Discipleship. With schools located all around the world, the gospel and message of Jesus Christ is being shared in rapid numbers. In the 2017 Global University graduation, it is anticipated there will be more than 800 graduates from GU. Including those from Elam Ministries in London were 7 Iranians and 1 British student graduated with their Master's degrees. This is a historic event for the Iranian church as never before have so many graduated with advanced degrees in ministry at one time. All GU graduates share the vision to "Impact eternity by winning the lost and training the found everywhere!"

China Bible College More than 27,000 students studying online, with additional tens of thousands studying off-line. Vietnam Bible College More than 50,000 people are studying. G39 University (Prison Ministries in the USA) Averaging 3,600 prisoners studying. Iran Bible College More than 25,000 Christian Life books have been distributed across Iran.

We are excited about what God is doing and how GU and the ministry of Light for the Lost are working together to give the gospel to those who are lost and without hope.

Arabic Bible College has been launched online and is growing.

You can find out more about Global University and their ministry in the newest edition of Celebrate the Light. Visit CTL.AG.ORG for the full story.

UpperRoom Institute has more than 5,300 groups with more than 20,000 believers across the Middle East.



hank you, LFTL, for working with us on the video of Bathsheba, A life revived. This is the fourth and final installment in the Women of the Bible series made possible by the Light for the Lost ministry.

cares for them. These stories from the Word of God tell of imperfect women that God redeemed, used for His glory, and gave new life. We are all precious in the eyes of God even when the world has damaged us. Ruth, a life regained, and Rahab, a life reclaimed are in Arabic channel circulation (300 million audience) in the Middle East and translations are being sought for French as well. Tamar, a life recovered is in Arabic translation now.   God's stories of women damaged but beloved by Him are showing on the screens of the world because Light for the Lost has helped the IMM studios in Madrid, Spain, create these evangelistic videos! Again, thank you, for allowing us to move forward with the calling God has given to us! We couldn’t do it without you! Denise Godwin Executive Director International Media Ministries

The Women of the Bible series is a drama aimed at showing women who have been abused and disregarded that God still

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