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rowing up in church, you learn some valuable songs that stay with you throughout your lifetime. Do you remember singing, "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world," or "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so?” How about, "Father Abraham had many sons and many sons had Father Abraham?" The songs of your childhood, as well as the Bible stories you were taught, had an influential role in shaping you for a lifetime. As I travel around the world, I have come to

realize that children, regardless of where they live, the language they speak, or their religious upbringing, need to have an opportunity to learn and sing the songs of our innocence. More than that, they desperately need to be introduced to Jesus Christ. And that's where we can continue the joy of our childhood by investing in the evangelism resources through LFTL to assist our missionaries with bringing God's Word to the children of the world. Thank you for prayerfully lifting up our missionaries

ple of how these The following is an exam pact an entire family. weekly meetings can im d his mother were When José was 11, he an church by his father. routinely dropped off at ful business and His father ran a success continued on page 2

and the children they reach for Christ. Thank you for faithfully giving to LFTL. Together we can continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ to the children of the world. This month, I ask you to join me in presenting our gift with this in mind. Children will know who Jesus is. Thank you for helping us with this mission of love. And remember, "Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in His sight; Jesus loves the little children of the world."  RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

continued from page 1 everything was right in the world. Unbeknownst to his father, José was being befriended by a gang leader. At the same time, another stranger was also befriending José. This second stranger, a Royal Ranger leader at his church, invited José to attend the Royal Rangers program at the church.   José’s father was hesitant to let his son attend a program sponsored by the Evangelical church as he was raised a devout Catholic. However, because José seemed to be enjoying the program, his dad allowed it.   One day, while visiting his dad at the shop, José knocked over a table with a

wanted to go to the weekly Royal Ranger meeting. After getting approval from his doctor, Jose’s father decided to attend the meeting as well to assist him if he needed anything. Jose’s father could see just how much the leader and students truly cared about José. “It touched my heart. I knew these people had something that I did not have.” He was also interested in the stories the leader shared with the students about Christ.    After a few months, Jose’s father decided to attend church with his family. Jose’s father accepted Christ that day.   Without Royal Rangers, José could easily have become an active gang member. Because of the Royal Rangers leader’s love

They brought him gifts and showered him with love and kindness and prayed with him. flammable liquid and a blow torch and caught himself on fire.   José was severely injured with burns on both his legs. After a week in the hospital, José was released to go home and begin the long process of recovery.   Much to his dad’s surprise, Jose’s Royal Ranger leader and fellow Royal Ranger students visited him. They brought him gifts and showered him with love and kindness and prayed with him. This opened Jose’s father’s heart to the church and erased his misgivings about the kind of people they were.   During his recovery, José desperately

and support, José is growing up to be a godly man and José’s father is also growing in the Lord.   Without LFTL, Royal Ranger leaders would not be able to reach kids during their weekly meetings. We are so thankful for the evangelism resources that we are able to purchase thanks to LFTL. These resources are used across the world every week to reach kids and families with the love of Christ.   Thank you so much for your dedication.   Doug Marsh Royal Rangers International


e received Light for the Lost funds from the New Mexico Ministry Network and from the West Texas District for our World Cup Outreach event. We were able to pass out 10,000 children’s booklets about Jesus with a soccer theme that our team created. We also shared Jesus through a soccer version of the Book of John in three different cities. We had an additional 10,000 of the children’s booklets that we have been able to leave with

children in neighborhoods, schools, and parks. We cannot say how grateful we are for LFTL. Countless children have received the gospel message because of your dedication and support. Thank you so much!   Esdras & Michelle Orantes AGWM - Brazil


s missionaries it’s sometimes hard to raise a full budget. Often we barely have enough to afford to stay on the field, and when we go out to minister to kids all we have to offer them is God’s love and our attention. However, for the last 3 years Light for the Lost has placed tools in our hands to be able to not only share God’s love but to also give the kids a gift with an evangelistic message.   This term we have been honored to host an annual Christmas program for the children in the Latin American Child Care Schools. Each year’s party has had a different theme including “I am prince (or princess) of the King!”, “God has a Crown for ME!”, and “I am a son (or daughter)

of the King!”. We go into each school and have a special 1-hour program with songs and dramas conveying the theme. We have a powerful time of prayer with the kids and provide the

opportunity for receiving Christ. The schools allow us one-on-one prayer with all who respond.   After that we  have the kids return to their classrooms for a special snack or  a full meal and give them a t-shirt with the theme and scripture verse printed on it and some evangelical tracts.

This past year we were even able to give each child a special “children’s edition” New Testament! Thanks to Light for the Lost we are able to not only tell the children of God’s love but we’re also able to put His Word in their hands! Thank you Light for the Lost for putting these tools in our hands and for your investment in the kingdom and partnership with YOUR missionaries! It makes a HUGE difference in our ability to have effective ministry! Jonathan and Michelle Wellborn AGWM - Argentina



flash drive & download contains:

• The presentation - video as a whole and separated for your use.


• The music - all theTHE sheet music and the video choir presentation. CELEBRATE LIGHT • The artwork - for Celebrate the Light available for your use. • Response Devices - for you to use following the presentation.

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