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APRIL 2020


Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.





n just a few days we’ll celebrate Easter! Joining us in those celebrations worldwide will be thousands upon thousands of people who know Christ today because Light for the Lost helped bring the gospel to them. Just a few years before, most of them prayed to Allah, Buddha, or thou-

sands of Hindu or animistic gods and spirits, or had no religion at all. But the gospel reached them and now they live in the light of Christ. When I think of that, I celebrate Jesus and what He’s done for me and so many others. Redemption! There’s nothing like it in this universe.

In that spirit of celebration, we present to you this month some encouraging reports from Africa and the United States. Thank you for supporting Light for the Lost and helping us share the gospel with the nations. We also have exciting news from Men’s Ministries. We now have an app! On pages 5 and 6 you can see information about how to get the app, what’s on it, and how to use it. Please help us get the word out about this Men’s Ministries app. We believe thousands of men nationwide will benefit greatly from having the numerous discipleship resources and connection points to other men through this app. Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL



ave you tried eating an uncooked yam? You’d remember the loud crunching sound in your mouth. Nigerian pastor John Ikoni once said to me, “Uncooked yam makes a lot of noise in the mouth.” As I’ve traveled through Africa, I’ve come to understand the meaning of this proverb. When a pastor or missionary is untrained, under-resourced, or otherwise not equipped for ministry he or she will simply “make noise” rather than rightly divide and preach God’s Word.

Light for the Lost assists Africa’s Hope to resource missionaries and pastors across Africa with quality tools for effective evangelism ministry. One of the greatest tools has been the Discovery Series, a ministry resource focused totally on training and equipping the Spirit-filled proclaimer of the gospel in the African context. Discovery Series titles are among the most treasured in numerous pentecostal Bible school libraries and curricula on the continent. Thanks to Light for the Lost, Discovery Series titles are available in nine languages used in Africa and have reached the hands of many thousands

A pastor in Burkina Faso receives a DS book.

A Rwandan pastor shows the DS book she uses in ministry.

KES A LOT OF NOISE IN growth of the Rwandan churches to the Discovery Series and Africa’s Hope missionaries who invested heavily in ministry development in his country.

Pastor Emanuel Ngabonziza, Rwandan pastor. of African ministers. In 2014, we brought to you a Celebrate the Light video about pastor Emanuel Ngabonziza, in Rwanda, who used Discovery Series titles often in his evangelism ministry in the city of Kigali.

We encourage you to view the Rwanda video on our website, www.lftl. ag.org. Go to the Celebrate the Light page and click on the Video Library. A warning, though. Some of the content in the video is unsuitable for children, as it vividly tells the story of Ngabonziza’s experiences during the 1994 genocide. Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at dkersten@ag.org or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you.

Ngabonziza linked the exponential

A Cameroonian pastor teaches children about creation from the DS.


ray for the Muslims of Michigan today! Pew Research finds that nearly three million Muslims live in the United States. That number is expected to reach eight million by 2050.

Bibles for use in English classes offered to Muslim immigrants at Springwells Church in Dearborn. At Springwells Church, Muslims from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds interact with Christ-followers and study the Bible.

More than three million Muslims live in the United States. Due to laws and restrictions in their homelands against reading the Bible, many Muslim immigrants are eager to study it for themselves and ask questions about Jesus. Arabic/English language Bibles provided by LFTL Michigan. U.S. missionaries John Koski and Adam Simnowitz minister in the state of Michigan which has one of the country’s largest Muslim populations. Light for the Lost in Michigan recently gave $700 to provide Arabic and English

“Thanks again to LFTL,” Koski says. “Springwells Church in Dearborn, Michigan has received all our Arabic/English Bibles and they are all being used.” Thank you for helping LFTL resource this work in Michigan. Please join us today in praying for Muslims who will read these Bibles and hear the gospel message.


he Men’s Ministries app is now available to download on the Apple Store or Google Play! Our app mirrors the content of the www. men.ag.org website, but adds several key benefits and extras all in one place.

1. 225 discipleship lessons for personal or small group study 2. 61 discipleship lessons in Spanish 3. Links to Light for the Lost and 360Man content 4. Up-to-date info about Men’s events nationwide 5. Connection points to your local district/network Men’s Ministry (coming soon) Depending on your smart phone or tablet, you will go to either the Apple Store or Google Play and search for “Mens Ministries” (no apostrophe). You will see a red box Men’s logo. Download the app and start using it! After using it, please call or email to let us know your thoughts about this app and ways we can utilize it to serve you and the men in your community.


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