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have exciting news to share with you this month! We have been working on this for months now, and I couldn’t have made this happen without the assistance from our LFTL District Directors. For the past few years, we have been processing how we can strengthen Light for the Lost by introducing more men to our mission of presenting evangelism resources everywhere. This past February, at our national leadership meeting, we bridged this gap and found what we

believe will be the solution for the future. Starting in the latter part of the summer, you will see some changes to the Spotlight you’re reading. We are unveiling a new look with a ver y similar name, 360Spotlight. The 360Spotlight will continue to share great LFTL testimonies from our missionaries as well as upcoming LFTL resources as always. However, we will also start sharing vital information about Men’s Ministries and the resources available for

ch and society. the mainstream of chur nity to attend Few will have the opportu to the Gospel in church or be introduced an accessible format.

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men as they grow in their faith in Christ. This added element will allow men of all ages the opportunity to share their faith, develop spirit-empowered relationships, and grasp the importance of Light for the Lost in their lives. We look for ward to the future as we continue to advance the gospel and give more men the joy of ser ving the Lord through Light for the Lost and Men’s Ministries. RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

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Over the years, LFTL has partnered with the Center for the Blind (CFTB) to produce Gospel presentations in braille, print/braille combinations, various forms of audio and even large print. A few years ago, LFTL helped us with the conversion of the New Living Translation Bible into a DAISY format. DAISY is an audio format specifically designed for the blind. It provides convenient and simple navigation while protecting copyrights. The cartridges work with a digital player on free loan from the National Library Services for the Blind.

Recently, Chaplain Dale offered a cartridge Bible to Martha. He called her a few weeks later to make sure she received the Bible. She joyfully expressed her gratitude for the Bible. It is on a single almost indestructible cartridge, is simple to navigate, has excellent sound, and is in her favorite translation. She is back to reading her Bible for long periods every day.

The CFTB distributes hundreds of these specialized audio Bible cartridges. Most requests come from government agents requesting Bibles for clients.

LFTL’s contribution to making the Word available in an accessible audio format for those who are blind has both temporal and eternal value!

Rev. Dale Bean serves as a volunteer chaplain for the CFTB. Since most people using the services of the CFTB are not active in a home church, many see him as their pastor. Chaplain Dale spends many hours on the phone talking with blind folks from all over the country. He almost always asks if they have a usable Bible.

Psalms 119:72: Your instructions are more valuable to me than millions in gold and silver! [NLT]

So many people who are blind, and especially those who lost their sight with age, are surprised to learn that an audio Bible on a single cartridge is available. They are pleased to learn that it is in a modern translation. Another benefit is Chaplain Dale gets to introduce them to the National Library Services for the Blind so they can obtain a player for the cartridges.

When asked what they miss the most with vision loss, most Christians claim it is their Bible. Barb was one of those. She was thrilled to have her Bible back!



henever a child enters foster care in Arizona, Opportunity, Community & Justice for Kids (OJC Kids) provides these children with a hygiene Welcome Kit to have basic items for their hygiene care. Each kit includes a Bible provided by LFTL. The first thing the child reaches for is the Bible. Many times, this is the first Bible they have ever owned. They are so overcome with joy knowing this is THEIR Bible, that they hold it close to their heart and won't let go. Now that word has spread in the group homes, transfer children and

staff have begun requesting the Bible to have for ALL their kids to keep as they move through the system. Some of the volunteers even use these Bibles to help increase the child's reading proficiency. Such a blessing! Thank you, LFTL, for bringing the message of Christ's love in written form. Gary Webb US Missionary OCJ Kids



came into T.C. in July of 07 as a student. The curriculum enlightened me greatly. The Teen Challenge Group Studies for New Christians are what developed me over the course of my first 4 months in Chicago T.C. I went from suicidal and lost to my identity in Christ being revealed. I was made aware of who I really am according to God as opposed to who the world said I was. My low self-esteem, anti-authority, and so many other issues were all addressed in these

14 books. I was taken to deep places within myself and was able to look at the ugliness of my past life and the sinful nature I operated in my whole life. Being made aware of the Holy Spirit and His involvement in my life that empowers me to overcome my past and the enemy’s influence in it was key to making me the person I am today. Glen Piwowarczyk

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