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1 WORLD MISSIONS Our first story will focus on the refugees that are leaving the difficult countries in the Middle East and going to Armenia to find a new home and a new hope. It

is in this region of pain and fear that we are sending LFTL resources to open an opportunity for the untold thousands to find Christ. Missionaries are meeting and befriending Iranian tourists and students and giving gifts of Bibles and evangelism materials. We know that

the true source of hope can only be found through Christ and through LFTL resources they will have the ability to read, listen, and watch how Jesus can be Lord of their life, home, and future.

In Celebrate the Light 2017, you will accompany these amazing missionaries as they provide people with hope and engage in one-on-one explanations of salvation through Jesus Christ. Â This multimedia presentation will assist your church to see the vision of LFTL, have an opportunity to receive a LFTL offering and continue in fulfilling the Great Commission. Thank you so much for your faithful support as we prepare this fourth edition to premier at General Council this August in Anaheim, California. Of course, you will be able to receive your free downloadable copy at after the premier.



Our second story begins in India with the dire need of connecting new believers to an increasing need of trained pastors equipped to share the gospel and raise up strong Christians to overcome the spiritual darkness that surrounds them daily. The India Assemblies of God is in the middle of the most aggressive church planting campaign in modern missions history—25,000 new churches by 2020. Light for the Lost and Global University have made this a mission that matters and are partnering with the Indian continued on page 3

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churches to train those who are pastoring the new churches and discipling the new believers, through the India College of

Ministry (or ICOM). We must raise up and train at least 30,000 individuals to lead the ever expanding demand of church growth in India. Through this strategic mission, we will be able to prepare trained pastors and leaders to launch the most amazing church planting system. However, it will not happen if we cannot train and equip these fellow believers. In Celebrate the Light 2017, you will see how ICOM is making it possible to train 30,000 Christian workers who will make reaching the church planting goal possible.

3 ACTS 2 JOURNEY Our last story is how LFTL is equipping church leaders in the United States to reach their friends in their cities regardless of size. More than 8,400 U.S. Assemblies of

God churches are either in decline or have plateaued. The Acts 2 Journey through the Church Transformation Initiative is helping hundreds of these churches get back on the Acts chapter 2 model to growth and health again. The Church Transformation Initiative assists our plateaued or declining churches to become the beacon of light they were in their past. In 2012, Bethel Assembly of God

in Rapid City, South Dakota, had plateaued. Pastors Gerad and Melanie Strong brought their ministry team to the Acts 2 Journey, and the resulting transformation has been incredible. In Celebrate the Light 2017, you will see the retelling of Bethel Assembly's marvelous journey to health and growth, and learn about the potential for our Fellowship through Light for the Lost’s partnership with Church Transformation Initiative and the Acts 2 Journey. LFTL and Church Transformation Initiative understands that if leaders and churches are not evangelistic in their values and vision, the church is doomed for decay and even closure.

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL



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April 2017 LFTL Spotlight  
April 2017 LFTL Spotlight