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LFTL Giving – All End of Year ed for it ed cr be s to contribution ed and MUST be mail the year 2017 All . 31 December postmarked by be st mu s donation credit card er 31. mb ce De re or befo ease received on pl s, any question or If you have 72 41 2.2781 ext. call (417) 86 email at lftl


HANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! This year, Light for the Lost had some unbelievable and miraculous opportunities to share God’s Word globally. We have been d given the favor of God to sen e sitiv sen e mor into His Word areas than ever before. We we have gone into places where thought we could never go and t reach people that we though e Th h. reac our ond bey e wer of Holy Spirit has opened doors ugh thro k wal to us for y ministr and see God’s power at work.


In 1953, seven men believed s by they could assist missionarie s. supplying evangelism resource just ed rais y the The first year over $300.00. This year, we should reach $330,000,000 in giving to LFTL since our for inception and $8,000,000.00

2017. This would never happen without your faithful giving. Thank you for adding or keeping LFTL in your giving. Thank you for your prayers to give us wisdom to reach the lost for g Christ. Thank you for allowin us to equip believers with h evangelism resources to reac their friends and neighbors. call Thank you for accepting the by sion mis Com at Gre the of ll partnering with LFTL to fulfi ist. Chr from date this man I would like to thank the national LFTL team for their visionary heart and love for ie LFTL: Melanie Gardner, Ang and er, Lind ey Hughes, Cas Mandy Kennedy. This team makes the everyday mission ish successful. I could not accompl out with L the vision for LFT them. I would like to thank each

e are so grateful to Light n for the Lost and the me s nd fu e of our movement for th so we can they sacrificially provide around the reach and disciple boys ternational world. Royal Rangers In


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ion LFTL director across the nat d liste we r, yea this lier Ear l. as wel for you ank Th each one by name. of your ministr y to LFTL. Many in them pastor churches, serve district offices, or have secular e employment and give their tim L. LFT ugh thro d Lor to serve the And finally, I THANK YOU EACH OF YOU for supporting you, Light for the Lost. Without Lord the May g. hin not do we can ers pray our of the Har vest use and gifts to reach and equip. May this Christmas season bring the fullness of Christ into your homes, churches, and businesses. May 2018 bring you into a greater realm of relationship with Christ.

RICK ALLEN National Director MM/LFTL

continued from page 1 is gearing up to develop resource that will benefit nations in East Africa with Swahili, and India with Hindi. These evangelism materials would not be possible without LFTL and your faithful giving! Projects like these have far reaching impact, but on a micro level they change lives and build churches. I recently met a boy while in Malawi. His name is Chimwemwe. His parents abandoned him on the streets of Lilongwe because they could not afford their drugs and his food. So, they chose the former. He was recruited by a gang and drifted in and out of a group home for homeless boys. One of the employees at the group home was a Royal Rangers leader who took a special interest in Chimwemwe. Over a two-year period, and after placing her job and reputation on the line, led

him to the Lord. He eventually joined the outpost. The allure of the streets drew him in and out of Royal Rangers and the group home, but eventually he fully committed his ways to the Lord. A family in the church later adopted him. He is now a student in the Malawi Assemblies of God University, a respected and well-liked youth leader in the church, and a very big proponent of Royal Rangers. He’s fully alive in Christ and exhibits an amazing spirit. Aside from the scars on his body, you would never suspect he had such a rough upbringing. A Malawian Royal Rangers leader equipped with LFTL-funded resources made all the difference. Thank you again for all that you do. Doug Marsh AGWM missionary Director of Royal Rangers International

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elow is a message from a man that received the MIP (Men in Progress) magazines. Thank you Light for the Lost for helping us print and distribute this vital resource! I'm working at Geullah Christian Retreat House (faith based drug rehab center). I want to thank Asia Pacific Media for the latest issue of MIP. I got copies from my pastor. It's a big encouragement for our patients not to give up on

life and that God will move in their life. Especially when they read the story of Paul Esguerra and Dino Gonzales. Thank you again; may God bless your ministry. (From Patrick on Facebook) Thank you, Light for the Lost, for helping us print and distribute this vital resource! Johnson Li Asia Pacific Media Ministries

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