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Clickbank – The Percentages Are In Your Favor Online marketers who are seeking additional income from sources such as Google Adsense, affiliate sales, and joint ventures are often searching for the best deals in terms of percentages. Affiliate sales have become extremely popular with the internet marketing community and the Clickbank marketplace has become the focal point for most affiliates. Maximizing the income potential is a worthy goal, but it can also be peppered with substandard issues from the quality of a product to those who are selling the online commodities. Becoming an affiliate at Clickbank is easy and membership can provide a handsome jolt to the bottom line, but choosing a product to market requires research and a keen eye for quality. Typically, the first feature that most affiliates notice is the percentage of profits that is being offered. A Clickbank affiliate must take notice of the percentage being offered by the owner, but it should never be the sole reason for marketing a product. For example, some Clickbank members have been known to offer seventy-five percent or more to affiliates and while that is considered to be very generous, the deliberately careful affiliate will take the time to do some thorough research. Some offers for affiliates at this level is legitimate and it can certainly be very rewarding. However, a substantial number of these offers are coupled with inferior products that have little to no chance of selling. At the opposite end of the spectrum, some members offer less than fifty percent and some offer very little. If a product is in demand and very popular, perhaps it is worth considering even if the split is only twenty-five percent in your favor. As a general rule, it is obviously better to earn twenty-five percent of a large sum of sales than to earn seventy-five percent of very few sales. With your Clickbank account, the possibilities as an affiliate are enormous due to the sizable membership and the endless number of products to market. Most members will offer a fifty percent split of the profits and this seems to be the standard for a majority of products that are featured at Clickbank. Another great advantage that affiliates enjoy is having a product or service that took no time to create and is simply ready to be marketed. The Clickbank marketplace offers a wide array of advantages for the enterprising affiliate. Splitting a favorable percentage of the profits with the product’s owner can lead to further partnerships and a rewarding online business.

Clickbank Refunds and What You Can Do About It The internet is not the only place that refunds is an issue to a retailer. From the perspective of the internet merchant, customer satisfaction is of the highest priority. Because competition for customer loyalty is fierce, you know that keeping repeat customers coming back is the fastest and best way to long term financial success in sales. So offering an iron clan refund guarantee if the customer is not satisfied sends a message to the consumer that their happiness is top priority to you and that they can shop with you in confidence. As customers, we like to know that there is a return or refund policy in place. We come to expect that when we get home with a product that it will be to our satisfaction of the store will stand behind the product and give us a refund no questions asked. Sadly even outside the internet, refund fraud happens all the time. People bring back stolen merchandise for refund to exchange what they took for money.

There are so many scams like this that one solution the non-internet retail world has turned to is store credits so the money never leaves the store. Within the world of Clickbank marketing, we are faced with a similar dilemma. Except because our products are digital, the problem is compounded significantly. Clickbank offers an iron clad refund guarantee. But unlike more wary merchants, there is no "store credit" to protect store funds. And because both Clickbank merchants and affiliates must abide by the policies of the marketplace, if Clickbank gives a refund, so do you. The problem is there really is no such thing as a "return" when it comes to a digital product. Because you download the product to the customer, once they have a digital copy, they have it and there is no way to make sure they are not keeping it. And that little quirk of digital sales means that the Clickbank policy is pretty much open season for internet thieves and shoplifters if they chose to buy and download products, cash in on the policy and just keep getting their money back. While Clickbank is working to solve this problem, we need to know what we can do until it is solved to cut down on Clickbank refunds taking profits out of our accounts which we very much deserve to keep. The first line of defense, of course, is legitimate refunds because of customer dissatisfaction. Put extra work and effort into putting onto Clickbank only products of the highest quality so there is little room for complaint. That is part of it. But the other part is making sure customer perception of the product is accurate. On the internet, overselling a product is almost a way of life. We all seem to turn into infomercial merchants and we sometimes give the impression our product might be something it isn't. So go back to your web site and specifically your sales language. It's ok to use good marketing language on those pages. But be sure you are telling the customer the truth so there is no reason for them to have a case to say that you sold them something that was not up to what was claimed. Have others read your marketing copy and get to know the product so they can confirm that what is being sold is what the customer gets. By building strong customer relationships and building a community of repeat customers, you are more secure not to have to give refunds constantly. It's an old adage of business but the best defense against lost business is satisfying the customer. Other than that we can only trust that Clickbank will eventually solve the problem and just keep on selling and doing the best we can.

Affiliate Clickbank Make Money Program - How To Start Profiting Simply By Promoting Others Products If you want to join an affiliate Clickbank make money program, there is a lot of money making opportunity available for you here. Very simply, in case you aren’t familiar with the Clickbank Marketplace, here is what they offer and how you can start earning cash when you join them. First of all, Clickbank is a website that offers all digital information products. There are no physical products on Clickbank. They offer products in a wide range of categories, from making money on the internet, from the stock market, to home improvement, hobbies, sports, and just about any other how to product you can think

of. Just about no matter how narrow the niche you are targeting, you can find products for it available on Clickbank. When somebody develops an info product, they often times want affiliates to promote it for them. This is where Clickbank comes in. Therefore, they simply take out an account with Clickbank and then Clickbank will manage all their affiliates for them without them ever having to worry about a thing. You see, if you do decide to develop and sell your own products, when it comes to managing for paying your affiliates, you can either have your own program take care of it for you or have somebody else handle this. Very simply, doing this yourself requires quite a bit of technical know how, and this is why the Clickbank Marketplace is so popular today. For just a small fee taken out of the final dollar value the item sells for, you can have them track all your affiliates for you and pay them automatically; best yet, all it takes is a one time $50 fee if you want to submit your own product to Clickbank. Of course, if you don’t have your own product, all you have to do is go to the Clickbank Marketplace, browse through the various product offerings, find ones that interest you, and start promoting it. This is called affiliate marketing, and it is one of the most popular forms of making money via the net today. Very simply, there are many people earning full time 6 figure and even multiple 6 figure incomes just by promoting other people’s products. Here are some effective methods for doing this. First of all, if you are just getting started and want the absolute bare bones way to make money through Clickbank, you don’t even need your own website; all you have to do is go to Clickbank, get an affiliate tracking link for the product you want to promote, and start sending people through that link. You can get free traffic to your link by either including it in your emails you send out, posting in forums, which are two great free methods for generating traffic. Keep in mind, if you want to get free search engine traffic through SEO, you will definitely need to create your own website and landing page where the visitor will first come to; you will have a very hard getting just your affiliate page ranked, since it will be considered duplicate content. This is also a great method if you are planning on using pay per click, because Google utilizes something known as a quality score when analyzing the relevancy and importance of your website. If they see that you are just promoting a Clickbank product and therefore the same page as a hundred other affiliates are promote, they obviously won’t think too much of your page, and will make you pay a lot of money for clicks. However, if you develop your own landing page, write some articles on the product, and most importantly, include a privacy policy, disclaimer, about us and contact us on your home page, you will be ranked much higher in Google’s quality score index, and therefore you won't have to bid so high dollar amounts to receive clicks to your site. Therefore, simply go to Clickbank, find a product you are interested in, take out a domain name and created a unique landing page for it, write some articles about it, create the privacy policy, disclaimer, about us and contact us, and start promoting it any way you want. A quick tip: when looking for the right internet marketing company affiliate to promote, make sure they have a good sales page to send your visitors to; without this, you can't hope to make any money.

What constitutes a good sales page? Make sure the sales letter you are sending your visitors to only promotes one product, has plenty of testimonials, a good headline, a guarantee, an immediate call to action, etc. Hopefully this information will help you become profitable with your affiliate Clickbank make money program as quickly as possible.

Making Money With Clickbank: An Introduction As you search for more and more ways to make money while utilizing the power of the Internet, the subject of Clickbank may arise. Understanding what Clickbank is will help you to better harness the possibilities of turning a profit using this helpful option. If you are interested in offering or purchasing ebooks, Clickbank acts as a beneficial marketplace for the release of digital products. Many people have found ways to sell a variety of e-books after signing up for their affiliate program with Clickbank, which processes the buying and selling of e-books among other things. The system takes care of details, such as providing payment options for merchants, who may need help processing their orders. For a fee, Clickbank will take care of this issue. As you contemplate what Clickbank can do for you, owners of websites with a thirst for earning may also sell any kind of digital products of their choice. Commission fees are also received through any e-book you can sell. More than 10,000 products created by others are marketed through Clickbank and are typically e-book selections, but also extends to the selling of downloadable videos and audios. Additional instant access products that become immediately available through the computer are also featured. Over the years, these types of online business transactions are becoming increasingly popular, causing a large amount of people to investigate the ins and outs of Clickbank. While there are other affiliate marketing selections on the Net, Clickbank seems to be one of the most favored with the public.

How Clickbank Works After signing up for a Clickbank account, the process of making money with the system may take a bit of time to get the hang of. Many different products are offered on the Clickbank website, scattered about a range of categories. Some new users like to scan the list for the most popular and new products to consider for their potential moneymaking opportunities. When you decide on a selection to promote as an affiliate, you will need to establish an affiliate ID link. The next step is to learn ways to attract traffic to the site. This will prove the most difficult part of the process, but once you figure out a successful approach, you stand the chance to make a lot of money. As you explore the world of affiliate marketing, Clickbank will also provide helpful tools and resources to make life easier.

Safe Selling on Clickbank In the non-internet world, retailers are always fighting a war with shoplifters and people who would take your product without paying for it. You would think that this kind of thing would not be a problem in an online world. But in Clickbank which is the largest internet marketplace in the world, one of the

biggest problems is stopping people from downloading a digital product and then not following through with payment. Like any other retail setting there are security weaknesses in Clickbank as there are with any software environment. But with some proper caution on the part of the vendor at the individual level, you can find ways to plug those security holes and keep your product secure so every time it gets downloaded, you get paid. In reality we sometimes are our own worst enemies when we become Clickbank merchants because we do some things that undermine the security Clickbank already has in place. The first thing to recognize when you market on Clickbank is that it is off limits to put links to your product files on Clickbank on one of your other website pages. Don’t try to extend the marketing by driving traffic to your Clickbank pages in this way. For proper security, the only way your customers should be able to download your product is after going through the normal Clickbank payment pages which enforce that payment is made before delivery. This is one very simple precaution to keep someone from getting to your content and bypassing the payment procedure. Another good reason not to put links to your product on your web site is that it will cause this back door to your products to appear on the search engines as links others can use. Google will find the links and index them and they could appear fairly high in search engine rankings and that is very dangerous for the security of your product. Some risks that your product page could get leaked are outside of your control. There are internet thieves who would collect your thank you page and product URL where and post them on newsgroups and forums devoted to underground theft of online products. The actual amount of thefts you might have from that happening is fairly small. The real problem is if those postings get picked up and listed on a search engine. Then you could have a serious security risk. There is one step that will eliminate the search engine problem which is the bigger risk of your thank you or product pages for Clickbank getting "out there". That is to contact your web hosting provider. They have a way at the server level to build a customized security file that is checked by the search engines to exclude certain files from becoming indexed. By adding the URL for your products page on Clickbank as well as your thank you page, even if those links get listed, you stop the bleeding in its place so the amount of losses will be quite minimal. However this approach must be used with extreme caution. The file that many web hosting servers used is called the robots.txt file. The problem is that hackers are very aware of that file as much as search engines are. And if a hacker can find that file, and they can, that opens the door for the locations of your product files to be stolen and then posted on another web site which opens the whole can of worms all over again. The best thing is not to reference those locations at all so if there is going to be any leakage of their location, it will be through hackers whose influence is minimal at best. That way at least you are living a clean life and doing what you can. And by watching the Clickbank FAQ and updates notices so you are always up to date on any new security updates they are putting in place.

Sell Digital Products Through Clickbank If you want to increase the distribution of your digital products, Clickbank is one of the largest marketplaces you can turn to. When you join Clickbank, you will be able to find affiliates to help in the sale of your products. You are free to choose the commission rate, which can help you maintain a budget. Because certain products are more difficult to sell than others, the commission you assign will always be fair and competitive. In addition to having more control over the commissions you choose for your products, you will also have the advantage of using tools provided by Clickbank to track all sales, commissions earned by each of your affiliates, maintain excellent customer service, and sell subscriptions, memberships, and products through Clickbank's new recurring billing system. Being able to easily see an overview of the amount in sales and the number of orders received in real time can help you have more control over your business. By signing up for services offered through Clickbank, you will be able to communicate more effectively with customers, create a web page that is easy to order from, and keep an accurate record of all sales and commissions made each day. If you plan to sell multiple products, having excellent organizational skills is key to your success. Without these skills, it will be very difficult to pay affiliates, order additional copies of books and other products from publishers, maintain an accurate inventory count, and create an effective marketing plan. Clickbank was started in 1998 and continues to provide many services to publishers, affiliates, and customers. Regardless of the types of digital products you wish to sell, if you don't have a secure platform to sell them on, you will not generate as much profit as you would like. When using Clickbank, you can feel secure when setting up your business. You will have confidence in knowing that your business will be a success due in part to the tracking systems that are available to you once you create your web page. Because you won't have to pay monthly fees, Clickbank is an affordable way to sell your digital products. After paying a small activation fee, you will be charged a commission rate that is determined by the commission rate you want to offer affiliates. Along with tracking and marketing services, you will also receive free customer service support, free access to affiliates who work for Clickbank, and much more. As the Internet continues to grow, more and more products will be offered to those looking for information, entertainment, and other items they can purchase online. Offering quality products that are easy to download is the first step in becoming a successful online business owner. When you use all the tools Clickbank has to offer, you will begin to enjoy the benefits of online sales which include a steady profit, satisfying customer demand, and sharing your profits with hard-working affiliates who want your business to be a success. Visit Clickbank today to learn more about the benefits of selling digital products.

Selling Everyday on Clickbank There is a prevailing mythology about the Clickbank marketplace that it is virtually an effort free profit machine. It's easy to get the wrong idea because it is a marketplace where if you get your product out

there into the Clickbank marketplace, there are over 150,000 eager affiliates ready to pick up your product and begin to sell it. Those affiliates don’t need to tell you that they are going to sell your product or get your permission. Just by virtue of being in the Clickbank community gives them liberty to sell your product. So in theory you could put a product out there and see its sales soar with no more effort than that. But even if you get some marginal or good sales from your products using that approach, you don’t want to settle for marginal or good. You want to get the maximum sales potential you can from your listings on Clickbank. And that means you don’t just sell one day and put your product on auto pilot. You sell every day on Clickbank and you reap the rewards in terms of higher sales, higher profits and a better rating because you are being aggressive about your sales. And when your products rise in the sales numbers, they get noticed by more successful affiliates in Clickbank and you get to a larger audience. It's all about establishing momentum and then keeping it. One way to raise your profits on your product has more to do with production than it does promotion. If you own the product you put out there so you are not selling someone else's product, 100% of what you get from Clickbank after the affiliate cut and Clickbank's fees are yours. You can either have the product made for you and buy the rights to it completely or make it yourself. A good example of this approach is in the marketing of an eBook. If you write it entirely yourself, you have complete ownership over it and all of the profits are yours. But even if you have a killer idea for an eBook that will sell like hotcakes, not all of us are writers. But there are starving artists out there on the internet job services who for a few hundred dollars will put together an eBook that will read well and deliver a great concept to your customers. And by having the book ghostwritten, you purchase complete ownership of the rights to the book and you can market it and reap all of the rewards all for yourself. Within Clickbank, there are a wealth of tools that you can use to keep tabs not only on how well your products are moving but on the relationship of advertising to product movement and how your commissions look to be sure they are healthy and not undergoing any form of commission theft that is sometimes possible in Clickbank. So part of selling every day isn't so much just paying attention to sales but to the variables of sales such as the success of specific affiliates and the level your product is reaching as a desirable product to promote. There is something to be said for simple positioning and learning to help your product move up so more affiliates pick it up. So after you get your product into the system, make it a major ambition to get familiar with all of the Clickbank tracking and reporting systems. These reports can let you stay on top of your product's performance on a daily basis and if you see change happening, you can adjust accordingly. That is the kind of dynamic product management that will result in stronger sales. If you see your product take a turn in the statistics that is not healthy, you have the chance to intervene and make adjustments or even pull the product if it’s a serious enough situation. On the other hand, if you see a sudden surge in popularity and sales and a greater participation in the product, you can do your part to make sure the affiliates are enabled to jump on the band wagon and make your product successful. And while the subtle changes to how you position your product and manage advertising is not exactly selling every day, it is making sales work better for you every day and the outcome of greater profits is the same.

Sorting Out Clickbank The problem that comes up sometimes when creating an online business using the Clickbank marketplace is that Clickbank almost is drowning in its own success. For many people, sorting through his vast marketplace to figure out what product to promote can be a nightmare. Because Clickbank is the virtual marketplace of choice for any digital product that can be bought and delivered exclusive through the internet, at any given time there may be over ten thousand products you can pick from to promote in the huge Clickbank products catalog. Just going through that vast catalog can become your second life all by itself. And if you did try to sort, catalog and understand every product, your brain would be so muddled it would not be able to figure out which products are the winners for you to promote and get big money from. But at the same time, anyone who has been successful with the Clickbank system has done it by being a smart marketer and learning first how to pick the product that is choice for the market right now and then how to promote it to land big sales from the system. The first order of business is to set yourself up as an affiliate on the Clickbank web site. This is just getting your foot in the door but it's an essential step. It's easy to do and free at the Clickbank web site so take the few minutes you need to get yourself set up in the system and step through the easy sign up form and become an affiliate citizen of Clickbank. The first thing that will jump out at you when you start looking for a product to promote is that there is a small elite group of products that are clearly the most popular sellers in the catalog. You might be drawn to those on the idea that if they are popular now, why not cash in on the wave and get some of the revenue from all those sales. But keep in mind that a popular product also is one that is probably being merchandised by hundreds or thousands of other Clickbank affiliates. So the internet customer base is being bombarded with sales pitches for that product. Why join the flood when it may be already dwindling down to a trickle? This doesn’t mean you pick a product that is not selling well just because it isn't on a lot of other affiliate web sites. The skill is to pick a product that there is a good market out there in cyberspace for that product but it is a market that has not been heavily "tapped" yet. Its tricky business and give yourself permission to experiment. You may not hit pay dirt with the first product you select. But you will make some money and you can experiment and learn how to select the right product over time. There is an "intuition" to any kind of market and getting a gut feel for what the internet market is going to want can happen but it’s a gut feel that is developed, it doesn’t just come naturally to you. There are some other factors of how a product is positioned and how it is already performing that can help with your decision. Look at the sales copy for the product to see if it is the kind of marketing tool that is likely to work. Read through it and see if it creates a desire in your to buy the product. If they can't convince you, it's probably a poorly crafted sales page and you would be wise to steer clear of the product. But another variable about the products you pick other than popularity or movement numbers is far more important to your profitability. You should pick products that pay outstanding commissions. A commission on the sale of a product on Clickbank can run from 1% to 75%. That’s a pretty huge variation in profitability. A good guideline is never promote a product that pays less than 50% commission. That

way even if your sales are not through the roof, you still make a decent return o your investment for promoting the product and the product owner makes money too. That’s what this partnership is all about.


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Clickbank Success System  

In this eBook you will learn how the percentages of Clickbank are in your favor, Clickbank refunds and what you can do about it, how to star...

Clickbank Success System  

In this eBook you will learn how the percentages of Clickbank are in your favor, Clickbank refunds and what you can do about it, how to star...