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Our Mission The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business is a community of scholars and professionals who are committed to developing students as responsible individuals through an emphasis on professional education, entrepreneurial attitudes, Christian values, and practical experiences. The mission of the School of Business, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is to engage students in a learning process that provides a comprehensive, professional education, instills a passion for life-long learning, creates a commitment to service, and examines ethical behavior in the business environment. Graduates of the LundyFetterman School of Business are prepared for careers in a rapidly changing business environment. They are aware of the significance of technology in business organizations, the value of a global perspective in planning, the need for an understanding of cultural diversity, and the process of continuous improvement in shaping business operations.

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Why The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business?

During my years in the LundyFetterman School of Business, I have witnessed the remarkable transformation that occurs in our students. As freshmen their focus is “what can you do for me; how will you help me be successful academically; how will you help me choose the right majors; how will you help me find a job?” By their last year the attitude is “what can I do to help you?”

Their attitude of service is key to their development as responsible individuals, which is the major focus of our mission. Employers of our graduates appreciate their excellent work ethic, but more importantly, they find the servant attitude of our graduates refreshingly unique. This Campbell transformation results from the university experiences of our students, both in their courses and beyond the classroom. Students have opportunities to serve as upperclass student mentors to new students; to be mentored by executives in the business world; to serve as residence hall assistants and directors; to work as interns in various employment locations; to tutor other students;

to lead in student organizations; to become members of honor societies; to serve with me on an undergraduate advisory committee to me; to become members of honor societies; and to lead in Bible studies with other students. These experiences help in shaping their transformation. The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business is a great place to be a student, and we hope you decide to join us in your educational journey. Regards, Ben Hawkins Dean Lundy-Fetterman School of Business Campbell University

“The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business has its own placement adviser, Mrs. Pam Steele. She is awesome, because she has all the answers to all the questions. Mrs. Steele has helped to prepare me to enter the business world as well as helped me along the way to find an internship.” Keegan Terry Junior, Trust & Wealth Management major

“The 3/2 Program is one of the best opportunities offered by the School of Business. The Program not only reduces the time of graduate school by a full year, but also allows for two summer internships as opposed to just one with a traditional undergraduate degree.” Emily Bratton Sophomore, Trust & Wealth Management major

The School of Business


“The three-prong advising system ensures students that they will always have somebody they can talk with about school and life. A student’s adviser, success coach, and mentor all have different tasks, but each wants you to succeed. My advisers are always there to help me. I can walk into their offices at any time.” Scooter Oliver Freshman, Accounting major

“The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business takes extra care of us! Professors have personal relationships with us, know us by name, and hold us accountable in the classroom.” Sherquoia Smoot Senior, Business Administration major

“Having a student mentor meant that I had someone to turn to at all times. My mentor answered every question I had and helped me find my way.” Timothy McVaugh Freshman, Trust & Wealth Management major


The School of Business

Accounting “I chose to be an accounting major after taking two accounting classes in high school. Although the course material is sometimes challenging the employment opportunities in the accounting field are limitless. Accounting is something I do well, enjoy learning, and can see myself doing the rest of my life and in my opinion that is what is important in finding a suitable major.� Brooke Miles Senior, Accounting major

Accounting 4

Professional jobs with an Accounting major includes: . Accountant . Computer Analyst . Certified Public Accountant . Auditor . Tax Attorney

. Controller . Tax Accountant

Personality traits of Accounting majors includes: . Organized . Systematic . Detail-oriented . Analytical . Attentive

. Ability to apply mathematics to practical problems

LFSB’s permanent hire and internship partners includes: . PWC - Price Waterhouse Coopers . Todd Rivenbark and Puryear, PPLC . Dixon Hughes . Oscar Harris

. Davenport Marvin Joyce & Company . Godwin, CPA . State of North Carolina . Caviness and Cates Building and Development Company “Accounting provides good job opportunities, even in the current economic environment. Businesses always need people knowledgeable about financial reporting to comply with reporting standards and to assist in managing the business. There are also plentiful internship opportunities for Campbell Accounting students, especially in smaller local CPA firms during tax season. These internship opportunities often turn into full-time employment upon graduation.” Dr. Bob Deutsch Campbell University Accounting Professor

“When I was deciding which university was the best fit for me, I was concerned that a private university would hinder me in the future for graduate school applications and during the job seeking process. As an accounting major from Campbell, I was awarded a fellowship to attend graduate school at NC State University for my Masters of Accountancy. Recently I have begun my career in public accounting at PWC. These opportunities would not have been possible without the great foundation Campbell built for me. I definitely learned just because a school is smaller in size doesn’t mean it provides limited opportunities.” Brittany Priebe

Curriculum: Principles of Accounting I Principles of Accounting II Intermediate Accounting I Intermediate Accounting II Accounting Theory Taxation I Taxation II Auditing Advanced Accounting Accounting electives include: Accounting Internship Governmental Accounting Forensic Accounting International Accounting

Alumnae, Assurance Associate-PWC

MBA: Our 3/2 program meets all educational requirements for eligibility to sit for the CPA exams in most states. This unique track allows you to earn both undergraduate BBA and graduate MBA degrees in just five years.

Highlight Course: ACCT 545 – Forensic AccountingA senior level course, Forensic Accounting centers on investigative techniques available to professionals to discover fraudulent activities.

Pictured left: Brooke Miles, Senior Accounting major Pictured right: Mr. Joe Berry, Campbell University Accounting Professor

Did you know that Campbell Accounting majors often intern with accounting firms near “The Creek” during tax season to gain experience while taking classes? 5


Business Administration

Pictured above: Dr. Edward Fubara, Campbell University MBA Director

“Business Administration might be described as “the mother of all majors!” Since your career will probably include work in some kind of organization you will need to understand management, marketing, finance and more. Whether you end up working in a law firm, hospital, government agency or bank a Business Administration degree will prepare you for an active leadership role. This degree is flexible and serves as a solid foundation for the future. Choosing Campbell will allow you to customize that experience through a wide range of electives, study abroad, internship or joint degree opportunities all in a supportive Christ-centered environment.” Dr. Edward Fubara Director MBA Program

MBA: CU’s 3/2 program gives Business Administration majors the opportunity to hone their skills in a more narrow field. Thirty-six hours of intense, advanced business courses give specificity to a broad major like Business Administration.

Business Administration 6

Do you want to be the boss? Personality traits of Business Business Administration majors Administration majors includes: tend to enjoy leadership roles. . Leadership Students majoring in Business . Entrepreneurship Administration need solid . Organized communication, planning, and problem-solving skills. Business . Passionate Administration students should . Motivated also like thinking about the big . Visionary picture -- not just about a whole company, but about how that company interacts with larger forces such as the economy.

LFSB’s permanent hire and internship partners includes:

. Retail Manager . Financial Analyst

. NASA . ProVantage

. Budget Analyst . Cost Estimator

. Northwestern Mutual . Modern Woodmen

. Insurance Underwriter . Loan Counselor

. Personal Banker . State/City Manager

. Human Resource Manager . Public Relations Specialist . Market Researcher

. Fidelity Bank . Verizon

. Apex Systems . Diversified Solutions

. Wadel & Reid . State of North Carolina

“I chose the 3/2 Business Administration program because it was evident that the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business was committed to the values of service, integrity, discipline, and respect. The faculty and staff modeled these values through a passion for their profession, a focus on personalized instruction, and a commitment to developing outstanding leaders who are ready and willing to serve the business community as well as society.” Lindsay Rogers

Alumnae, Program Analyst at NASA Langley Research Center

Curriculum: Business Law I Business Law II Philosophy of Business Principles of Marketing Corporate Finance Principles of Management Human Resources Management Business Communication Quantitative Methods Business Policy Six semester hours of business administration electives including courses on ethics, leadership, and consumer behavior Highlight Course: BADM 300- Philosophy of Business – A junior level course, the Philosophy of Business, is a unique class taught by the endowed Lundy Chair. The course examines the philosophical and economic foundations of capitalism and entrepreneurship, with special emphasis on the role of business activity. Students in BADM 300 are taught how to use all of the skills of a Business Administration major for the larger good of the world.

Professional jobs with a Business Administration major includes:

Pictured left: BADM 313 students, Josep Baro and Dominik Kaniewski


Business Administration

Personality traits of an Economics major includes: . Patient . Persistent . Problem-Solver . Analytical

Economics/ Economics Pre-Law

. Strategic Thinker LFSB’s permanent hire and internship partners includes: Professional jobs with an Economics major includes: . Economist . Pricing Analyst

. Financial Analyst . Operations/Data Analyst

. Actuary . Government Administrator . Journalist

MBA: The 3/2 program allows Economics majors to focus on the business portion of economic theory, while only adding one year of course work to their studies.

Economics 8

. Steptoe and Johnson, LLC . Coyote Logistics

. Craig Technologies . Applied Research Associates . Resurgent Capital Services . Federal Trade Commission

. John Locke Foundation/Institute for Humane Studies “The moral, ethical, and legal issues we explored in the School of Business fueled my thirst for a legal education and the rigorous tasks presented to me by the professors within the Lundy Fetterman School of Business left me prepared for law school as well as for my profession that will surely follow.” Christopher Hewitt Alumnus, Wake Forest University Law School student

Did you know that Economics majors traditionally score higher on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) than any other major? “The best part of the Economics major at Campbell is the accessibility to professors and the intellectual progress made in class. Instead of overloading students with only graphs and equations, professors make it a priority to integrate how economics affects us on a day-to-day level. This may include talking about decisions made by governments or corporations, free-trade agreements, or how an individual’s behavior can explain their economic preferences. The teaching styles, coupled with great office hours so students can question, debate, and receive extra training, make Economics at Campbell University intriguing to all students.” Alex Rector

Curriculum: Principles of Microeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics Intermediate Microeconomics Intermediate Macroeconomics Money and Banking Special Topics in Economics Public Choice (Pre-Law) Law and Economics (Pre-Law) Any two of the following: International Finance International Trade Labor Economics

Senior, Economics major

Pictured below left to right: Dr. Yu-Mong Hsiao, Campbell University Economics Professor; Christopher Hewitt, Lundy-Fetterman School of Business Alumnus; Dr. Mark Steckbeck, Campbell University Economics Professor

Highlight Course: ECON 480-Special Topics in Economics allows professors to explore any number of current issues in a course structured to never be the same. Each semester a new topic is chosen which keeps this course fresh and timely. In the past Special Topics have included: Religion and Economics; Game-Theory; and The Economics of Gangs.

“Economics is consistently in the top five or ten disciplines that are in demand. It is not specific to one type of job, such as an accounting major is largely limited to a career in accounting. With a degree in economics and the training to think critically, students have a large number of career opportunities they can pursue.” Dr. Mark Steckbeck

Campbell University Economics Professor



“If you are passionate about helping others, you want to work in an industry that is projected to continue to grow for decades to come, and you want to work in the healthcare industry without clinical training, the Healthcare Management major at Campbell University is for you.” Dr. LeJon Poole Campbell University Healthcare Management Professor

A Healthcare Management major needs to be a strong, organized leader who looks forward to working with others to solve problems. Healthcare Management is a good fit for students who are interested in medicine but who are not strong in the sciences. Professional jobs with a Healthcare Management major includes: . Managers of Patient Safety

. Public Health Planners . Emergency Medical Services . Administrators . Home Health Care

. Administrators . Healthcare Consultants

. Hospital Executives . Group Practice Executives . Health/Medical Interpreter . Medical Biller and Coder Healthcare Management 10

Healthcare Management

Pictured above left to right: Dr. LeJon Poole, Campbell University Healthcare Professor; Dr. Ben Hawkins, LundyFetterman School of Business Dean

Pictured right: Sarah McCain, Healthcare Management major

Personality Traits of a Healthcare Management Major includes: . Service-oriented . Detail-oriented

. Desire to help others . Nurturing . Strong leader

LFSB’s permanent hire and internship partners includes: . Duke Raleigh Hospital (Since the Healthcare Management major debuted in the spring of 2011, the staff and faculty of the School of Business are working to build new relationships and opportunities with local businesses and health care agencies across the state of North Carolina.)

“I chose the major of Healthcare Management because I always wanted to work in the field of healthcare, but science is not my strongest field of academics. When I saw that Campbell offered this major, I knew I could be in healthcare and receive a quality education to do so. I really enjoy the professor who teaches the majority of the Healthcare Management classes, Dr. LeJon Poole because not only does he make the material understandable, but also he creates an enjoyable learning environment for his students.” Jon Goforth

Junior, 3/2 Healthcare Management Major

Curriculum: Philosophy of Business Principles of Marketing Corporate Finance Business Communication Quantitative Methods Healthcare Organization Healthcare Management Healthcare Law Healthcare Quality Healthcare Finance Healthcare Policy Healthcare Internship Highlight Course: HCM 490Healthcare Internship. A full internship will be required of each Healthcare Management major. HCM 490 will allow students to count their employment experience with a certified and approved organization for academic credit. MBA: The additional year of studies offered by the 3/2 program will allow students an extra summer for internship opportunities.

“Healthcare Management is a great major to choose; despite the recession, people with this degree are still in demand. I get a sense of fulfillment from knowing that what I learn now will allow me to provide quality healthcare to people who need it. Healthcare is not something people can always choose to go without, and this major allows you to shape the future of healthcare for the better.� Sarah McCain Sophomore, Healthcare Management major


Healthcare Management

“The best part of being an International Business student is that it provides us with the opportunity to learn about other cultures, different business policies, and international trade policies. We learn about the policy making process, standards of living, foreign exchange markets, and exports and imports of other countries. This major is unlike any other major. Learning about different countries fascinates me a lot as I feel it increases my prospective of thinking.” Amanjyot Singh Junior, International Business major

Pictured above: Amanjyot Singh, International Business major

Pictured below: Emily Ann Graudin, International Business major

International Business Students should be creative, interested in how American culture compares and contrasts from other cultures, and be willing to relocate. Personality Traits of an International Business Major includes: . Personable . Creative

. Flexible . Clear communicator . Desire to learn a

foreign language

. Interested in travel/ other cultures International Business 12

Professional jobs with an International Business major includes: . Administrator/Coordinator . Finance Advisor . Managing Consultant

. Business Strategy Consultant . Foreign Market Analyst LFSB’s permanent hire and internship partners: . Credit Suisse . Caterpillar

. Barnes & Noble . Air Clean Systems

. Christian Missions . Government Agencies

“In addition to a caring faculty and professional staff, the International Business major at Campbell University benefits from Campbell’s time-tested general education core curriculum, a superb functional business administration component, a set of carefully selected internationally flavored courses in economics, finance, management, and marketing, a choice of developing foreign language capabilities in either French of Spanish and an optional and highly recommended study abroad program. “ Dr. Shahriar Mostashari Campbell University Business and Economics Professor

Pictured above: Dr. Sharhriar Mostashari, Campbell University Business and Economics Professor

Curriculum: Did you know that learning a foreign Philosophy of Business Principles of Marketing language helps Principles of Management you understand Human Resources Management your own language Business Communication and culture better Quantitative Methods through comparison, Business Policy International Business Internship and the relationship International Management between the foreign Global Marketing Study Abroad language and your International Finance mother tongue? International Trade

Highlight Course: BADM 558International Management – teaches students how to operate a business in a foreign market. Emphasis is given to product and service development, new competition, distribution challenges, legal differences, and cultural issues. MBA: MBA hiring improved around the world in 2010, growth in the market for MBA graduates is expected to continue.


International Business

Personality Traits of Marketing Majors includes: . Creative . Adaptable . Intuitive

. High-energy . Motivated . Curious . Confident

Marketing Since the Marketing degree debuted in the spring of 2011, the faculty and staff of the School of Business are working to build new relationships and opportunities with local businesses across North Carolina and throughout the United States. Students who wish to major in Marketing should have strong writing, speaking, and presentation skills. Marketing students need to be high energy, idea driven, curious, and ambitious.

Did you know that people who use Twitter daily and followed a specific brand were more than two times as likely as Facebook users who “liked� the brand to make a purchase from the company after social media interaction?

Marketing 14

Pictured above left to right: Dr. Katherine Lawrence, Campbell University Marketing Professor; Mrs. Traci Pierce, Campbell University Business Administration Professor

“The Marketing major encourages students to develop critical thinking skills required in any career discipline. Marketing majors learn to solve business problems using both traditional (market segmentation) and contemporary (social media) marketing strategies. In the marketing capstone course, students collaborate with actual local businesses to develop viable marketing plans for them.” Dr. Katherine Lawrence Campbell University Marketing Professor

Professional jobs with a Marketing major includes: . Marketing Communications . Global Marketing . Logistic Strategist . Product and Price

. Management . Marketing Channel

. Coordinator . Sales Management LFSB’s permanent hire and internship partners includes: . Bob Barker Company . Carolina Mudcats

Curriculum: Philosophy of Business Principles of Marketing Corporate Finance Principles of Management Human Resources Management Business Communication Quantitative Methods Retail Management Advertising Marketing Research Strategic Marketing Global Marketing Consumer Behavior

Highlight Course: BADM 468 – Strategic Marketing – A senior level course, Strategic Marketing, is designed to bring all functional areas of marketing together which allows students to analyze and solve real world business problems through case studies. MBA: Marketing is an extremely popular major according to collegiate polls in 2010 and 2011. To standout against other Marketing majors, LFSB students can elect just another year of study and have a resume point that many 22/23 year-olds do not have.

“At Campbell, my professors expanded my definition of what Marketing really is and inspired me to think bigger. Before, I had a narrow scope of the what the profession entailed, but after being a Marketing major in the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, I realized the only limits I have are the ones I place on myself.” Meghan Buhls Senior, Marketing major

. Carolina Hurricanes



PGA Golf Management Students who wish to become PGA Professionals need strong interpersonal skills such as the ability to talk with, gain trust from, and help clients since they will work with customers on a daily basis. Personality Traits of PGA Golf Management Majors includes: . Interpersonal skills . Patience . Focus . Confidence

Professional jobs with a PGA Golf Management major includes: . Head Professional . Assistant Professional . General Manager . Director of Instruction

. Golf Business Executive . Club Maker and Repairer . Sales Manager

Did you know that PGA Golf Management students are eligible for election into the PGA of America once they gain full-time employment after graduation? “Campbell is unique in many ways and may not be for everyone. However, if you have strong morals, enjoy the safety of a small size university and would benefit from professors who know your name within the first month of your arrival, then you should pursue Campbell’s PGA Golf Management Program.” Ryan Dailey

Alumnus, Campbell University PGA Golf Management Assistant Director

PGA Golf Management 16

LFSB’s permanent hire and internship partners: . Bandon Dunes Golf Resort . Pinehurst Resort . TPC Sawgrass . Spyglass Hill Golf Club . GolfTEC . PGA Golf Club

. Raleigh Country Club . Southern Hills Country Club

. Atlantic Golf Club . Grandfather Golf and Country Club . Muirfield Village Golf Club . National Golf Links of America . The Nantucket Golf Club . Forest Highlands Golf Club

. Turning Stone Resort and Casino . Scioto Country Club MBA: Not only does the MBA degree add a semester to a PGA Golf Management student’s coursework, but it also will give the student the ability to work on the business side of the industry.

“Campbell University provides so many different avenues to foster your growth as an instructor. Between David Orr’s connections and knowledge in the Golfing Machine and Ryan Dailey’s association with TPI, the opportunities to turn yourself into a well-educated golf instructor are endless.” Wes Roberts Alumnus, Assistant Pro at Sebonack Golf Club

“I came to CU as a 5 handicap and graduated as a scratch golfer (0 handicap).” Joe Perrow Alumnus, MBA student

“My favorite part of being a PGA Golf Management student is playing in weekly golf tournaments, playing local golf courses for free or a discounted rate, and meeting other students from all over the country who share my passion for golf.” Jordan Marks


Senior, 3/2 PGA Golf Management Student

Intro to Golf Management Customer Relations Intro to Teaching & Golf Club Performance Tournament Operations Facility Operations Intermediate Teaching & Golf Club Alteration Merchandising & Inventory Management Turfgrass Management Golf Operations Advanced Teaching & Golf Club Fitting Golf Facility Human Resources Food & Beverage Management PGM Special Topics Golf Facility Cases & Problems Operations Practicum

Highlight Course: PGM 450 – Golf Facility Cases and Problems is a two hour course designed to help PGA Golf Management students understand the common issues which challenge the effective and efficient management of golf facilities. Taken in a PGA Golf Management student’s senior year, this course requires the student to apply all of the knowledge gained from class work and internships to find a solution to real-life problems.

Pictured left: Ryan Dailey, Campbell University Assistant PGA Golf Management Director David Orr, Campbell University PGA Golf Management Instructor


PGA Golf Management

Trust & Wealth Management/Trust Pre-Law Curriculum: Wills, Estates, and Trust Fiduciary Law I Estate Taxation Gift & Fiduciary Taxation Operational Functions of a Trust Department Fiduciary Law II Estate Planning Seminar Trust & Estate Administration Employee Benefits Investments & Security Analysis Investments & Portfolio Management Trust Sales & Marketing Advanced Writing (Pre-Law) The National Government (Pre-Law) Introduction to Law (Pre-Law) Introduction to Philosophy (Pre-Law) Public Speaking (Pre-Law)

Personality traits of a Trust & Wealth Management Major includes: . Persistent . Service Oriented . Honest . Ethical

. Analytical . Strong Interpersonal Skills Professional jobs with a Trust & Wealth Management major includes: . Trust Officer . Tax Attorney

. Estate Planning Attorney . Financial Planner . Trust Assistant . Investments Analyst

Trust & Wealth Management 18

Highlight Course: TRST 432- Estate Planning Seminar – A senior level, advanced course, Estate Planning Seminar, studies the principles of interstate law, taxes, and techniques of planning the disposition of property by will and trust. Emphasis is on new business development and post mortem planning. MBA: Participating in the 3/2 program gives Trust students the ability to have a second internship, thus giving them more real-world job experience which in turn makes them more attractive to potential employers.

Did you know that Campbell University offers the only degree in Trust & Wealth Management in the world? Pictured right: Mr. Jimmy Witherspoon, J.D., Campbell University Trust & Wealth Management Director


Matthew Inman, Sophomore Trust & Wealth Management major

“The Trust and Wealth Management major offers students an in-depth education concerning legal and financial matters surrounding financial planning. The major covers such topics as estate planning, investments, fiduciary relationships, and taxes. It gives the student broad exposure to the financial world.” Mr. Tom Taylor, J.D. Campbell University Trust & Wealth Management Professor “A major benefit of being a Trust major is the alumni network. Since the Trust program is unique to Campbell, graduates will end up working with other Campbell alumni. This benefit, along with passionate faculty, leads to internships and job opportunities, even in an unsure economy.” Matthew Inman Sophomore, Trust & Wealth Management major

LFSB’s permanent hire and internship partners includes: . Bank of America . Wells Fargo . First Citizens . BB&T

. PNC Bank . Old North State Trust . Merrill Lynch . The Newport Group . State Employees Credit Union


Trust & Wealth Management

The Next Step

Now that you are accepted, what’s the next step? ☐ Deposit ☐ Housing ☐ Orientation ☐ Enrollment Card ☐ Scholarship Competition ☐ Visit us again! “I am so excited that you are considering the LundyFetterman School of Business as your collegiate home. Please feel free to contact me any time through E-mail at or by text at 910.670.5289. I am happy to answer any questions you have. I look forward to seeing you on campus as often as you can visit. If you would like to schedule a personal tour and sit-in for a class, I can arrange that for you. Good luck in your collegiate search, I hope to spot you at orientation in June!” April Paszkiewicz Admissions & Retention Coordinator (910) 893-1393 It’s my hope that Campbell’s MBA program will remain a part of your future academic endeavors. As a Campbell alum myself, I highly recommend our 3/2 program for any student that is looking to jumpstart his/her career at a young age. The Campbell University MBA prepares students to operate with effectiveness and excellence in a variety of organizational environments. I look forward to seeing you in the fall as a camel. Emily Holliday Assistant Director, Graduate Programs (910) 814-4308

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Lundy-Fetterman School of Business Catalog  

Learn what we have to offer here at Campbell University's School of Business.

Lundy-Fetterman School of Business Catalog  

Learn what we have to offer here at Campbell University's School of Business.