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Physical Education Lesson Grade: 6-8

Unit/ Lesson: Week 3, Lesson 2

Date: February 16, 2012

General Outcomes


Benefits Health

Equipment List: 1 indoor soccer ball, 4 pylons, two sets of coloured pinnies


Safety considerations: Create safe zone a safe distance away from the wall (2-3 meters).


Introduction/Warm Up

2 min

Fill out daily move your move sheet (heart rate, activity, current mood, date, personal ID #)

10 min

Teach everyone the following three characters: Giant: Stand tall with hands over head and fingers curled in and making a growling noise. Wizard: Hunch shoulders and hold out an imaginary wand shouting “kazaam”. Elves: Crouch down and cup hands for big ears making “shrieking” noises. • Similar to “Rock, Paper, Scissor” game. Students must be divided into two teams, each team convenes to choose which character to be. • Teams then line up in center of the gym facing each other (roughly 5-10 feet apart). • Together teams call out 1, 2 ,3… and reveal their characters. • The winning team then chases the losing team back to their safe zone (designate before game begins). Any teammates that are caught must join the opposing team. • GIANTS beat WIZARDS • WIZARDS beat ELVES • ELVES beat GIANTS • If same characters are drawn, a tie is announced and teams reconvene and pick a new character. To switch game up or add more action, have children change their locomotive (have both teams skip or hop rather then run). Learning Activities/Teaching Strategies Soccer drills: dribbling between pylons, passing between partners

Time 5 min 15 min

Do It Daily…For Life

Wall Soccer: Kick the ball into the opposing teams goal and have your team run back and tag your defending wall in order to score a point • Set the pylons to make a goal at each end of the gym • Divide the class into two teams and give them coloured pinnies • Teams are allowed to have as many goalies as they want • Hands may only be used within the goal area (if hands are

Teaching Cues

Teaching Cues

used outside of this area, the whole team has to do 10 squats) • Teams try to kick the ball into the opponents goal • If a team scores, their entire team must run back and tag their defending wall before the score is recorded • The game is continuous, so the opposing team can score at any time during this transition Time Closure/Cool Down 2 min Walk around the gym as different animals (crabs, bunnies, fish, monkey) 3min Stretch (hip flexor, chest, low back and glutes, loin, triceps, upper back and shoulder, hamstring, quadriceps) Fill out move your mood sheet Final cool down heart rate Assessment/Evaluation/ Comments We realized that goalies are the most inactive, so we put the “coaches” as goalies

Teaching Cues

Lesson #5  
Lesson #5