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==== ==== If you are part of the 80% of people who are unsuccessful in their home based business - This is for YOU! Enjoy! ==== ====

So, you're trying to make money on line? Most likely you are or you wouldn't be reading this article. And I'm writing this not because I'm a Guru, but because I can relate to you. Oh yes, I do know about Newbie-ness. I'm the epitome of it. I will not be trying to dazzle you with the millions I have made. The main reason why I won't do this is very simple. I haven't made a million, a hundred thousand or even ten thousand. Now you'll ask yourself: "Why am I reading this?" Well, because I am one of you and also struggling. I have so many e-books on my hard drive I could almost fill the Congressional Library, if they were in hard cover. I've wasted so much money I want to keep you from doing the same thing. How many of those e-books did you ever read? Don't tell me all of them. If you did it's no wonder you haven't made any money yet. You were too busy reading. And how much of what you read was relevant to what you're trying to do? Not much of it. And did you read anything worth trying to use to make money on line? You know what you should have been reading, and learning from? You should have been studying those sales pages that lured you to buy the e-books. Personally I don't like hype. I hate to write it, and won't read it...anymore. I kept being sucked in by those letters. No More! Am I saying you cannot make money online? Sure you can. But you have to stop buying and reading, but start doing. I've unsubscribed from most of the e-mails and news letters I was receiving. Not all of them, because there are a handful that are written by caring people who absolutely want to help. There are not enough of them but I'm hanging on to the ones I have. Please wake up, get out of your trance and start planning and doing. There are places online where you can join. It might cost you some money every month. But you will get training, and there will be a Forum where people can answer your questions. A membership might cost you less a month than you would be spending on e-books and tools you would not have a clue about how to use. Stop looking for a get rich quick scheme. They do not exist, believe me. If making money on line was really that easy nobody would have a commuter job. We would all live perpetually in our pajamas, commuting between bed room and computer. Just think of how low gas prices would become if nobody had to leave the house and drive to work. There simply wouldn't be much demand for gasoline. (I'm just kidding).

Get organized, join a group, study, ask questions and then put the knowledge you get to work for you. Some people catch on faster than others. I can give you a hint how fast I've evolved. My signature is: "I'd be unstoppable, if I could just get started". It took me a month or so, but I feel I have finally started. The only money I spend nowadays is for the membership. Making money on line does not need to cost you anything. You can do what's called Bummmarketing. It works, but you have to be devoted to it and do your work. Just get off your "tush" and do it. And we can meet at the top.

Joyce Thorburn is interested in reviewing different types of on line products. She will not recommend products, unless she has used them herself, or she knows the reputation of the people who developed them. You want an honest review?

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A Critical Eliment in Making Money On LineInternet Marketing Myths & Lies About Making Money on Line  

If you are part of the 80% of people who are unsuccessful in their home based business - This is for YOU! Enjoy!

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