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Q3 | 2019









OUR DIVISIONS: LFP TRAINING: Thanks to unmatched methodology, LFP Training delivers industry-first SETA accredited learnership programs at our world-class training facilities in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal for unemployed, able bodied and disabled learners. Due to demand, we have expanded and now have satellite offices in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. LFP CAMPUS: A blended Online-Learning Initiative by LFP, that makes it possible for our clients to gain substantial points towards their Skills Development spend, which is in-line with the BEE Codes of Good Conduct.

LFP PERMANENT PLACEMENTS: An in-house recruiting service to attract top talent for your business. Our attentive team of trained experts’ specialises in recruiting disabled individuals for permanent positions. Predominantly recruits for roles in the fields of administration, healthcare, technology, retail and start-up hiring.

OUTSOURCED PAYROLL SOLUTIONS: Let our dedicated and trained administration team handle the day-to-day management of your learners’ stipends and internal payroll thanks to our outsourced payroll solution. Enjoy nationwide, day-to-day support courtesy of LFP.

YES (YOUTH EMPLOYMENT SERVICES) PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION: In support of the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Programme, LFP acknowledges the critical role that the youths play in shaping our economy and we are dedicated to changing their current reality. Driven by innovation, experienced and best practice methodologies, we strive to create an inclusive South Africa and look to provide more opportunities for our youths through our compliance solutions. BEE-CONNEX:

Designed with the needs of large Generic companies in mind, BEE-Connex is a comprehensive BEE service offering, positioned to meet all your B-BBEE scorecard needs. BEE-Connex is a turn-key integrated transformation offering to maximise your B-BBEE score – all at the touch of a button!

BEE MANAGEMENT TOOL: Calculate your BEE points with SA’s first free BEE Management Tool. This user-friendly service allows you to analyse your company’s scorecard, calculate your current points and plan your company’s BEE requirements going forward. Log onto the BEE Management Tool by visiting OUTSOURCED PROCUREMENT: Sophisticated software has been developed to efficiently manage and analyse your procurement data whilst reducing the need for manual administration. Maximise your investment with an outsourced, comprehensive solution. Pin point, track, plan and maximise the suppliers that your company makes use of. Work alongside our dedicated team of experts to strategically enhance your spend and bolster your recognition! B-BBEE CONSULTING: Dedicated to the industry, the LFP Group’s national team of trained and knowledgeable B-BBEE consultants are here to walk the journey with you. We recognise that the key factors to successful B-BBEE implementation lie in the provision, strategy, planning and preparation before the relentless verification process. ENTERPRISE AND SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT: LFP Hydroponic Farming Solutions is geared towards maximizing your company’s B-BBEE score whilst creating sustainable farming careers and state-of-the-art Hydroponic Farms. This solution tackles unemployment, water restrictions and food security issues.








Did you know: The Simulator can be adapted to any industry and allows us to optimize client spend by accessing relevant Government rebates tailoring learnerships to suit needs and objectives, whilst simultaneously adhering to the BEE Codes of Good Conduct.



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LFP Costs Breakdown

1 x B-BBEE level up Achieve YES Target


1 x B-BBEE level up + 3 points Achieve 1.5 times YES Target

2 x B-BBEE levels up Double YES Target







The Weighting points within the ESD element of the scorecard represents the maximum number of points available for each of the criteria.


Weighting Points

Compliance Target

Procurement spent on designated group suppliers that are at least 51% black owned



Annual value of all Supplier Development Contributions made by the Business as a percentage of the target


2% of NPAT

Annual value of Enterprise Development Contributions and Sector specific Programmes made by the Business as a percentage of the target


1% of NPAT

What is a Qualifying Enterprise and Supplier Development Enterprise / beneficiary?

• In order for an Enterprise to be eligible for Enterprise Development Contributions, it must be financially and operationally independent and be a business with less than R50m turnover (i.e. a QSE or EME) that has at least 51% black ownership. • A qualifying beneficiary must be able to provide the donating party with sufficient proof that it qualifies. This proof may be given in the form of a Sworn Affidavit, and Independent Competent Persons report or a limited assurance report obtained from a BBBEE auditor.


















Recognising the importance of empowering the youths in our country, the LFP Group helped to make it possible for the SA Down Syndrome Swimming team to compete in the 8th Edition of the Down Syndrome World Swimming Championship hosted in Toronto, Canada in 2018. “We couldn’t do it without the belief and support from our sponsors! We want to thank the LFP Group for their significant contribution in helping to make these athletes’ dreams come true. The athletes, parents, coaches and sponsors put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that hard work translates into excellent results!” – South African Down Syndrome Swimming Team.




FP is a proud sponsor of South Africa’s Down Syndrome Swimming Team. Sponsoring the Team at the 8th edition of the Down Syndrome World Swimming Championships, which took place in Canada.


The team made history – bringing home 3 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze medals. What was even more exciting, was that our talented team of swimmers each broke an African record and further beat one junior world record and one masters world

record. South Africa’s team placed 7th overall. LFP received some great media exposure surrounding this event, which included Die Beeld, eNCA, Bizcommunity, Berea Mail, Rekord, SAFM and Network24.


FP is committed to enriching the lives of our country’s future decision makers. Quality education forms the backbone of our country and we pride ourselves in creating opportunities for learners around the country.












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e strongly believe that, if implemented correctly, BEE can accelerate our economy and eradicate unemployment. As a company built on innovation and delivering solutions to meet our clients’ needs, we are confident that we have the perfect solution for you. “Our company exists to transform South Africa. We work with corporate SA to take the unemployment crisis into our own hands” – Group CEO, Louis Pulzone. Every action counts towards creating a country that we can be proud of. We look forward to walking this journey with you, Yours in Leadership, Focus and Passion, Team LFP


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Q3 LFP Magazine  

Q3 LFP Magazine  

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