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hen implemented correctly, BEE compliance can transform our country and we at LFP Group are dedicated to the cause.

Over the years, we have expanded our offering to bring our clients what we know matters most: choice, cost-effectiveness, less fuss and added benefits. In a tough economic climate, there is more pressure than ever before for your business to operate efficiently and show return. BEE compliance is one of the areas in which you can reap the rewards and that’s why they call us the Revenue Growth Specialists. You have heard the term (Agents of Transformation) before, but as part of our latest marketing campaign we are highlighting the true benefit of LFP: We grow your revenue by implementing innovative, BEE aligned solutions for your business. With our finger firmly on the pulse of the industry, we understand the need for a comprehensive service portfolio that further enhances our market position and your BEE strategy. As such, we offer a full BEE aligned turnkey solution - from start to finish! Beyond our strong focus on innovation, we pride ourselves on customer service. When you join LFP, you join a family. Like most families, we offer transparent, reliable solutions and walk the compliance journey with you – every step of the way. We look forward to walking this journey with you. Yours in Leadership, Focus and Passion (LFP), Louis Pulzone




A MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO.......................................................................................... PG2 WHO IS LFP? ....................................................................................................................... PG4 LFP CORPORATE VALUES................................................................................................ PG6 TRANSFORMING & IMPROVING LIVES......................................................................... PG12 OFF-SITE SIMULATOR ...................................................................................................... PG14 LFP CAMPUS........................................................................................................................ PG15 OUR DIVISIONS................................................................................................................... PG20 • TRAINING.............................................................................................................. PG22 • PLACEMENTS....................................................................................................... PG23 • PAYROLL................................................................................................................ PG24 • B-BBEE CONSULTING........................................................................................ PG25 • YES PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT................................................................ PG26 • BEE-CONNEX....................................................................................................... PG28 • BEE MANAGEMENT TOOL................................................................................ PG30 • BEE VERIFICATION............................................................................................. PG32 • OUTSOURCED PROCUREMENT...................................................................... PG33 BEE COMPLIANCE.............................................................................................................. PG34 HUMAN RESOURCES COMPLIANCE............................................................................. PG36 GRADUATION....................................................................................................................... PG38 OUR NAME IN LIGHTS....................................................................................................... PG40 SPONSORED DOWN SYNDROME SWIMMING TEAM.............................................. PG41 SPONSORSHIPS & EVENTS.............................................................................................. PG42


LFP Group is a level 1 B-BBEE Generic Company


he LFP Group is South Africa’s leading provider of turnkey BEE aligned solutions. Over the years we have been instrumental in transforming the lives of thousands of South Africans and have produced several industry firsts.


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SA’s only free BEE Management Tool Largest network of BEE professionals on the BEE-Connex App Hassle-free learnerships made possible by our Off-Site simulator model LFP Campus, our blended online training platform Compliant Outsourced Payroll Solutions Complete Project Relationship Management Compliant Recruitment and Placement Solutions YES Programme Implementation and Management BEE Verification Facilitation Preferential Procurement

SHIFTING MINDSETS, CHANGING THE CONVERSATION, CREATING CHANGE Agents of Transformation: You have heard this term countless times, but what does it mean? At LFP Group, we strive to change perceptions and evoke positive conversations around BEE compliance in South Africa. Rather than viewing BEE compliance as a ‘tick box exercise’, we see it as the much-needed catalyst for change and growth in our country. By incorporating BEE into your company’s big picture thinking, you reap financial benefits whilst making a change in the lives of those who need it most. Transformation is proudly to brought to you by SA’s Agents of Transformation, LFP.








LFP has a national footprint with more than:



FP Group is South Africa’s leading provider of turnkey BEE aligned transformation solutions. With over 9 000 learnerships and 700 clients, LFP Training has focused on

assisting both the individual as well as our clients with personal transformation. One of LFP Training’s focus points, is on transformation for disabled individuals. The LFP

Group provides learnerships, placements and office payroll services to create true transformation for all South Africans.

“The facilitators at LFP are one of the things that make this journey amazing, they are like family, guiding me and answering questions even if I asked the same question over and over again. It has been amazing meeting people from all walks of life, all types of people who accept you for who you are and help you believe in yourself and your personal success. I would recommend LFP to assist everyone in developing their dreams. I have my business plan and the skills to manage my dream coffee shop.” -Bongi Having a personal dream to run a coffee shop, Bongi started his journey with the LFP family as a learner. Bongi participated in a Business Practice Learnership, covering Project Management, Business Planning and Basic Accounting, which all assisted in empowering his dream to run a coffee shop. His 12-month learnership included a stipend, facilitation and mentorship


NTHABISENG “I am passionate about the transformation we bring to students, how we mentor, train and socialize with them through their own personal transformation.” – Nthabiseng Phoshoko, Commercial Director


thabiseng began her personal transformation journey with the LFP family through a learnership in business practice. After successfully completing the learnership, she was permanently employed as a facilitator. Today, Nthabiseng is the Commercial Director of LFP responsible for Revenue Growth, Brand and Customer Relationship Management for learners and organisations.






ff-Site Simulator. The Skills Development simulator from LFP Training offers problem free learnerships in a simulated and controlled environment. This solution is specifically targeted at sub-sectors of the Skills Development element which forms part of the BEE Codes of Good Conduct. This initiative enables LFP Training to target the EAP (Economically Active Population) specifically as per our client’s requirements, and also to recruit in accordance with our client’s needs, such as disabled learners and unemployed learners. In addition, the Simulator can be adapted to any industry and allows us to optimise client spend, by accessing relevant Government rebates and tailoring learnerships to suit the needs and objectives of our clients effectively, whilst simultaneously adhering to the BEE Codes of Good Conduct. Once again, LFP’s training approach to our Off Site Simulator ensures maximum BEE points being awarded to our clients, with a minimum spend.

Did you know: The Simulator can be adapted to any industry and allows us to optimize client spend by accessing relevant Government rebates tailoring learnerships to suit needs and objectives, whilst simultaneously adhering to the BEE Codes of Good Conduct.


A blended online learning initiative by LFP, that makes it possible for our clients to gain substantial points towards their Skills Development spend, which is in-line with the BEE Codes of Good Conduct.


his popular offering avoids any waste of time and loss of productivity, it allows the enrolled employee the necessary freedom, all thanks to this blended online offering, which can be undertaken by the employee outside of normal working hours.

Codes of Good Conduct, but has also made it possible for clients to greatly benefit from this at a fraction of the cost, it allows the client to benefit from Government initiatives such as tax rebates, youth subsidies and other grants.

of the learnership program, without having to compromise on their businesses’ operational requirements. Clients are further able to claim more than 500% through the relevant subsidies and rebates of their actual spend towards achieving their Skills Development target.

Clients are now able to claim LFP has not only aligned its the salary of the enrolled online initiative to the BEE employee for the full duration


We are here JHB BFN CPT




We are here JHB BFN CPT





Brought to you by The Revenue Growth Specialists - The LFP Group

As the industry leaders, we invest in the country to bring you an innovative turnkey service portfolio designed to meet all your compliance needs.


hen implemented correctly, BEE compliance offers great returns and a competitive advantage for your business.

Embrace BEE. Partner with a company who sees the bigger picture and helps to get you there. One provider for all your compliance needs.


LFP Training: Thanks to unmatched methodology, LFP Training delivers industry-first SETA accredited learnership programs at our world-class training facilities in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal for unemployed, able bodied and disabled learners. Due to demand, we have expanded and now have satellite offices in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. LFP Permanent Placements: An in-house recruiting service to attract top talent for your business. Our attentive team of trained experts’ specialises in recruiting disabled individuals for permanent positions. Predominantly recruits for roles in the fields of administration, healthcare, technology, retail and start-up hiring. Outsourced Payroll Solutions: Let our dedicated and trained administration team handle the day-to-day management of your learners’ stipends and internal payroll thanks to our outsourced payroll solution. Enjoy nationwide, day-to-day support courtesy of LFP. YES (Youth Employment Services) program implementation: In support of the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Programme, LFP acknowledges the critical role that the youths play in shaping our economy and we are dedicated to changing their current reality. Driven by innovation, experienced and best practice methodologies, we strive to create an inclusive South Africa and look to provide more opportunities for our youths through our compliance solutions. BEE-Connex: Gain instant access to the largest network of B-BBEE experts in the country, matched to your requirements at the touch of a button on BEE-Connex. Let this first-of-a-kind app break down the jargon and cut down the search time to bring you exactly what you need. Visit for more information. BEE Verification Facilitation: Designed to complement the implementation of your BEE initiatives, we offer accredited verification facilitation services for Generic Companies based on the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. In addition, verifications are applicable to any of the gazetted Sector Codes. LFP manages your entire verification compliance exercise – accurately and independently. We work with your business to seamlessly deliver on all required documentation. BEE Management Tool: Calculate your BEE points with SA’s first free BEE Management Tool. This userfriendly service allows you to analyse your company’s scorecard, calculate your current points and plan your company’s BEE requirements going forward. Log onto the BEE Management Tool by visiting Outsourced Procurement: Sophisticated software has been developed to efficiently manage and analyse your procurement data whilst reducing the need for manual administration. Maximise your investment with an outsourced, comprehensive solution. Pin point, track, plan and maximise the suppliers that your company makes use of. Work alongside our dedicated team of experts to strategically enhance your spend and bolster your recognition! B-BBEE Consulting: Dedicated to the industry, the LFP Group’s national team of trained and knowledgeable B-BBEE consultants are here to walk the journey with you. We recognise that the key factors to successful B-BBEE implementation lie in the provision, strategy, planning and preparation before the relentless verification process.


TRAINING LFP Training is the largest privately-owned FET college in the country and more than 9000 learners have undertaken in our learnership programs to date. Driven by a passion for education, Group CEO Louis Pulzone identified a critical need for transformation and recognised education as a catalyst for change.


hanks to our unmatched methodology, LFP Training delivers industry-first SETA accredited learnership programs at our world-class training facilities in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal for unemployed learners and disabled learners. Due to demand, we have expanded and now have satellite offices

in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

provided directly to the more than 9000 learners we have trained, courtesy of our clients.

More than 700 clients have now achieved a 100% pass rate in their BEE Verification Audits thanks to our tried and trusted methodologies. R180 million in stipends have been

Today, both unemployed and employed, disabled and ablebodied persons in all industries are actively benefiting and contributing to society thanks to LFP Training’s turnkey training solutions.


IMPORTANT NOTE: As an accredited FET college and training provider, our clients are eligible for the tax rebate incentive referred to in section 12H of the Income Tax Act: R80 000 per able bodied learner and R120 000 per disabled learner. Our attentive recruitment and assessment division acquires a diverse range of individuals in accordance with the BEE codes. Clients making use of LFP Campus (our online learnership solution) can claim the salary of the enrolled employee for the full duration of the learnership without compromising on their business’s operational requirements. Clients can claim more than 500% of the actual spend towards their Skills Development target spend.


Let our team of trained recruiting professionals take care of all your staffing requirements.


dding to our portfolio is LFP Permanent Placement Solutions, a specialised recruitment company. Our company specialises in recruiting disabled individuals for permanent positions. With a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and

objectives, LFP Permanent Placement Solutions has a proven track record with a project completion rate of 97%, with the remaining 3% being attributed to various unforeseen circumstances such as project shutdowns, serious health issues or relocation.

Our attentive team of trained experts’ sources talent in line with your company’s B BBEE scale and we predominantly recruit in the fields of administration, healthcare, technology, retail and start up businesses.

Why Us?

Skilled recruiters with access to a comprehensive database to secure top talent for your business

Recruitment matched to your company’s exact needs and objectives

93% success rate in filling the required positions

Focus on people living with disabilities

By forming part of the LFP Group, we recruit in-line with the values of Leadership, Focus, Passion and Integrity

National footprint to service clients’ needs around the country


PAYROLL Our administrative team can take care of your stipend and payroll requirements.


taying true to the term ‘turnkey’, LFP Training not only handles the recruitment, training, facilitation and paperwork for your learners, but we can also take care of your outsourced payroll requirements. Let our dedicated and trained administration team handle the day-to-day management of your learners’ stipends and internal payroll thanks to our outsourced payroll solution. Enjoy nationwide, day-to-day support courtesy of LFP Training. We ensure 100% alignment to human resources and legal compliance requirements when handling your learners’ stipends.


1. 2. 3.


Why Us?


Reduce payroll administration costs and queries


Payslips are managed electronically



Salary packages and benefits calculated upfront


Legal defensibility from a legislative compliance perspective


Reduce costs relating to updates of payroll systems and training of payroll personnel


100% compliance on all statutory requirements


Eliminate the internal payroll function


Reporting supporting various elements of the business


More time to focus on strategic areas of your business such as recruitment and staff performance that has a direct impact on your bottom line


he evolution of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment over the past 12 years has brought with it a complex and frustrating implementation process. While the outcomes are undeniably required, the road to achieving it can be long and difficult. The recent amendment of the Codes of Good Conduct is a clear response to public pronouncement of the original Code’s failure.


edicated to the industry, LFP Group’s national team of trained and knowledgeable B-BBEE consultants are here to walk the journey with you. Various forms of sub-minimum compliance requirements deem it essential to incorporate the skills and expertise of professionals who can achieve its desired scorecard objectives.

We recognise that the key factors to successful B-BBEE implementation lie in the provision, strategy, planning and preparation before the relentless verification process. If planned and implemented correctly, the verification process becomes a mere formality.



LFP Costs Breakdown

1 x B-BBEE level up Achieve YES Target

1 x B-BBEE level up + 3 points Achieve 1.5 times YES Target

2 x B-BBEE levels up Double YES Target


A first of its kind application is changing the way in which we do business in South Africa in the BEE industry!


BEE-Connex cuts down the search time and delivers exactly what we promise, Hassle-free BEE! Gain access to the biggest network of top B-BBEE experts in the country, matched to your specific needs and requirements at the touch of a button.

• Access to expert B-BBEE Consultants • Verification Agencies • Partnership with leading Skills

Development Service Providers • Access to YES Programme benefits • Access to the country’s only free BEE Management Tool

BEE is often seen as a difficult, timeous and costly endeavour for businesses in this country. Sometimes clients don’t even know where to start.


n a fast paced world, time is always limited.

BEE is often seen as a difficult, timeous and costly endeavour for businesses in this country. Sometimes clients don’t even know where to start. We have personally seen how peoples perceptions change around this when they get in touch with us at BEE-Connex. Clients are instantaneously connected with expert consultants in the field, meetings are arranged, and the client now has a solid game plan in managing their BEE for the coming measurement period.

It can be that simple and I believe that is where the value in BEE-Connex lies. BEE-Connex is an online, webbased platform and mobile app that allows our clients to sign-up to our services. You can select the various BEE-related services such as consulting, verification, SED etc and one of our strategists will contact you to discuss your needs.



alculate and manage your company’s BEE points with South Africa’s only free BEE Management Tool. With access to the country’s only free BEE scorecard calculator tool, you can now experience a unique and comprehensive service that allows you to fully analyse your company’s scorecard, calculate your current points and plan your company’s BEE future requirements.


nderstanding your company’s BEE scorecard can be a daunting task. The LFP Group have recognised your concerns and has put the power into your hands with its BEE Management Tool. Analyse your BEE data easily, accurately and free of charge to gain a competitive advantage and add value to your BEE strategy.

Log onto the BEE Management Tool by visiting PG30





btaining a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) certificate for your company may seem like a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. A certificate

can give you an edge over competitors and open a whole new arena for the growth in your business, and it might be much easier to acquire the certificate than you think.


BBEE policies are set out in the B BBEE Act, Act No. 53 of 2003, as amended, and is further reiterated by the Codes of Good Practice (which was last revised in 2015). In terms of this legislation, it is not compulsory for any business to obtain a B-BBEE certificate, it is an entirely voluntary process. What are the benefits of obtaining a BEE certificate particularly for Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs)? A QSE is a company that has an annual turnover of between R10 million and R50 million.

One of the biggest benefits of having a BEE certificate is being able to conduct business with Government departments on a national, provincial and municipal level, as well as other public entities, including State-owned enterprises. A valid certificate allows your business to be able to tender for government contracts, and the higher the level of your certificate, the better your chances of being the successful bidder. There are eight levels of BEE compliance, with Level 1 being the highest and most desirable level.







100 or above

100 or above


R1 = R1,35 claimable


85 50 99.99

95 to 99.99


R1 = R1,25 claimable


75 to 84.99

90 to 94.99


R1 = R1,10 claimable


65 to 74.99

80 to 89.99


R1 = R1,00 claimable


55 to 64.99

75 to 79.99


R1 = R0,80 claimable


45 to 54.99

70 to 74.99


R1 = R0,60 claimable


40 to 44.99

55 to 69.99


R1 = R0,50 claimable


30 to 39.99

40 to 543.99


R1 = R0,10 claimable

Non Compliant




R1 = R0,00 claimable


The LFP Group and its subsidiaries pride ourselves on being the industry leader and leading by example. LFP steadfastly believes that corporate governance and corporate compliance is a keystone for its success and long term sustainability. One of the core initiatives of LFP, is to ensure that all of its legal entities conform to the multiple statutory and regulatory frameworks, which apply to each entity, in its specific sectoral industry. LFP

works closely with its external corporate legal team, which includes an Advocate admitted in the High Court of South Africa, who continuously monitors and evaluates the multitude of compliance obligations relevant to LFP. LFP further has its eye firmly on the future and to streamline its compliance programme, LFP has employed an in house admitted Attorney from May 2019, to oversee all its compliance functions. In addition, they will work in

conjunction with LFPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s external legal team, on a daily basis. LFP is registered with SETA and through this accreditation provides expert and sustainable Skills Development programmes to its clients. The benefit to any client entering into a strategic partnership with LFP, is the peace-of-mind of knowing that all legal compliance issues have been expertly dealt with.

So as to constantly ensure LFPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s legal compliance, specific emphasis is placed, but not limited to the following legislation and regulations:

LFP LEGAL COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008; The Copyright Act 98 of 1979; The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 106 of 1996; The Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995; The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993; The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000; The Basic Conditions of Employment Act 95 of 1997; The Skills Development Act 97 of 1998; The Skills Development Levies Act 9 of 1999; The Unemployment Insurance Act 63 of 2001; The Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998; The Electronic Communications Act 36 of 2005; The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002; The Income Tax Act 58 of 1962; The National Credit Act 34 of 2005; The Value Added Tax Act 89 of 1991; The Companies Act 71 of 2008; The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013; The Trust Property Control Act 31 of 1998; The King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2016; The Competition Act 89 of 1998; The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003; The B BBEE Codes of Good Practice 2013.




espite the significant difference between the employment relationship and learnerships, we have to be conscious of the regulations dealing with Sectoral Determinations, which states that: learnerships impose certain “employment” requirements onto the host/lead employer and the training provider. Our off-site solution implies that the learner is in fact hosted at the LFP Campuses for the duration of their theoretical and practical training. Our Campus management

and training infrastructure therefore accommodates the learner for the full duration of the learnership program, which in turn includes dealing with all performance and conduct related matters. The hassle-free solution offered by LFP Training includes a dedicated Campus HR and IR service that manages the relationship requirements imposed by legislation on behalf of our clients. Dedicated specialists manage this function as

we are fully aware of the status of the “employment” relationship and what such a relationship entails. Therefore LFP Training manage HR and IR on behalf of our client (“the employer”) whilst remaining sensitive to the fact that our interventions always have to carry the approval of the client and be aligned to all applicable legislation and policy of our client when dealing with the learner.

THE COMPARISON BETWEEN THE BASIC CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT ACT AND SECTORAL DETERMINATION 5: LEARNERSHIPS (Employee compared to Learner compliance) LABOUR RELATED ISSUE: Working hours regulated Payslips and payslip information Deductions and other acts of remuneration UIF deductions COIDA coverage Maternity leave Public holidays Annual, Sick and Family Responsibility leave Contracts of employment






Sending you an EMP201 to add onto your current EMP201 Has the provider set up a payroll in the name of the Client in order to process accordingly Deductions for UIF Managing and processing your learner annual leave provision Managing your Sick leave and Family Responsibility leave provisions Managing any unpaid days and deducting accordingly Providing a legally compliant payslip timeously to the learner in the name of the Client Where the provider is hosting the learner, are they managing the HR/IR process Providing DOL compliant contracts of employment


ur Off-Site solution implies that the learner is in fact hosted at the LFP Campuses for the duration of their theoretical and practical training. Our

Campus management and training infrastructure therefore accommodates the learner for the full duration of the learnership program, which in turn includes dealing with all performance and conduct related matters.



















tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no secret that we are everywhere. Over the past few months, we have relooked our marketing strategy to ensure that we are exactly where we need to be, and a lot

of investment has been placed into outdoor advertising and key sponsorships.

Over time, we have investigated what really works and these elements are yielding the greatest return! Our brand-new, giant building wrap is now up on the N1 highway and is causing quite the stir. The new branding is eye catching and so exciting!


n addition to other outdoor and airport advertising, we have also tried something a little different. We have now branded the Gautrain buses which travel in and around our key target areas in Gauteng!


Recognising the importance of empowering the youths in our country, the LFP Group helped to make it possible for the SA Down Syndrome Swimming team to compete in the 8th Edition of the Down Syndrome World Swimming Championship hosted in Toronto, Canada in 2018. “We couldn’t do it without the belief and support from our sponsors! We want to thank the LFP Group for their significant contribution in helping to make these athletes’ dreams come true. The athletes, parents, coaches and sponsors put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that hard work translates into excellent results!” – South African Down Syndrome Swimming Team.




FP is a proud sponsor of South Africa’s Down Syndrome Swimming Team. Sponsoring the Team at the 8th edition of the Down Syndrome World Swimming Championships, which took place in Canada.


The team made history – bringing home 3 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze medals. What was even more exciting, was that our talented team of swimmers each broke an African record and further beat one junior world record and one masters world

record. South Africa’s team placed 7th overall. LFP received some great media exposure surrounding this event, which included Die Beeld, eNCA, Bizcommunity, Berea Mail, Rekord, SAFM and Network24.




he LFP Group – South Africa’s leading provider of turnkey BEE aligned solutions and compliance services – has come on board as a major sponsor of Miss South Africa 2019. The pageant takes place on Women’s Day, Friday, August 9, at Sun International’s flagship venue, the Sun Arena at Times Square, Pretoria, and will be aired live on both M-Net and Mzanzi Magic.



FP Group CEO, Louis Pulzone explains why the company wanted to be involved with Miss South Africa: “LFP is passionate about women empowerment and promotes diversity across all races and genders. Miss South Africa aligns closely with our values of leadership, focus and passion and it’s an honour for us to be associated with this reputable brand and coveted title. Miss South Africa represents the essence of our country – she is bold, fearless in her pursuits and looks to empower others.”

“LFP’s staff and learner compliment comprises of 75 – 85% females. We pride ourselves in upskilling and empowering women in all aspects of our business,” he adds. The Group is delighted that the 2019 finale is being held on Women’s Day. “What better way to salute all the

power women of South Africa than by hosting this prestigious pageant on Women’s Day! It’s a true celebration of females and is a constant reminder of the difference that women make in our society. LFP has chosen to sponsor Miss SA as our commitment to South Africa and females around the country. We are proudly South African and are pleased to help bring one of the country’s most loved events to life!” There’s close to R3-million in prize money and sponsorships for this year’s glittering pageant, with the winner walking away with R1-million in cash as well as a car and other fabulous prizes. The first princess takes home R250 000 in cash. All 16 finalists receive R25 000.

GO TO: Facebook: Twitter: @Official_MissSA Instagram: @official_misssa YouTube:

Entries are now open and close on June 10. Enter at The 16 finalists will be announced on July 11. Miss South Africa is presented by Weil Entertainment in association with Sun International and the LFP Group.



he Miss South Africa Organisation is delighted that LFP Group has come on board as a major sponsor of Miss South Africa 2019 with the pageant taking place this year on Women’s Day on August 9. Miss South Africa is a celebration of women and we truly believe that the contest is more relevant than ever. It embraces a young woman who works hard, is dedicated to helping others, is a voice to her fellow countrymen and shows them that they too can chase after their dreams as long as they work hard and give as much as they can along the way. Simply put Miss South Africa changes lives. It’s a platform that celebrates and empowers women. Most importantly, it allows women to have a voice and have their opinions heard. For the Miss South Africa Organisation, LFP Group was a perfect fit as both companies have the same values. We are both passionate about women empowerment and promoting diversity across all races. This is a new partnership but already the LFP Group is part of the Miss South Africa family thanks to the company’s ethos and enthusiasm. They are clearly passionate about everything they do and we look forward to a productive partnership. Stephanie Weil Miss South Africa Organisation spokesperson



FP is committed to enriching the lives of our country’s future decision makers. Quality education forms the backbone of our country and we pride ourselves in creating opportunities for learners around the country. We recently undertook in some worthy initiatives at Roodepoort High School, Laerskool Helderkruin and St Stithians.


ith the recent tragic passing of four children at Driehoek High School due to a bridge collapse, the South African Teachers’ Union (SAOU) warned of similar structural issues at Roodepoort High School. Eight classes had been declared nonoperational based on their extreme state of dilapidation and structural integrity. LFP stepped in to help restore these classrooms so that the learners and teachers could enjoy a safe environment once again. Strategic Partnerships and Sponsorships Manager for LFP, Francois Pulzone together with LFP’s Media and Brand Manager, Jacolien Botha had the honour of handing over this generous donation.



he ‘Saints’ Easter Weekend Sports Festival continues to draw in the crowds, year-after-year. With something for everyone, their weekend lineup is packed full of sporting action, entertainment, hospitality and food.

We flew the LFP flag high during this event in April. Our sales team welcomed guests to the special guest area and our branding could be seen around the premises. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and look forward to more events to come!


hen Laerskool Helderkruin asked, we answered! LFP recently provided a generous donation towards general upgrades of their premises as well as a sponsorship of Laerskool Helderkruins’ budding sports teams.



LFP Group is an associate sponsor of the DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province teams. Western Province Rugby is honoured to be associated with a company such as LFP , who do such important work in the skills development of the South African workforce. The ethos and discipline of skills development tie in with the values of Western Province Rugby, making LFP a great fit for our teams and stakeholders. The passion of the DHL Newlands Faithful for our teams, shows how rugby has the power to bring people together, which is closely aligned with the LFP brand. Western Province Rugby looks forward to standing together with the LFP Group as valued associate sponsors. MICHAEL DE VRIES, STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;The new partnership between The Sharks and LFP brings together two innovative companies who believe in setting the benchmark in their respective fields. Community is a key value for The Sharks and the work that LFP do in uplifting people within the community makes this association even more meaningful. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership based on excellence and growthâ&#x20AC;?, THE SHARKS COO, EDUARD COETZEE.



A LETTER FROM LOOD DE JAGER, CAPTAIN OF THE VODACOM BULLS LFP AND THE #BULLSFAMILY… STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE! As a Vodacom Bulls player, I have to often remind myself that being part of this team and being able to play this beautiful game is a massive honor and privilege… let’s put it down to a little boy caught in a dream. I’m willing to bet that the rest of the team probably have the same emotions. We get the opportunity to live out this dream because of the amazing fans that embark on this journey with us, and experience all the emotions as well. The boys and I get to do this on a daily basis because of the people that believe in us and empower us… People like our amazing sponsors and partners, that put their money and efforts where their mouths are. A great relationship with a sponsor is built on many factors, and even though there are guys upstairs in the offices at Loftus that handle that for us, it’s always important for the boys and I to find similarities and links so that we can also believe in those brands. The LFP group have been part of the #BullsFamily for a little over a year now, and yet it seems like they have been with us so much longer. They are a company that thrives on excellence, with a massive focus on training and development. As a team we have the same focus. Excellence is no doubt a key focus for us as well, and it’s something that every player works day in and day out to achieve. LFP have built systems and programmes to help their clientele with training and development, which they have honed and perfected over the years… another similarity close to home for us. I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the staff at LFP that work tirelessly behind the scenes not only for us at the Bulls, but also for their splendid efforts in uplifting this beautiful country. We look forward to walking a long road ahead together and achieving excellence, both in their training rooms and on our rugby fields. YOURS IN RUGBY LOOD DE JAGER CAPTAIN, VODACOM BULLS






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Q& A

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LFP commends you for taking a step towards helping to make a tangible difference in our country.


he LFP Group prides itself on delivering end-to-end B-BBEE solutions to transform your business and empower society. As the industry leaders of turnkey BEE solutions in South Africa, the LFP Group sets the tone for innovation and continuously develops new strategies to deliver significant value. Our service offering has grown extensively since our inception and we realise that skills development does not act in isolation. As the demand continues to grow, we pride ourselves in delivering a comprehensive and compliant service offering which speaks directly to the needs of our clients. Every action counts in creating the country that we can be proud of. “Our company exists to help transform South Africa. We work with corporate SA to take the unemployment crisis into our own hands” – Group CEO, Louis Pulzone. Yours in Leadership, Focus and Passion, Team LFP


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