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Let me tell you a story… This story is an absurd tale with plenty of twists and turns that takes place in a gallery, THE Gallery, our new premises. This real anchor is an important step for our development and progression. We would be delighted to see you in our new loft gallery in the first arrondissement, right in the centre of Paris. Our premises are devoted to design; you can see the contemporary and vintage furniture ranges, games and the famous LFG Library with both English and French books. Our Little Denim Gallery will also be displayed. The LFG spirit has been brought to life in an enjoyable Photo : Carl-Oskar Linné space where you are always welcome. The clothing ranges won’t be displayed but there is always the option to make your selection before or during your visit to The Gallery. Your order will then be prepared whilst you are having a look around. The Gallery is entirely at your service, this has always been our goal from the very beginning with both our clients and our suppliers. We have therefore developed some exclusive products with certain brands such as Finger in the Nose. This season the punk trend is key and Finger in the Nose have it covered. Bleached jeans are very on-trend, be sure to check out our red version, we’re sure you’re going to love them! Lili & The Funky Boys is another exclusive LFG development. We are in huge admiration of the baby clothing brand, and they have most definitely spoilt us this season with a refined collection that has a brilliant colour palette. We’ve also tried to enlarge the size selection at both ends of the spectrum (as the brand usually stops at age 2); there’s a gorgeous newborn outfit made from baby alpaca wool which is incredibly soft. We’ve also created an outfit in age 4 which incorporates Lili’s personality and is incredibly easy to wear. The brand’s creator Esther Loonen also talks to us about her brand, you can read about it in our new section LFG Meets… This season the well-known brands are alongside the younger ones; we hope you enjoy our new brands such as Loppa, Adri and Patachou Tokyo. LFG’s mission has not changed, we want to show you new brands that are unique, a breath of fresh air and who we’re sure you’ll enjoy discovering. In this volume, the Gallery is all about constructing and evolving…being fantastic, welcoming and sparkling! I’ll leave you in its capable hands. Marie

INTRODUCTION BY Clara Dayet The Little Gallery of Fashion is now a reality. It’s real and palpable and its unusual architecture inspires us. During a photo shoot, the gallery becomes the setting as its beauty comes to life. Depending on the angle the photographer takes the photo from and the way the models move, the Gallery transforms itself and soon becomes the principal character of a curious story. The gallery has a construction feel to it which comes mainly from the metallic grey beams, which of course remind us of the Eiffel Tour. The Gallery's construction feel was our main inspiration for this third edition. The structure, theme and style of the photos, originated from this construction feel. The trends of this winter, which I’ve put into five very distinctive themes which have created the key characters of the story. Set in a Lewis Carroll type world that’s deliberately absurd, the characters are looking for a strange insect. The Gallery gets bigger, longer and it starts to quiver. It comes to life and brings to life some very curious characters who appear and disappear as they wish. The rabbit is a Check and Pere Ubu, a far-too-chatty cat. Will you find the Centi-Toes?



In the photos, Tess alias Golden Bow wears a golden headband by Le Tour de Force, a striped jumper and tutu by Tuss / Ariane alias Silver Tights wears a black headband by Le Tour de Force, a black T-shirt by Popupshop, a skirt by Caramel Baby & Child and striped silvery tights by Wowo / Louise alias Miss Gold wears a grey body by Popupshop, a O.R. brooch, a lamé skirt and two-tone tights by Marucho / Madeleine alias Little Pageboy wears a white shirt and high-waisted black trousers by Tuss / Luciano alias Red Check wears a check shirt and jeans by Finger in the Nose, a bow tie by Loppa and leather shoes by Start Rite.

In the photos, Luciano alias Mr. Cat wears a blue-grey knitted jumper, a jacket and caramel corduroy trousers, all by Ralph Lauren, a cat brooch by Muchacha and grey Derbies by Start Rite/ Philomène alias Celestine wears a flannel tunic by Tuss, Popupshop leggings, a tartan woollen cape by Anne Valerie Hash Mademoiselle and a headband by Le Tour de Force / Madeleine alias Yellow Cat wears a thin yellow jumper, an embroidered dress and tights by BB+++.

CHAPTER 2 BEHIND THE SIDEBOARD In the photos, Philomène one of the Grey Cardigans wears a blouse and cardigan by Antik Batik, a skirt and twotone tights by Marucho / Paul another of the Grey Cardigans wears a knitted jumper and black velvet corduroy trousers by Finger in the Nose / Arsène, the third Grey Cardigan wears a cardigan, T-shirt and grey trousers, all by Loft Design By, and white Derbies by Start Rite/ Suliac, one of the Blue Cardigans, wears a tie-dye cardigan, a duckblue T-shirt and jeans, all by Finger in the Nose / Gaëtane, the other Blue Cardigan wears a blue cardigan and grey trousers by Marucho and pink shoes by Start Rite.

CHAPTER 4 FEET FIRST In the photos, Tess alias Giraffe with a Fringe wears a knitted dress and two-tone tights by Marucho and shoes by Start Rite / Lucciano alias Grey Panther wears a Mini Rodini fur hat, a terry-towelling jumpsuit by Finger in the Nose and white Derbies by Start Rite/ Ariane alias Red Panther wears a faux fur coat and velvet dress by Wowo, leopard print tights by Popupshop and red shoes by Start Rite / Paul alias The Lion wears a hat by BB+++, a faux fur jacket by Mini Rodini, a knitted jumper by Franka and corduroy trousers by Finger in the Nose, plus Start Rite shoes / Sulias alias Blue Check wears a check shirt by Bellerose, a knitted jumper and grey jeans by Finger in the Nose and Start Rite shoes.


A big thank you to Claire Castillon

Construction 1 - The Gallery

Construction 2 - Red Check is speaking to the reflections


LOOKING FOR THE Centi-Toes Everyone in the gallery is standing on tiptoes. The four little girls are wearing their beautiful head bands so high on their heads that they’re touching the ceiling. Their lamé skirts are embroidered with silvery thread. A wonderful moon light glow, created by the silvery thread, shines upon the girl’s faces. The sun is so bright that their silhouettes are perfectly reflected. REFLECTION OF THE GOLDEN BOW, turning around: If I spin around and around then surely the reflection of the bow will reach the centre of the axis. The melody - the sound of a harp and creaking of a bed - stops. MISS GOLD, speaking to the Golden Bow: Could you please stop moving around? I’m trying to use your stripes to write a score in D minor, but I can’t find the sharp. A figure in check, which was hidden until now, starts speaking, breaking up the harmonious group with his loud outfit. RED CHECK, addressing the reflections: You, with the nose in the air. Have you by any chance seen a Centi-Toes? I’ve looked here, there and everywhere, but it’s not here. He has probably used his wings to fly up onto the ceiling, he’s probably up there now wandering around. REFLECTION OF THE LITTLE PAGEBOY: Wait a minute, now you’ve mentioned it, I think I saw a strange animal perched up high. He went this way. He indicates to the left. The Red Check thanks him, adjusts his bowtie and goes the opposite way. He knows that everything in this gallery is a little topsy turvy.

Construction 3 - The reflection of the Little Pageboy answers Red Check

Construction 1 - The Sideboard guards



The little girls have disappeared to leave space for five important characters. With feet firmly on the ground, they look straight ahead: they are the guardians of the Sideboard. The Gallery is silent, the back of the room seems to be dramatically elongated. BLUE CARDIGANS, say their lines in unison, as though mechanically reciting a poem: A Centi-Toes walks at a speed less than three hundred and four point eight lampimeters. If one of its legs starts to reduce the initial rhythm by two lampimeters and taking into consideration that the slowing down will have an impact on all its feet, what would be the new walking speed of this Centi-Toes? GREY CARDIGANS, also in unison: One. The one that has taken off its shoes and eaten them. Everyone is quiet for a moment before starting to do impressions of one another. The cat makes the most of the hubbub that has been created. SIDEBOARD: Who are you and what do you want? YELLOW CAT: I’m fed up with my whiskers. If I find the Centi-Toes, I’m sure that the Check will want to thank me, so I’ll ask him to change me into a Spot. I’ve got an inkling that you’re hiding this strange animal behind you. The Yellow Cat has hardly finished his sentence when a dark shadow falls over him. He scuttles away furtively and disappears behind a metallic beam.

Construction 2 - Yellow Cat speaks to the Sideboard

Construction 3 - The Centi-Toes caught by the Sideboard

Construction 1 -The Gallery twitches with annoyance


THE CAT AND THE MOUSE MR. CAT speaking to the breathless Yellow Cat: Thinking about it, this story is very strange, riddled with laces and toes, lampimeters and beetles. Would you please bring me a cup of coffee? Hang on a minute, who invited you? He turns suddenly towards the reflection of a little girl who’s sitting down and hasn’t said a word. The little girl remains silent. Mr. Cat quickly becomes disinterested in her and turns towards Celestine. MR. CAT making a big gesture: Look at these walls; they are so sad, that over time, they have stopped moving. The Gallery twitches with annoyance. Mr. Cat wavers a little, but continues to speak. MR. CAT: All this fuss and nonsense, all this agitation! Who would eat a thousand shoes, who could swallow a thousand soles? I ask you! He turns to Celestine. Don’t you agree, my friend! Without listening to the mouse’s reply, he questions the little girl. MR. CAT: What a strange hat you’re wearing. If they are ears, their hearing range must be increased tenfold. Considering how far away you are, try holding them out and tell me what happens next. I’ll give you a cup of coffee. REFLECTION OF THE SILVER TIGHTS: The Centi-Toes is free. He’s hopping, skipping and jumping and twinkling all over. He’s so happy you’d think he was a little crazy!

Construction 2 - Mr. Cat questions the little girl

Construction 3 - The reflection of the Silver Tights answers Mr. Cat

Construction 1 - Behind the feathery bush


FEET FIRST The branches are snaked around the metallic beams, the thick hedges are pushing through the ground, fur covers the floor. The Gallery’s frizzy hair has been beautifully plaited. BLUE CHECK lounging on a chair: You could lose one foot a thousand times but you could only lose a Centi-Toes once. However, losing a Centi-Toes with beautiful shoes a thousand times, that couldn’t possibly be true! A feathery bush whispers, then bursts out laughing. GREY PANTHER delighted: What divine white, perfectly matching shoes! If I tune So with Ti, my coat will be a symphony. Takes three little steps and does a turn. The Red Panther looks at her red shoes slightly hesitantly, and can’t help but sneak a look at the lion’s brown Derbies. RED PANTHER muttering discreetly: As soon as he goes to sleep, I’ll swap them. A panicky shoe runs across the room. GIRAFFE WITH A FRINGE stretching out its neck: Wearing my new heels, I’m as straight as a peg, I stretch and get longer, I get thinner and I hit the ceiling. My head’s disappeared. Where’s my head? I’ve lost my head in a nest. Where am I? His long arms flounder all over the place. The fur becomes thicker and thicker. Little by little, it surrounds the room, making a golden halo around the Centi-Toes. CENTI-TOES humming and hopping around: I’ve given all my shoes to this zoo. The zoo has set me free. A zoo with shoes. I’m a hip-hopping Centi-Toes! He shouts Go barefoot!

Construction 2 - A zoo with shoes

Construction 3 - A panicking shoe crosses the Gallery



CULT PRODUCT BELLEROSE Not to be missed! Check is the key print of the Bellerose collection this season. Checks are mixed with tartan on the front, gingham on the back. 100% cotton shirt, LFG's online exclusivity, Bellerose.

Photo : GaĂŤtan Bernard


CULT PRODUCT ANTIK BATIK A stylish Antik Batik tunic dress with a wonderful garnet red print, decorated with golden sequins. Wear it with dark knitted tights and suede Derbies. 100% silk dress, Antik Batik.

Photo : Gaëtan Bernard


The buzz word this season is Minimalism. Essentials, basics, traditional values. At Little Fashion Gallery, we are drawn towards brands that offer timeless pieces that you can wear everyday. Brands such as American Apparel, Popupshop, Tuss… Jess Cartner-Morley, fashion editor of The Guardian, gives us her guide to the Minimalist trend.

Photo: Gaëtan Bernard

Fashion is about dreams, but it is also about reality. (Anyone who has ever dressed their child in a delicious new outfit only to find it smeared with strawberry jam five minutes later will know this only too well.) So as the mood changes in the real world all around us, fashion changes too - even in the wardrobes of those lucky little people who don't need concern themselves with the job market for a good decade yet. But - in fashion at least - the reality check doesn't have to be bad news. There is a more intelligent, clear-eyed way of dressing emerging for a new era. Not sackcloth and ashes, just a pared-down, balanced wardobe in which the statement pieces the buildingblock staples, the wear-everyday classics, rather than the wear-once-in-a-lifetime evening showpieces. That means a retreat from the more frou frou extremes, with fewer coquettish ribbons and bows. It means more emphasis on structured, well-made basics and brilliant, day-to-evening prints than on embroidery and embellishment. It means shapes have evolved: instead of puff sleeves, what looks right now (for all ages) is a long, slim, stovepipe sleeve. To signal the new hardworking mindset, denim is back as a fashion staple. From the vogue for ripped jeans to the new on-trend pale denim, jeanswear is key in a way it has not been for years. This is a getting-dressed strategy which works even better on little people than it does in French Vogue. The younger generation have it easy - which, of course, is exactly as it should be. Jess Cartner-Morley Photos by Catwalking : YSL, Isabel Marrant, Balmain, Burberry Prorsum


GOLD TREND This season gold and silver make their distinguished appearance. Silver thread enhances a structured skirt or acts as a subtle highlight on tights. Smarter pieces can be worn with monochrome basics to create an elegant look. For the finishing touch, carefully chosen over-sized accessories are a must if you want to make a glamorous statement.

1 Vintage brooches O.R. Marucho 2 Cashmere cardigan Little Marc Jacobs 3 Shirt with bib front Tuss 4 Long-sleeved T-shirt Popupshop 5 Wool and cashmere striped cardigan Tuss 6 Funnel collar jumper Troizenfants 7 Pleated trousers Tuss 8 Shiny leggings Finger in the Nose 9 Silver brocade skirt

Caramel Baby & Child 10 Lamé skirt Marucho 11 Tulle tutu Tuss 12 Silver spotted bandeau Kicokids 13 Silk headband Le Tour de Force 14 Black and silver textured dress Max & Lola 15 Studded Mary Jane shoes Petite Maloles Clothes from €24 Log onto the site to view prices in £


KNITWEAR TREND This season’s knitwear is much more delicate than last winter. The knits are finer, colours range from midnight blue to washed out turquoise shades. The cardigan is still a key piece, worn fitted and buttoned over high waisted trousers, jeans or skirts. A cosy look that is stylish and comfortable.

1 Glove shaped hat Kikokids 2 Wool gilet Antik Batik 3 Funnel collar gilet Little Marc Jacobs 4 Wool cardigan Little Paul & Joe 5 Tie-dye cardigan Finger in the Nose 6 Belted cardigan Shamo 7 Wool cloth trousers Marucho 8 Corduroy velvet Norton jeans Finger in the Nose 9 Cardigan Antik Batik

10 Knitted skirt Marucho 11 Velvet shorts Little Marc Jacobs 12 Blue knitted skirt Shamo 13 Cardigan with wooden buttons Marucho 14 Two-colour tights Marucho 15 Cashmere cardigan Little Paul & Joe 16 Organic wool cardigan Loft Design by 17 Cable-knit jumper Finger in the Nose Clothes from €25 Log onto the site to view prices in £


CULT PRODUCT TUSS Shades of grey in cashmere. Incredibly soft to the touch and lovely to wear, definitely a must-have this season. 50% cashmere, 50% cotton cardigan, Tuss.

Photo: GaĂŤtan Bernard

the mouse’S COAT

CULT PRODUCT TROIZENFANTS For the coming winter, the little grey mouse swaps its tartan cape for this elegant tweed coat. Pretty flounces flutter in the wind. 100% tweed coat, Troizenfants.

Photo: Gaëtan Bernard


COAT SELECTION A puffa jacket is THE must-have this winter. Choose from silvery grey or completely matt and quilted. For those who really feel the cold, you’ll probably choose a parka with a furry hood. Unisex and comfortable, they come in dark grey for boys and in tartan wool for girls. To accessorize your puffa jacket, think pompoms, we adore the lovely pointed pompom hats this season!

1 Hat with red pompom Caramel Baby & Child 2 Striped hat Tuss 3 Baby’s hat with ear flaps Lucky Boy Sunday 4 Striped jersey pointed hat with lining Wowo 5 Woollen hat Antik Batik 6 Baby’s grey pointed hat Album di Famiglia Hats from €40

1 Silvery puffa jacket Finger in the Nose 2 Quilted jacket Loft Design by 3 Zipped puffa jacket Finger in the Nose 4 Tartan jacket with fur collar Quincy 5 Navy blue Teddy Finger in the Nose 6 Denim jacket with fur collar Finger in the Nose 7 Tartan parka Little Marc Jacobs 8 Fur-lined rain-proof jacket BB+++ 9 Khaki fabric jacket Bellerose 10 Coat with lapel collar Anne Valérie Hash Mademoiselle 11 Spotted coat Loppa 12 Double-breasted check coat Max & Lola 13 Parka with fur-lined hood Bellerose 14 Baby’s cape with hood Patachou Tokyo 15 Duck-blue leather jacket Little Marc Jacobs 16 Rainproof cape Troizenfants 17 Leather zipped jacket Mini Rodini 18 Fake fur coat Wowo Coats from €88 Log onto the site to view prices in £


CAT TREND For the Cats, the essential colour is the pale crème brûlée yellow, worn with grey or saffron beige. It is a key colour for this season. The cat image is everywhere, whether it be embroidered or printed. The Yellow Cat loves corduroy whilst the Grey Cat loves washed-out jeans. The mouse wears black or grey fitted jersey with satin soft ears! 1 Cat brooch Muchacha 2 Spotted blouse Loppa 3 Corduroy velvent blouse Caramel Baby & Child 4 Tweed jacket Ralph Lauren 5 Gilet with pockets Kicokids 6 Print shirt Little Paul & Joe 7 Corduroy velvet trousers Ralph Lauren 8 Bleached Norton jeans Finger in the Nose 9 Cat print T-shirt Muchacha

10 Buttoned wool dress Muchacha11 Cat-design tapestry dress BB+++ 12 Cardigan with four sleeves Kicokids 13 Fake fur bolero Troizenfants 14 Pilot hat with ear flaps BB+++ 15 Scarf with moustaches Bobo Choses 16 Mouse headband in silk Le Tour de Force Clothes from €28 Log onto the site to view prices in £


FAUNA TREND Your little one’s wardrobe will be full of feathers and fur. The wild cat trend influences both the colour palette and the fabric textures. The knitwear is worn with textured fabrics, and hair is plaited or hidden underneath a luxurious hat. Printed tights are incredibly on-trend whether they are leopard print or two-tone.

1 Rabbit’s head bootees in nubuck Petite Maloles 2 Knitted jumper Franka 3 Tie-dye cardigan Max & Lola 4 Fur jacket Mini Rodini 5 Knitted jumper with textured sleeves Little Marc Jacobs 6 Fur bolero Antik Batik 7 Grey velvet Norton jeans Finger in the Nose 8 Knitted dress Marucho 9 Corduroy velvet dress Wowo

10 Rust coloured knitted dress Marucho 11 Knitted dress with frill Caramel Baby & Child 12 Fake fur coat Wowo 13 Footless tights BB+++ 14 Terry-towelling jumpsuit Finger in the Nose 15 Two-tone tights Marucho 16 Grey denim dungarees Franka Clothes from €31 Log onto the site to view prices in £


CHECK TREND Checks are mixed and matched, with navy blue and red being the essential colours. Diamond checks worn with tartan shirts or gingham worn with a square check, there are no rules. Diamond checks are seen here and there but the square check rules the roost. Both are most definitely classics.

1 Hair slide Muchacha 2 Red check jersey shirt Quincy 3 Gingham shirt with elbow patches Bellerose 4 V-neck diamond check jumper Bellerose 5 Check wool jumper Finger in the Nose 6 Boat neck jumper Little Marc Jacobs 7 Indigo blue jeans Mini Rodini 8 Tartan leggings Finger in the Nose 9 Red cape with

pockets and bows La Petite Luce 10 Double-breasted jacket Patachou Tokyo 11 Check jacket Mini Rodini 12 Shorts jumpsuit Loppa 13 Puffball check dress Max & Lola 14 Hat with two pompoms Little Marc Jacobs 15 Tights Troizenfants 16 Tweed skirt Troizenfants Clothes from â‚Ź24 Log onto the site to view prices in ÂŁ


CULT PRODUCT LITTLE MARC JACOBS Featuring emerald, ruby and fuchsia Harlequin diamond check, a ruffle and pleated edges. Wear it with black ballet pumps and a structured headband. 100% silk dress, Little Marc Jacobs.

Photo: GaĂŤtan Bernard

DESIGNER FOCUS LITTLE MARC JACOBS This season’s Little Marc Jacobs collection incorporates all of the strongest looks from the designer’s collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs. The key to this collection is lots of different fabrics, lots of volume and layering, think 70’s. Colourful prints are worn side by side without hesitation, the Miss Marc Jacobs logo has never looked as pretty than when worn under an oversized knit cardigan. Knitwear takes the lead this season; jacquard jumpers, pompom hats invade little boys wardrobe’s, whilst the girl’s prefer huge aged mittens and graffiti print dresses worn with striped tights. Wine-red and turquoise blue are the key colours, seen in bright, bold blocks and in liberty prints. Babies haven’t been forgotten. Cotton sleep suits feature Mister Marc Jacobs and a crazy monkey, perfect as ultra-trendy newborn baby gifts.

Photos: Brice Darmon

DESIGNER FOCUS CARAMEL BABY & CHILD Taking inspiration from the some of the most directional women’s ready-to-wear brands, Caramel Baby & Child brings a unique style to the children’s fashion market today. Each season, Eva Karayiannis, the brand’s English designer, creates collections that are unpredictable and always sophisticated. With undeniably superb taste, she experiments with unusual colour combinations and uses exquisite fabrics, always keeping the child’s comfort in mind. This season, the colour spectrum is vibrant. Exclusive 60’s prints on skirts and scarves, pastels are co-ordinated with the deepest shades: bottle green, aubergine, navy blue. A ruffle around the collar and cuffs of a knitted dress. Mohair coats are worn with liberty print blouses, which add a more gentle touch to this winter’s wardrobe. For boys, there are jacquard knit cardigans and scarves, to wear with big checks for an incredibly trendy look.

Photo: Stefan Zschernitz


Photos: Jasper Buninga © Imps & Elfs 2008

The brand’s philosophy is simple: they make ethical organic cotton clothing which is comfortable for children. The fabrics used for the Made By brand guarantee that they have been produced in ethical and considerate conditions. This season, Imps & Elfs are letting your little one’s decide. You might choose their bedtime but they will be the one’s choosing the clothes. At Imps & Elfs the garments are always on-trend and something tells us you’re going to love them! Don’t worry about manners, let them get dirty, play and above all shout out loud! Why not opt for the brands not so basic styles such as the cosy organic cotton tights, raw denim washed-out jeans, or unisex t-shirts in vibrant colours, another Imps & Elfs speciality. Don’t forget to take a look at the brand’s key pieces such as the striped knit cardigan, the slogan sweatshirt as well as the trendy accessories to finish off the outfits. To find out more about the Made By brand go to:



This winter, babies will be wrapped up in cosy fabrics: organic cotton bodies and fine cashmere cardigans. The cuts are simple but the attention to detail is most definitely there. The colour palette is dominated by grey; from oatmeal to slate with a hint of pale green. Dark brown softens and warms the palette whilst coral is used as an accent colour. It’s certain that this winter your little one will be looking even cuter than usual in tiny tights and gorgeous soft felt bootees. 1 Victoria Christmas Look, bootees Album di Famiglia 2 Lili & the Funky Boys Look 3 Victoria Christmas Look 4 Lili & the funky Boys Look 5 Album di Famiglia Look 6 Caramel Baby & Child Look 7 Lili & the Funky Boys

Look 8 Album di Famiglia Look 9 Victoria Christmas Look 10 Caramel Baby & Child jumpsuit 11 Lili & the Funky Boys Look 12 Victoria Christmas quilted jumpsuit Baby clothes from €28 Log onto the site to view prices in £

L&TFB EXCLUSIVE LOOK FOR LFG This season, Lili & the Funky Boys has created an outfit in age 3 and 4, exclusively for LFG. An embroidered linen dress, with a double cotton lining worn with a khaki jersey turtle-neck and a viscose striped tassel scarf. From €28.

Photo: Gaëtan Bernard

LFG MEETS ESTHER LOONEN LILI & THE FUNKY BOYS Let’s enter the gentle yet sophisticated world of Lili & the Funky Boys’ designer. Clara Dayet meets Esther Loonen.

because these represent the real essence of the collection and help towards building the image of the brand.

Clara: This is now the third Lili & the Funky Boys collection. As a pioneer in terms of colours, you’ve created a very different style for babies clothes and this gives the brand a very strong identity. At LFG, we talk about the L&TFB style. Since the brand first started, have you changed its essential spirit? Esther: For me, enthusiasm and passion are combined with determination. I’m absolutely confident that the story of L&TFB is developing little by little and it’s very exciting. I now make sure that my designs strike the right balance between my ideas and my customer's expectations and this valuable exchange of views is a constant source of inspiration and is very fulfilling. The collections are well-structured, but I always make sure there are some strong and more daring pieces in each collection,

Clara: There’s so much to ask you because you’re multi-talented! I know you’re Dutch, and you’re a painter, designer, you love to hunt for antiques and of course, you’re the mother of little Lili… How do these different facets of your personality influence the creative process of L&TFB? Esther: I believe in synergy and in encounters. My inspiration comes from my past, my origins and my own cultural references, but also from nature, my paintings, the range of colours that I can use, working in a vintage boutique, which allowed me to develop my skills… I’m a designer for women‘s clothes, but it’s thanks to Lili that I’ve become a children’s designer: her movements, her wishes, her personality all inspire me daily. Lili is happy, kind, graceful and definitely funky!

Photos: Carl-Oskar Linné

1. Trophy collection 2. Oil and ink painting on canvas, Bird # 5, Esther Loonen 3. Esther Loonen, creator 4. Button samples 5. Esther's universe 6. From the new collection 7. Esther's office




Clara: Now some quick questions and answers An unusual source of inspiration: My collection of deer skeletons. An important place: The countryside, anywhere in the world. A timeless outfit: A white shirt, cut like a man’s, vintage jeans and a well-cut little jacket. A colour that you love: Ochre, tapenade, caramel. An icon: I don’t have an icon, but I admire people with vision and determination. An art movement that’s influenced you: Contemporary art, Luc Tuymans, Lucian Freud, Peter Doig & Marlene Dumas 5



An animal you’re afraid of: All those who have big mouths. A cult magazine: Purple, Kidswear and A magazine. A favourite film: Death in Venice for its beauty, Out of Africa for style. An old song: The bare necessities, thank you Baloo! A food that you don’t like: Brussel sprouts, even if I like the colour! A dream: To be able to take my time from time to time…


The Centi-Toes

Shoe selection The Centi-Toes is a vertebrate animal that can turn 360°. His legs are long and bandy and he just loves to put shoes on his little feet. The Centi-Toes sparkles, recharges himself with 220V and eats mainly sugared daisies.

Photo: Carl-Oskar Linné The Centi-Toes wears grey shoes by Album di Famiglia, check tennis shoes by Vans, studded leather coppercolour Mary Jane shoes by Petite Maloles, black shoes by Album di Famiglia, nubuck shoes by Petite Maloles in the shape of a rabbit, Petite Zoe ballet pumps in studded leather by Petite Maloles, white leather Derbies by Start Rite., pink leather Mary Janes by Start Rite., silver studded leather Mary Janes by Petite Maloles, duck-blue leather

ankle boots by Petite Maloles, check tennis shoes by Vans, nubuck moccasins by Petite Maloles, brown suede Derbies by Start Rite., ruby-red Petite Zoe ballet pumps by Petite Maloles, red imitation python skin ballet pumps with strap and pompom by Petite Maloles and black patent leather Mary Janes by Start Rite. Petite Maloles from €85, Start Rite. from €71 Vans from €30, Album di Famiglia from €43 Log onto the site to view prices in £

THE Centi-Toes's SHOE

CULT PRODUCT PETITE MALOLES Tiny ballet pump with a bow. The toes of the famous Petite Maloles Zoe pumps are covered in pretty, shiny studs. Leather shoes, Petite Maloles.

Photo: GaĂŤtan Bernard


CULT PRODUCT KIDIMO A letter has run away. Is it A, B or C? Where is it? We’ve searched from A to Z! Who would have believed it, especially when it’s A-bsolutely enormous! It’s the A. The letters are made from zinc, custom made words, Kidimo.

Photo: Gaëtan Bernard


JUNIOR FURNITURE SELECTION Drama class. Little Red Riding Hood: Play read by Mr. Rabbit. Principal part played by the Cardboard Tree. Hope to see you all there!

Photo: Carl-Oskar Linné / Styling : Clara Dayet 1 Recycled cardboard tree Kidsonroof - €25 2 Recycled cardboard theatre Carton Chic - €39 3 Giraffe Lili & the Funky Boys 4 Card games Le jeu de Fables d’Enzo Mari - €20 5 Rabbit with glasses lamp, exclusively at LFG Egmont - €43 6 Wooden cards Brio - €30 7 Rattan shelf, exclusively at LFG La Maison de Lena €173 8 Vintage letters Kidimo - words on demand,

from €100 9 High chair Mozzee - €429 10 Little vintage school chairs LFG Vintage - €55 11 Felt hat Reinhard Plank - €125 12 Building game Brio - €45 13 Colouring books Rosie Flo - €11 14 Star house in recycled cardboard Carton Chic - €33 15 Organic cotton cloth books in cardboard boxes Coq en Pâte - €30 Log onto the site to view prices in £


JUNIOR FURNITURE SELECTION On the menu: grilled herrings and new potatoes. Don’t worry if you make a mistake with the cooking, there’s a rabbit in the fridge and salmon in the microwave. Your choice!

Photo: Carl-Oskar Linné / Styling: Clara Dayet 1 Tap, Vintage letter L in zinc Kidimo - words on demand, from €100 2 Sink, vintage Tomado shelf Durififi - €180 3 Napkin, scarf Troizenfants - €13 4 Cardboard cooker Nume - €35 5 Colouring book Rosie Flo’s Kitchen - €11 6 Natural bamboo place settings Funfam - €125 7 Rabbit with glasses lamp, exclusively at LFG Egmont - €43 8 Bamboo basket, which goes with the place settings, Funfam - from €25

9 Herring soft toy Non Jetable - €12 10 Microwave, vintage Tomado shelf Durififi - €180 11 Little vintage school chair LFG Vintage - €55 12 Vintage bamboo table Durififi - €120 13 Moulded plastic chair Casalino €105 14 Felt cushion Nume - €35 15 Rug, blanket Album di Famiglia - €68 16 Round lamp The Snowroom - €95 Log onto the site to view prices in £


JUNIOR FURNITURE SELECTION There is: a soft mountain to climb on, a cardboard chicken to wake me up and a rocket to take me to the moon in case there’s a problem.

Photo: Carl-Oskar Linné / Styling: Clara Dayet 1 Book Travaux en cours Taro Miura - €18 2 Recycled cardboard chicken Kidsonroof - €9 3 Wooden garage Momoll - €170 4 Colouring books Rosie Flo - €11 5 Environmentally-friendly cardboard rocket Carton Chic - €22 6 Natural whitened birch bed Non Jetable - €1500 7 Telephone print cotton bed linen Teresa Green - €213 8 Wooden planks game Kapla - €45 9 Mountain beanbag Little Red Stuga - €150


BABY FURNITURE SELECTION Fairy tales are no longer fashionable. Now, babies are rocked to sleep while listening to Japanese stories from organic fabric books. It’s so much more chic!

Photo: Carl-Oskar Linné / Styling: Clara Dayet

1 Bouncy chair Bloom - €170 2 Building game Miller Goodman - €28 3 Cradle on wheels in recycled cardboard ADF Design Collection - €220 4 Bed linen for cardboard cradle ADF Design Collection €211 5 Organic fabric teddy bear Victoria Christmas - €43

6 Organic cloth book Coq en Pâte - €30 7 Leather bootees Album di Famiglia - €65 8 Star shape lamp The Snowroom - €85 9 Giraffe Lili & the Funky Boys 10 Books Mots Animaux de Jean Real et Ich & Kar - €16 11 Foam cloud Little Red Stuga - €127 Log onto the site to view prices in £


BABY FURNITURE SELECTION I park my pushchair in the shade of the ferns. We have a picnic in the winter garden, talk to the dragonflies and play with our red racing cars.

Photo: Carl-Oskar Linné / Styling: Clara Dayet 1 Bugaboo Bee pushchair Bugaboo - €489 2 Rabbit with glasses lamp, exclusively at LFG Egmont - €43 3 Knitted mushroom Muchacha - €75 4 Foam hedge Little Red Stuga - €151 5 Recycled cardboard dragonfly Kidsonroof - €9

6 Organic cotton spotted cardigan Victoria Christmas 7 Bootees Album di Famiglia - €65 8 Check tablecloth, curtain for the Lili cooker Momoll 9 Natural bamboo place settings Funfam - €125 10 Red racing car Radio Flyer - €119


CHRISTMAS GIFT PREVIEW LFG’s Father Christmas wears dungarees and red boxing gloves. He’s quite hefty, but very kind, and carries a bursting sac full of presents. Beautiful objects that are fun, and also manufactured with respect for the environment, they’re made from cardboard and wood, so they’re easy for children to handle.

Photo: Carl-Oskar Linné 1 Foam night light The Snowroom - €85 2 Lili Cooker Momoll - €220 3 Recyclable cardboard house Carton Chic - 33 € 4 Barrel of 200 little planks Kapla - €45 5 Building game Miller Goodman - €28 6 Architect House Momoll - €319 7 Knitted snowball garland Lucky Boys Sunday - €25 8 Wooden animals for the

wooden farm Momoll - €130 9 Knitted boxer Lucky Boys Sunday - €40 10 Toboggan Sirch - €132 11 Tricycle Radio Flyer - €130 12 Cork chipboard horse La Maison de Lena - €264 13 Knitted snowmen Lucky Boys Sunday - €33 Log onto the site to view prices in £

LFG'S SUSTAINABLE LABEL LFG has renamed its Organic label, it is now the Sustainable LFG Label – this label recognizes the brands that engage and concern themselves with the environment. This passion for all things sustainable is justifiable yet complex… Marie Soudré-Richard, founder LFG’s aim was not to be the greenest site on the Internet. The brands are above all chosen for their design and legitimacy. LFG wanted to acknowledge those brands that respect the environment and that produce their products in an ethical manner. This organic label is therefore being replaced by a sustainable one. Although the term is widely used, it covers a whole host of responsible practices. This label signifies brands that set themselves apart by their environmental and social commitments. There are many different ways to show these commitments from using organic materials (cotton, linen, etc) as the primary material of a product to using sustainable materials such as carton, wood or recyclable materials. There are also companies that use products that are produced within Europe as this reduces the amount of travel and therefore the CO2 emissions. In order to show their social commitment companies can improve working conditions and use fair trade cotton. Under this label we find independent green labels such as FSC or PEFC, AB and ekologik as well as sub sections of brands that are considerate of the environment and of the social conditions. The process one has to go through to have a green label is often long and hard; it requires lots of different resources that smaller brands may not have. What is most important for LFG is having a responsible approach. Fabienne Raynaud, sustainable Development Consultant

1 Ecological cotton knickers Adri - €12 2 Close-up of organic cotton body Victoria Christmas - €52 3 Recyclable cardboard house Carton Chic - €33 Log onto the site to view prices in £


RUBY GATTA’S SELECTION Hi, I'm Ruby Gatta. You might already know my fashionista friend Fifi Lapin. We've been best friends since we were tiny and our mums and grandmothers were best friends before us. She's got the whole fashion thing covered so here's my space dedicated to design and all things nice, hope you like it! xx Ruby Gatta has chosen her favourite object from our cleverly designed collection of toys. Unsurprisingly, she’s picked the Little Red Stuga plywood play screen! With its funny holes, it looks like Gruyere cheese and you can make a castle with it if you shut the panels. Smartly designed and functional, this play screen is also incredibly trendy. Playscreen Gruyère, Little Red Stuga €311

You can find Ruby and Fifi on their respective blogs: Fifi Lapin wears a bow head-band by Le Tour de Force, and a striped jumper and tutu by Tuss. Ruby Gatta wears a dress and knitted tights by Marucho.

Mr. Cat’s bookcase

The LFG Library Unique books that are fun, intelligent, informative, playful and rare. Enjoy them!

Photo: Carl-Oskar Linné From top to bottom, then right to left: 1 Mots Animaux Jean Real et Ich & Kar 2 Animaux Paul Cox 3 L’histoire des 3 oiseaux Bruno Munari 4 This is Paris Miroslav Sasek 5 Couleurs Coq en Pâte 6 L’Été, l’Hiver, l’Automne et le Printemps Taro Gomi 7 Acne Paper 8 C’était l’hiver Aoi Huber-Kono 9 Dog Food Saxton Freeman 10 Mots Animaux 11 Belisaire Gaëtan

Doremus 12 Vue des toits Gaëtan Doremus 13 Toupie et Confetti Paul et Ann Rand 14 Zoo logique et Presque Tout Joëlle Jolivet 15 Anorak Magazine 16 Tonne Taro Miura 17 Colouring books Rosie Flo 18 L’infini Kveta Pacovska Books and magazines from €5 Log onto the site to view prices in £


CULT PRODUCT SPIDERMAN The merciless battle between Spiderman and the super mutant heroes. Featuring silvery onomatopoeic words and fist-fights in 3D. The rise of the superpowers. Pop-up book, Éditions du Panama.

Photo: Gaëtan Bernard

LFG MEETS VIOLAINE BELLE-CROIX MILK DÉCO The third issue of MilK Déco is coming out soon. MilK Déco is an offshoot from the MilK magazine, it is a reference book for all things relating to children’s design, it provides a summary of good ideas that can be copied endlessly. We asked the project manager, Violaine Belle-Croix, to give an overview of the design and decoration trends for this Autumn and Winter. LFG: Why MilK Déco? Violaine: Since the creation of MilK magazine in 2003, the editor of MilK magazine, Isis-Colombe Combréas, has always been especially interested in interior design. I badgered her about it so much that in the end the section dedicated to interior design was almost overflowing! It was then that Isis-Colombe Combréas decided to do a special edition entirely dedicated to design. The third design issue will come out in October of this year. LFG: What is the key design trend for this season? Violaine: I don’t really like to talk about design in terms of seasons as I find design develops at a slower pace. I find that the children’s design industry is growing each year, it is now at the point where it has become its own entity and therefore no longer linked with adult’s design. At the moment, I would say that one of the key aspects of children’s design is adaptability; in terms of age, space and lifestyle.

LFG: Design for children remains a niche market with certain complicated production problems, so what’s your view about Ikea versus made-tomeasure.? Violaine: Unfortunately at the moment children’s design is almost always madeto-measure which therefore means it’s expensive. However, in the future, as children’s design becomes more widely spread and understood by more people it will make it more affordable. LFG: Do you think there’s a parallel between fashion and design in terms of trends? Is it fashion that follows design or the opposite? Do you think there are similarities in terms of shape, colour, source/period of inspiration, trend? Violaine: Even though there may occasionally be slight aesthetic connections, I don’t think that the trends of one are governed by the creations of the other, or vice versa. Design is affected by different criteria, it is more perennial and more difficult than fashion, particularly as far as conception, manufacture and usage is concerned. However, there is one thing that reunites fashion and design today and that’s the concern for quality and respect for the environment. So maybe even if there’s no parallel in terms of trend or style, there’s definitely a parallel of conscience. Lastly, the ongoing love affair with all things vintage has certainly influenced contemporary design. We see

objects made from natural wood, combined with softer, warmer materials such as felt and cotton leading the way. LFG: And what have you fallen in love with, design-wise, this season? Violaine: I appreciate the approach taken by Little Red Stuga (modular), Our Children Gorilla and Non Jetable (durable) and La Maison de Lena (original). It’s so difficult to choose, I can see so much enthusiasm and passion from these designers whether it be the adult designers (Piet Ein Heek) or the children’s designers (Sirch). LFG: At which point do you think a child’s word becomes design? Violaine: For me, the two main pillars of design are aesthetics and functionality. By functional, I mean that the child’s world and the adult’s world are not separate, they must be able to co-exist harmoniously. I believe it’s a mistake to design children’s furniture as decorations. Children aren’t silly, they understand the subtleties of colour, the quality of materials and the intelligence behind a game very well.

Pages from MilK Déco, to be released october 2009



Photo : Carl-Oskar Linné

1977. Rocking to the beat of the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, the punk tribe wear bleached jeans, their faded white look is achieved by a destroy wash process. 2009. The faded white jeans trend is back. The fashion bloggers are fighting over the few remaining pairs in second-hand clothes shops across Paris. On the catwalks, the jeans with the most trash chic look can be found at Balmain. LFG requested them and Finger in the Nose designed them - exclusively for us - two jeans that perfectly replicate this incredibly directional look. Always an innovator, the brand has dared to take all the punk elements of the 80s, showing once again that it’s in a league of its own. Red ICON jeans bleached white, grey NORTON jeans bleached white, €75 . Log onto the site to view prices in £


DENIM SELECTION The King Leon has taken his troop to Tokyo, Japan. In the trendy Harajuku district the rabbit night light with Paul’s glasses settles in to the Little Denim Gallery. Whilst Otto the octopus and Ulrich the unicorn get ready to sumo wrestle, Carol the crab takes pictures of her new friends.

1 Nico boot cut denim jeans Finger in the Nose 2 Straight cut denim jeans with turn-ups Acne Jeans 3 Straight cut blue jeans Imps & Elfs 4 Straight cut faded blue jeans Imps & Elfs 5 Straight cut denim jeans Bellerose 6 Skinny indigo blue jeans Mini Rodini 7 Straight cut faded grey jeans with turn-ups Acne Jeans

8 Skinny grey stretch jeans Franka 9 Slim denim jeans Acne Jeans 10 Flared grey jeans Finger in the Nose 11 Slim denim jeans Imps & Elfs 12 Fluo trainers with velcro Acne 13 Boot cut denim jeans Lee Jeans Jeans from €44 Log onto the site to view prices in £

Illustration: Mattias Pettersson Photos: Katrin Kirojood


THE TEAM'S ADDRESS BOOK Since we moved into our new office in the 1st arrondissement of Paris; we’ve had time to track down some of the best places in the area, for you, and for your children. Take time to come and visit the LFG showroom, in between eating out and other activities: it’s a unique place, with unusual architecture, and with a creative atmosphere where you can experience the LFG world, but in reality! For a day out, here’s our guide… 8.00 Breakfast at the Rocher de Cancale Have a hot chocolate and the best jam sandwiches ever in an atmosphere that’s typical of the area. Seated on the pavement, you can watch the ultra-trendy families go by … and with a bit of luck Kris Van Hasche or Albert Elbaz! 78 rue Montorgueil, 75002 9.00 Plastic art gallery at the Musée en Herbe A magical place that’s both educational and artistic. Visit the exhibitions, the events and the activities at Musée en Herbe: it’s a fun way to make little ones begin to appreciate art. 21 rue Herold, 75001 12.30 Lunch at Pattaya Shrimp soup and garlic scallops .. A child-friendly place and ideal for trying the delicious traditional Thai dishes. The décor is old-fashioned; but that’s not surprising, as Pattaya is one of the oldest Thai restaurants in Paris! 29 rue Etienne marcel, 75001 14.00 Personal shopping at LFG Come and see our beautiful furniture in the flesh and bones! Whether it’s for a mini kitchen or a baby’s room, there’s furniture, vintage items, baby clothes, as well as the Little Denim Gallery where you can try on the latest jeans. In our beautiful private space, you can enjoy a coffee while discussing fashion and design, and your children can read the lovely books in our library. 3 rue du jour, 75001

16.00 Walk in the Palais-Royal Gardens Fun in the sun, walking round the gardens, climbing up the Buren columns, which have recently been restored, or running down the marbled alleys, then following the adults to Marc Jacobs and Acne Jeans. Galerie Montpensier, 75001 17.00 Tea at Laduree Absolutely obligatory - a break at the finest gourmet tea salon. After taking time to decide between a pistachio pain au chocolat or a delicious caramel macaroon, you can take a seat in their beautiful armchairs upstairs. 16 rue Royale, 75001 18.00 Return to the hotel VIP programmes for the children with a treasure hunt at the Bristol or hide and seek at the Meurice. A unique welcome specifically for children… which means that you can take advantage of the very comfortable drawing rooms. Hotel Meurice, 25 avenue Montaigne, 75008 - Hotel Bristol, 112 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, 75001 Photos: Carl-Oskar Linné


COMMITMENT TO YOU On our site When you place an order on, we are committed to ensuring that your shopping experience is unique and pleasant. A unique quality of service Our customer service is available to you to help with information and advice on your purchases, especially with newborn baby gifts. Photo: GaĂŤtan Bernard

By telephone, Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. By email, You will receive a reply within a few hours Gift guide Wherever you are, LFG provides perfect ideas for you to offer a personalised gift to your family and friends. Your gift will be delivered by hand to the appropriate address (LFG also delivers to maternity hospitals by courier or UPS). Exchanges or return gifts

are free and very easy with our customer service team who can give advice and guidance. Trend guide Each week, Little Fashion Gallery sends out newsletters with the latest trends on fashion and design. Plus, in the style guide section, you’ll find the monthly editor’s letter, with designer interviews and items of special focus, as well our cult products. A pleasant and safe way to order Payment is made by bank transfers or bank card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, JCB)

Our Showroom LFG’s showroom-boutique at the heart of Paris is open monday to friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Discover our wide selection of design furniture and toys, LFG’s library as well as the Little Denim Gallery. Our team of personal shoppers will be available upon request. We offer you a wide range of services including: pick-up of online orders, birth gift list facilities... 3 rue du Jour 75001 Paris, France Metros: Louvre-Rivoli, Les Halles

Exchange and returns are free in Europe

CONTACT Each order will be wrapped in a stylish and sophisticated LFG box Delivery within the shortest possible time.* Paris: 2 to 24 hours by courrier when you place your order before 2 p.m. Otherwise, the following day of your order. Rest of France: 1 to 2 working days by UPS* Europe: 2 to 3 working days by UPS* Rest of world: 2 to 5 working days by UPS* * The delivery lead time varies according to the items ordered. Clothes and small items of furniture are available immediately. For larger furniture, the delivery lead time depends on the production schedule of our suppliers. You can find out more about this on the product information.

UK: +44 (0) 208 144 0140 France: +33 (0) 1 40 26 06 74

the Medium Fashion gallery LFG is growing and growing up. MFG indeed offers a great selection of more than 15 brands made for teenage girls and teenage boys : American Apparel, A.P.C, Little Marc Jacobs, Sœurs, Finger in the Nose, Tatty Devine… The selection is upscale, trendy and in keeping with their way of life. Each order will be carefully wrapped with a collector poster re-designed every season and shot in our studio.



The LFBook vol. 3 is printed on semi-recycled paper, PEFC. Our printer is certified according to ISO 12647-2.

Marie Soudré-Richard

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ART DIRECTORS Gaëtan Bernard assisted by Virgile Biechy Carl-Oskar Linné Maryswann de Oliveira assisted by Deborah Corcos

PHOTOGRAPHERS Clara Dayet assisted by Magdeleine Tyrode

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Little Fashion Book issue 3  

Little Fashion Gallery magazine - autumn/winter 2009/2010