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“With the tearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die” - Abraham Lincoln

Leyton Life Independent magazine for Local Residents

Take me, I’m Free

Issue 46 March - April 2014

Oh so funny & Tickets What are you eating? C ‘n C page An evening of Burlesque & Tickets Win Picture House Tickets Win £20 voucher Take a peek for more... FREE Bi-monthly magazine 5000 copies distributed in Leyton and surrounding areas

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Leyton life Issue 46 March - April 2014 Free copies available from: ASDA, Tesco, Leyton Library. Lea Bridge Road Library, Harrow Green Library, MS/BP and Leytonstone Library, High Fry Fish Bar (Bakers Arms), Community Centre Leyton (Alert Waltham Forest), Veta health foods, Galaxy Travel, SCORE Complex, Cafe’s, Doctors, Dentist, Launderettes, PC Xpress, Morrisons, E15 Library, Newsagents, Butchers, Off Licences and many more independent businesses. “With the tearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die” - Abraham Lincoln

Leyton Life Independent magazine for Local Residents

Take me, I’m Free

Editor’s note... Dear Reader, People ask me where I get my ideas from. “Well, every morning I go for a run and take a notepad with me. I say notepad, it’s more of an exercise book. I used to go out with an agoraphobic, I say go out, we stayed in a lot”. If you like jokes and would like to know more please turn to page 12 and 13. Yes, we have our own multi-talented Leytonstone funny man Nigel Lovell, plus a chance to win a pair of tickets! This is a very fun packed edition; there are the usual Picture House tickets, and £20 competition below, still getting lots of entries that are not filled out properly. Please follow the instructions below the questions for a chance to win, plus 2 pairs of tickets to watch a Burlesque show don’t delay enter today! There is no time like the present, in fact it is all about the present and the future, as we can’t change the past but we can control our future. With more and more people getting unhealthier, contracting life threating illnesses it is time to make a change. If you want to try something positive and different then turn to p22, otherwise stay clear of the article. Those of you who do read the article and take any of the changes on board, or have an opinion please write in and share. It is very important to have feedback, especially if it is positive. Hope you all have a great Mother’s Day 30th March, a Happy Easter 20th of April, and all the best with all other Celebrations. As always write in with whatever you want to share with the Leyton Life readers. Until you read again take care, Yasmin Allen

Issue 46 March - April 2014

Oh so funny & Tickets What are you eating? C ‘n C page

You looking at me? Take Care, Yasmin Allen I SAID, YOU LOOKING AT ME?

An evening of Burlesque & Tickets Win Picture House Tickets Win £20 voucher Take a peek for more... FREE Bi-monthly magazine 5000 copies distributed in Leyton and surrounding areas

Karate Mondays - St. Andrews Hall, Colworth Road, London, E11 1JD

Adults 7.30pm •

Juniors (from 7 years) 6.30pm

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Independent magazine for Local Residents

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Win Tickets to See: “An Evening of Burlesque” Direct from London’s West End, Europe’s biggest burlesque show is coming to Barking on 11th April. We have teamed up with the producers of the superb An Evening of Burlesque to give away 2 pairs of tickets to see the show at Broadway Theatre Barking on 11th April 2014. We dare you to come. . . flushed with success, now entering its fourth fabulous year, it’s the world’s original touring burlesque spectacular. An Evening of Burlesque can star the following burlesque all-star performers: • Amber Topaz – the Yorkshire Tease, the leading lady, her powerful vocals and an uncompromising stage persona are the epitome of burlesque • The Folly Mixtures – a burlesque quartet choreographed to thrill, featuring a tasty assortment of lip-smacking themed routines that have thrilled fans throughout the UK and Europe • Ivy Paige – the evening’s most welcoming compere, this songstress is a cabaret star in her own right • Miss Ooh La Lou – described as Police Academy dream babe, a bit Britney, a bit Goldie Hawn. Trained at Italia Conti, she has appeared in numerous West End musicals • Miss Felixy Splits – another product of Italia Conti, the all-singing, all-dancing performer is the ultimate cheesecake pin-up • Bettsie Bon Bon – described as akin to the star of an MGM movie classic, trained in hip hop and street dance, she’s sauce, tease, glamour and naughtiness personified Officially Britain’s biggest burlesque extravaganza – a quarter of a million people have now seen this show – An Evening of Burlesque exposes the cream of the West End


of London’s thriving burlesque scene to the world. Featuring corsets, killer heels and stockings aplenty, it sparkles from its elaboratelydecorated headdresses to its immaculately varnished toes. A combination of sultry vocals, breath-taking choreography, mischief, magic, frivolity and fun, the show combines musical and theatrical parody, cutting-edge variety, magic, comedy and dance with the art of striptease. For over-18s only, An Evening of Burlesque is the slickest, wickedly wittiest, most delightfully choreographed cabaret spectacular of the year. Dress up and come to the cabaret. To win tickets to this amazing show answer this simple question: In which French city is the Moulin Rouge to be found? The first two entries drawn will win a pair of tickets to the show. Send your answer on a postcard or email with your name, address, email address and daytime phone number to: Burlesque-Leyton Life Magazine Po Box 54442 London E10 6TA or feedback.leytonlife@gmail. com (Burlesque). Closing date: 1st of April 2014. There is no cash alternative. Usual your publication/station rules apply. Editor’s decision is final.

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Leyton Slimming World Group All Saints Church, Melbourne Road, Off Capworth Street Thursdays, 7.30pm Contact Sarah on 07958 6346 942 or just come along.



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Firstly, lent happens on the forty days before Easter, you give something up that you really like for 40 days. It can be hard but people give things up for lent to remember that Jesus gave up his life for us. Why don`t you try give something up for lent? (Sweets, pocket money, TV) Finally, just to let you know, it’s Shrove Tuesday (better known to most people as Pancake Day) on Tuesday the 4th of March. Remind everyone and see who makes you pancakes! Just kidding! The day after Pancake Day lent starts, just thought I’d let you know.

Chloe Editor CnC Page

Easter Egg Hunt

Have you ever held an Easter egg hunt? If you haven’t, you should try one. First, find a place to hide your eggs. Then, hide your eggs. Try and think of really hard, inventive places and some easier places to hide them. Then, make sure nobody saw you hide the eggs and let people hunt! Oh and happy Easter 20th April, and good luck if your giving something up for lent

Charlotte Editor CnC Page

If you have any questions for C n C send them in by post or email. Chloe and Charlotte xx

Mothers Day - Sunday March 30th Are you stuck and need an idea for Mothers Day? All you need to do is get some paper, or a card decorate how you like, maybe a picture of yourself. Cut it into a shape of a gift voucher, like a credit card, or leave as a card. Write a number of chores you are able to do, like make a drink, tidy up, and clean a room? The idea is mums can request a chore from you as listed on the card Leyton life

This is your life, Mother You may need help from an adult that knows your mum, to get some interesting and funny facts Like where she was born, best friends, favourite places, embarrassing moments etc…lots of pictures and messages from you and your siblings, and any of your mums parents, partner/husband/ siblings. You could do this as an electronic item or as a book. Write in and let us know how you got on details page 2 for post and email. 9

Archangel Sandalphon Archangel Sandalphon is the Guardian of the planet Earth and takes care of all humankind. S/ he bridges heaven & earth & is the twin aspect of Archangel Metatron. It is no surprise then to find that Sandalphon resonates with the diverse colours of the rainbow and works harmoniously with masculine & feminine energies. S/he stands at the foot of the Kabbalist Tree of Life on the Earth plane and is so tall that s/he reaches up to the highest spheres through all the planes of existence. Thus s/he is the guardian of distant healing and carries the prayers & requests for healing upwards. Sandalphon stands listening breathless To sounds that ascend from below; From the spirits on earth that adore, From the souls that entreat and implore In the fervour and passion of prayer; From the hearts that are broken with losses, And weary with dragging the crosses Too heavy for mortals to bear. And he gathers the prayers as he stands, And they change into flowers in his hands, Into garlands of purple and red. (From Longfellow’s poem “Sandalphon”) When I work with Sandalphon, s/he makes me feel very grounded & secure in my body with a ‘knowing’ that all is well, no matter how my circumstances may seem. This enables me to have acceptance, dispelling unnecessary worries & anxieties and making me feel safe & secure, thereby empowering me to make changes in my life that will help me forward. Sandalphon’s energy reawakens wonder and delight in me reminding me of childhood innocence. Sandalphon recognises the spirit, the true being, of each and every thing living and inanimate and thereby beautifies it. Sandalphon helps us to


bring the light of our spirit into our earthly lives. Meditation When we meditate we are opening ourselves up and so I always advise the use of protection - this can be done by asking Higher Guides or Angels or by using visualisations such as a cloak, egg or dome ensuring that you imagine the protection all around and above & below you. Create a quiet space where you will be undisturbed, close your eyes & listen to your breathing. Watch the breath as it enters the body & as it leaves. Allow your breath to go ever slower and deeper. Ask Archangel Sandalphon to be with you. Touch your heart centre at the sternum/breast bone and bring your awareness here. Continue to follow the breath, becoming more relaxed with each out-breath & more alert with each in-breath. Become aware of the crown chakra and see, feel, sense a brilliant white energy coming down from high above you, touching the top of the head (crown) and gently spiralling down into your head, and continuing in its own time to spiral down through your throat into the chest, solar plexus, sacral area down to the base of the spine and down the legs into each foot and then down further still until it reaches the Earth Star chakra about 12” cm below your feet. As you sense this area you will become aware of an energy there that rises up from below and fills your feet. Allow this earth energy to continue to fill your whole being, revitalising & strengthening you as it moves gently though you, all the way up to the crown of the head. From here you can focus your meditation with an intent, or you can sending healing or if you choose to you can return to everyday consciousness by returning to awareness of your breathing and opening your eyes when you are fully back. By Howard Carter Howard had an advanced diploma in Angel Healing from Hazel Raven’s College of Biodynamics

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The Sandalphon School of Healing

Teaching Holistic Therapies in Walthamstow

• Indian Head Massage 4 day Training (Accredited by I.P.T.I.) April 26-27th & May 17-18th £250 • Reiki I April 5th £95 Reiki II April 6th £120 Advanced Reiki (Masters Part I) June 7-8th £195 • All Reiki courses are certificated and include a manual & ongoing supervision • Working with the Violet Flame £35 (A one-day workshop awakening the Violet Flame Chakra and its use in healing) Sunday 23rd March • Private Treatments: Hypnotherapy, Massage (Indian Head & Full Body), NLP, Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Angel Healing, Past Life Regression & Past Life Healing. Some concessions are available; Contact Howard 07957 144849 or 0203 7305367or e-mail:


Nigel Lovell - Oh so funny! A day without laughter is a day wasted – Charlie Chaplin Hi Nigel, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule, and fitting this interview in for Leyton Life. I am sure readers will be interested to know they can pop along to a local venue to get some happy hormones buzzing around them. After all they do say those who stay happier live longer! How old were you when you realised you wanted to become a comedian? Hi Yasmin, I really started to get into comedy when I was a teenager, and I started writing stand up when I was at university, but I didn’t know how to go about actually getting a gig so I did nothing about it. I did one gig when I was about 25 at a club called “Fur Coat, No Knickers” when an act didn’t turn up but I only decided to actually submerse myself in stand-up 3 years ago. Have you had support to pursue your dream? My partner and my friends have been very supportive, although they think that I was mad to leave a stable career to do this for a living. You are a local man what is your favourite memory, and place to go now? I was born at Whipps Cross Hospital and have lived in Leytonstone all my life. I love living here, I remember saving up my pocket money to go shopping at Bearman’s when I was a kid. Bearmans was a big department store in Leytonstone, it had two sites both on Leytonstone High Road, one is now Matalan the other is now McDonalds. It originally opened in 1898 and finally shut it’s doors in 1983. I’m a Leyton Orient supporter and this season that’s probably been

my favourite place to go, we’re having an amazing season and I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll be in the top two come the end of the season. Where do you get your inspiration for jokes from? A lot of it comes from stuff that I read in the newspapers, the world is full of comedy if you look at things slightly differently. Of course, I also make fun of stupid things that I’ve done myself - and there’s a lot of those. What are your favourite topics to joke about? I like making fun of politicians. I wouldn’t say that I’m a political comedian but when you see how absurd some of the policies have been from consecutive administrations I think that they should be mocked. I must say I totally agree with you. Are there any subjects you would refrain from joking about? I don’t think that anything should be beyond humour but there are some subjects I avoid like, cancer. I just am not able to find anything that can make that subject funny. Instead I am organising a charity gig at the Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford on Sunday 8th June with all the


Leyton life

profits going to Macmillan Cancer Support and St Mark’s Hospital. Tickets for the charity gig at the Kenneth More Theatre cost £15, and it will be hosted by TV’s Patrick Monahan and include sets from some real stars of the circuit, including Terry Alderton. Who is your favourite comedian, someone that encouraged you? It’s impossible for me to pick a favourite but I loved early Ben Elton, I remember listening to his comedy albums when I was a teenager over and over again. In more recent times Alan Davies and Adam Bloom are both brilliant comedians and have been really supportive and helpful to me. You must have a really good memory to be able to tell jokes to a live audience, how do you manage to do that? I guess it’s a lot easier for me to remember jokes as I wrote them. They’re the product of my own mind so I guess they stick a bit easier. What is your favourite joke? Hmmm, difficult one - this is a family magazine. How about this one? Yesterday a Tory MP was treated by the NHS for severe cuts, which is kind of ironic. (Very funny) Do people expect you to be funny even when you are not on stage? Yes, and I do think that it is natural, everyone likes to have a laugh with their friends. I do try not to be “on” all the time though. Do you have a serious side, or do you see the funny side in things? I generally see the lighter side of things but like everyone there are things that will dampen my spirits occassionally. What gets you angry? Injustice, the demonisation of the poorest members of society by the government, rich individuals and corporations that use their money and power to avoid paying tax, losing to Bristol City on a Tuesday night. Mostly the last one. Do you have any bad jokes? You never know if a joke is good until you tell it in front of an audience. One of my personal favourites that I wrote but has never made anyone laugh is this: “I went to the Natural History Museum the other day, disappointingly it’s man made.” Hmmm I did have to stop and think for a split second but it was funny

If there was someone you could team up with as a double act who would that be? That’s a tricky question, I think it would be amazing to work with Johnny Vegas, and I love ventriloquism so Nina Conti would be brilliant too - although with all the different characters that she’d bring I guess it would be less a double act and more like a quartet. What do you want to do next? Well, I’m taking two shows to the Edinburgh festival this August, Best of Oh So Funny (Southsider, W Richmond St, Edinburgh 5.45pm) and The Worst Show on the Fringe (Bristo Bar and Kitchen, 41 Lothian St, Edinburgh 2.30pm) so I’m really looking forward to them. I also reach a milestone birthday this year so I’ve set myself a challenge to try and take on as many new experiences as I can this year, the first I’m doing is Curling - if any of your readers want to suggest something then please get them to email me I am also hoping to start a podcast with another comedian later in the year. All this is on top of gigging all around the country and running my own monthly Oh So Funny comedy nights. I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of my free time ;-) No need to stay grumpy, bring a bit of laughter into your life tickets cost as little as £3. We’ve got some excellent and famous acts lined up including Sean Hughes, Arthur Smith, and Holly Walsh. The Heathcote, 344 Grove Green Rd, London E11 4EA 29th March, 26th April, The Birkbeck Tavern, 45 Langthorne Road, London E11 4HL. 27th March, 24th April. Tickets can be bought from www.ohsofunny.

Win a pair of tickets to see Arthur Smith on Saturday 26th April. A pair of tickets for one lucky reader to see Arthur Smith on Saturday 26th April. Send your answer on a postcard or email with your name, address, email address and daytime phone number to: Oh So Funny!-Leyton Life Magazine Po Box 54442 London E10 6TA or feedback. (Oh So Funny). Closing date: 18th of April 2014. Good Luck!

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Suduko - easy

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what is happening, where and when? The Cornerstone 149 Canterbury Road E10 Tel: 020 8558 2121 Tuesday Lunch Club 12:30-2pm £3.50 sign up/pre-booking required. A senior members of the community club. Delicious lunch, entertainment. Chance to make to new friends and much more Toddler group Wednesday 9:00-11:00 Aerobics Friday 9:30-10:45 £3 per class £1 per child for crèche pre booking required One-to-One Money Advice session: What’s My Score 7 March 2014. Time 11.30am2.30am. Location Leyton Library, High Road, Leyton, London, E10 5QH. Admission Free • Get your credit score and report • Understand what it means and how you can improve it To book your 30 minuite one-toone advice session, visitwww. If you have any enquiries, please visit your nearest library, or phone 020 8496 3000 International Women’s Day: Pop-


up Pampering at Leytonstone Library 8 March 2014. 10.30am-3.30pm Leytonstone Library, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone, London, E11 1HG. Free. Ladies it’s your day so stop by one of our pop-up pampering stations and treat yourself. There’ll be massage tasters, make up consultation and beauty product trials and a chance to be included in our gratitude wall. Visitwww. to find out what’s on near you. No booking required, just come along on the day. BECOME A FRIEND OF THE MILL AND HELP IT GROW The Mill 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA. What’s The Mill’s Friend Scheme all about? Becoming a Friend of The Mill is a great way to guarantee its future in Walthamstow, serving the whole community. Your donation will go directly to help maintain the work of The Mill, and keep it open for the hundreds of people who visit every year. We have an Honesty Library and Playroom open 6 days a week, and low cost rooms available to hire. the Mill to find out more….http:// Telling Stories Exhibition 6th February to 29th March Open daily, closed Mondays A mixed media event: pictures, film, recordings - an ever expanding exhibition! - including the launch of the incredible Story Machine, an internet-connected contraption combining camera, Leyton life

mini-cinema, storybooth and library, invented, built and decorated by a team of The Mill community members, Walthamstow artist Michelle Reader and designers from the

Picture House Stratford Events 0871 902 5740 SILVER SCREEN Every Tuesday and Wednesday, over 60’s can come to any afternoon show, and get complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits, for only £3.00.


Every Saturday morning, and on weekdays during school holidays, we show a selection of kids’ films, from family favourites to recent releases, with activities beforehand. Tickets cost £1 for Kids’ members, or £3 for non-members.


Regular events especially for children and adults with autism and their family, friends or carers, in a supportive environment where audience members will be free to come and go as they please throughout the performance and make noise if they want to.

Community information

Royal College of Art. Spring at The Mill Saturday 5th April 12-5pm Unveiling of the Mill Mosaic Mural, live music, kids crafts, and of course, tea and cakes

Fri 6 September 2013–Mon 30 June 2014

Oh So Funny comedy nights in Leytonstone. Full details pages 12 and 13.

Deception: Ceramics and Imitation Free entry. Mon 19 August 2013– Sun 16 March 2014.

Victoria and Albert Museum The World’s greatest museum of art and design. Admission is FREE some events and exhibitions may have a charge. Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL Tel: 020 7942 2000 The Lost Art of Writing Free Entry

Masterpieces of Chinese Painting Digital Dragons. Free entry Sat 26 October 2013–Sun 16 March 2014

Science Museum Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD. 0870 870 4868 Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology. Inside the exhibition This exhibition traces five significant moments in the history of the nerves and mind, from 1780 to the present. Each is explored

through scientific and technical advances and the controversies that they generated. St Patrick’s Day Parade/Festival in Trafalgar Square 16th and 17th March Free Event: Traditional Irish music, dancing, comedy and film. There will be plenty of produce from Ireland, to satisfy the fussiest of eaters! Riverdance, The Commitments, Kila, London Irish Comedy to name a few performers. Feast of St George in Trafalgar Square 2014 21 April 2014 (actual 23rd April) Celebrate St George’s Day with a variety of free events parades, food festivals, children’s activities and lots more.

How can we help you? Alzheimer’s Society Waltham Forest provides information, guidance and support to people worried about their memory, people with dementia, their carers and anyone needing information about dementia. If you are worried about your memory or you are caring for a relative or friend with memory problems please contact us Alzheimer’s Society Waltham Forest Waltham Forest Resource Centre (South)

T 020 8556 8171 Email For further information on advertising please call 07415254649 or email


What are you eating? There is evidence to suggest people in developed countries are more likely to have some kind of cancer than those in less developed countries. What is more alarming is that in developed countries the cancer can be up to three times higher, than in comparison to those in less developed countries. There a few types of cancer where those in the less developed countries take the lead. Although I do not possess a scientific or medical background I am great at doing research regarding matters of interest, and therefore have come across the following. Could this be due to Westerners eating more un-natural foods? People in the west have become more obsessed with what they wear, drive, and play with, but don’t actually think much about what goes into their bodies in the form of food. Our citizens care more about the brand of trainers, cars, size of TV and type of games consoles than what their body needs. We live in a society where rightly or wrongly everything is on the move; we have convenient foods readily available from a variety of take aways, and supermarkets. Most of these can be zapped in a microwave, or boiled ready to eat within a matter of minutes. Processed foods have added sugars, salts, and various types of fats things you wouldn’t expect to have in foods. It is only when you start reading labels, you realise things are not always in plain English, and when you research items you realise it is a fancy word for salt, sugar or much worse. Some ingredients have proven cancer inducing properties, as tested on lab animals. Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) an artificial chemical used to preserve food’s, colour, odour and flavour, also used in embalming fluid, jet fuel, rubber, petroleum products. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) aka sodium glutamate flavour enhancing food additive Dr Mercola believes this silent killer is worse than alcohol and nicotine.


Glucose-fructose syrup and High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) used as sweeteners cheaper than sugar...why is that? Soybean oil, Propylene glycol alginate (E405), Polysorbate 60, GM, more items that need health warnings. Best thing to do is, eat as naturally as you possibly can busy people can have cooked meals. If you want to make positive changes then start reading labels, and look into ingredients to see what they actually contain. You would be horrified to see how many ‘healthy’ foods contain the above, and if that isn’t bad enough some of the branded items are the worst at containing these Frankenstein ingredients , than some of the cheaper supermarket brands. All is not lost; if you really want to bring back a bit of equilibrium then I would suggest the following. I must say I don’t normally endorse products but on this occasion it is for the greater good so here goes. The following have been tried and tested by yours truly! Lucy Bee coconut oil, or any other raw virgin coconut oil, you can use it for all cooking and as a beauty product, yes that’s right good for the inside and out. You need to do your own research as the health properties are endless such as lowering cholesterol, cell healing, fights against Alzheimer’s and other brain degenerative diseases and much more. Invest in a Nutribullet best buy a bit pricy at £99.99 but watch the science behind this little gadget and for those of you who really want to jump start your body with healthful ingredients the price is a small investment into your body, surely that has to be priceless. Finally a bit of TLC, best way to do this by various exercises and more importantly meditations. A bit of calmness to bring your mind body and soul back in sync, if you are new to meditations then I suggest you try some breathing exercises first to calm the monkey mind and then move onto Doreen Virtue meditations available on YouTube, or p10.

Christina’s Hair Design Ladies Salon 153 Francis Road

Tel. 020 8539 4537 Opening Hours

Tue., Wed., Thurs. 9.30 - 4.30 Friday 9.30 - 5.00, Saturday 9.30 - 5.00

Brazilian Keratin Treatment For Fizz free healthy shiny hair (Suitable for Afro-textured & European Hair)

Cut from £10 Blow Dry from £12 Cut & blow dry from £18 Colours from £20 Special offers for senior citizens Student discount available Appointments not always necessary

Suduko - hard

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