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Leyton Life

Independent magazine for Local Residents

Take me, I’m Free Issue 34 March - April ‘12

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Leyton life Issue 34 March - April ‘12 Free copies available from: ASDA, Tesco, Leyton Library. Lea Bridge Road Library, Harrow Green Library and Leytonstone Library, High Fry Fish Bar (Bakers Arms), Community Centre Leyton (Alert Waltham Forest), Veta health foods, Galaxy Travel, SCORE Complex, Cafe’s, Doctors, Dentist, Launderettes, PC Xpress, Morrisons, E15 Library, Newsagents, Butchers, Off Licences and many more independent businesses.

Leyton Life

Independent magazine for Local Residents

Take me, I’m Free Issue 34 March - April ‘12

£20 Competition Kids Page What’s On Take a peek for more... FREE Bi-monthly magazine 5000 copies distributed in Leyton and surrounding areas

Karate Mondays - St. Andrews Hall, Colworth Road, London, E11 1JD

Adults 7.30pm •

Juniors (from 7 years) 6.30pm

tel. 07976 732103

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Leyton Life

Independent magazine for Local Residents

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Editor’s note... Dear Reader Welcome to the March-April edition of Leyton Life, a few interesting articles to keep you all captivated keeping mentally and physically agile p15 and a rather different angle on Easter p17 not the usual Easter bunny and chicks. So how do you see yourself as a butterfly or a caterpillar? Do write in as usual with your thoughts in connection to this any of the articles or something brand new. It could be a story, poem, observation, and jokes!!! There is a follow up from the previous issue regarding bad apples p5, plus the regular competitions for Picture House Stratford, and £20.00 Gift voucher. You can enter both competitions as many times as you like. Just a few celebrations taking place below have fun and write in with any future celebrations or how you celebrated these: • • • • • • • •

International women’s day 8th March Holi 8th March Purim 8th March Hola Moholla 9th-11th March St Patricks Day 17th March Passover 7-13th April Baisaki 13th April Earth Day 22nd April

Have a great time until next time wishing you all the best.

Yasmin Allen

Stratford Picturehouse is giving away three annual memberships, plus additional goodies so if you want to enter just send in your name address stating “annual membership” by post as on the left hand side, or email Don’t forget to state where you picked the copy up from!

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Leyton life

Dare to choose the big black door Many generations ago, during one of the most turbulent of the desert wars in the Middle East, a spy was captured and sentenced to death by a general of the Persian army. The general, was intelligent and compassionate, and applied a peculiar rare custom in such cases. He allowed the condemned person to choose their fate. The prisoner could either face a firing squad or pass through the Black Door. As the moment of the execution drew near, the general ordered the spy to be brought before him for a final dialogue, the purpose of which was to receive the answer of the condemned man to the query: “What shall it be-the firing squad or the Black Door?” The prisoner hesitated, but soon made it known that he favoured the firing squad rather than face the unknown horrors, waiting behind the menacing and mysterious black door. A torrent of shots in the courtyard publicised that the grim sentence had been achieved. The general, staring at his boots, turned to his aide and said, “You see how it is with men; they will always prefer the known to the unknown. It is characteristic of people to be afraid of the undefined. Yet I gave him his choice.” “What lies beyond the Black Door?” queried

the aide. “Freedom,” replied the general, “and I’ve known only a few brave enough to take it.” How is this apt to the bad apples, quite simple given the feedback received people would much rather stick with the known, even if it is misery and injustice rather than try the unknown. Even if it is a grim choice rather than taking a “leap of faith” into the unknown for change, for something which could be better, people would rather stick with the equivalent to the fire squad. Known and unknown if only the options and outcome was clearly labelled more people may be brave enough to walk through the big black door. But sometimes we have to be able to want to make a change and if it means walking through the big black door then so let it be. Seek out your allies and go for it. The choice is yours Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. Philippians 4:13 Believe in better believe in yourself, believe in change. After all History was not made by following the Status Quo collectively we can all do so much more.

Mothering Sunday 18th of March

Since the 16th century mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is fair to say that although most of us may not need a specific day to acknowledge our mothers or women who may have played an important role in our lives; it is good to have a “special day” for them. So stock up on the flowers chocolates teddies etc… Leyton life



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by the Holiday Spot . com

St Patricks Day 17th March 2012 St Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland. True, he was not a born Irish. But he has become an integral part of the Irish heritage, mostly through his service across Ireland of the 5th century. Patrick was born in the later half of the 4th century AD. There are differing views about the exact year and place of his birth. According to one school of opinion, he was born about 390 A.D., while the other school says it is about 373 AD. Again, his birth place is said to be in either Scotland or Roman England. His real name was probably Maewyn Succat. Though Patricius was his Romanicized name, he later came to be familiar as Patrick. Patrick was the son of Calpurnius, a RomanBritish army officer. He was growing up as naturally as other kids in Britain. However, one day a band of pirates landed in south Wales and kidnapped this boy along with many others. Then they sold him into slavery in Ireland. He was there for 6 years, mostly imprisoned. This was when changes came to him. He dreamed of having seen God. Legend says, he was then dictated by God to escape with a getaway ship. Finally, he did escape and went to Britain then to France. There he joined a monastery and studied under St. Germain, the bishop of Auxerre. He spent around 12 years in training. And when he became a bishop he dreamed that the Irish were calling him back to Ireland to tell them about God. The Confessio, Patrick’s spiritual autobiography, is the most important document regarding this. It tells of a dream after his return to Britain, in which one


Victoricus delivered him a letter headed “The Voice of the Irish.” So he set out for Ireland with the Pope’s blessings. There he converted the Gaelic Irish, who were then mostly Pagans, to Christianity. He was confident in the Lord, he journeyed far and wide, baptizing and confirming with untiring zeal. And, in a diplomatic fashion he brought gifts to a kinglet here and a lawgiver there, but accepted none from any. Indeed, Patrick was quite successful at winning converts. Through active preaching, he made important converts even among the royal families. And this fact upset the Celtic Druids. Patrick was arrested several times, but escaped each time. For 20 years he had travelled throughout Ireland, establishing monasteries across the country. He also set up schools and churches which would aid him in his conversion. He developed a native clergy, fostered the growth of monasticism, established dioceses, and held church councils. Patrick’s doctrine is considered orthodox and has been interpreted as anti-Pelagian. Although he is not particularly noted as a man of learning, a few of his writings remain extant: his Confession, a reply to his detractors, and several letters. The Lorica (“Breastplate”), a famous hymn attributed to Patrick, may date to a later period. By the end of the 7th century Patrick had become a legendary figure, and the legends have continued to grow since then. There are many legends associated with St Patrick. It is said that he used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the concept of the Trinity; which refers to the combination of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Hence its strong

Leyton life

association with his day and name Legend also has that, Saint Patrick had put the curse of God on venomous snakes in Ireland. And he drove all the snakes into the sea where they drowned. True, these are mostly legends. But, after some 1500 years, these legends have been inseparably combined with the facts. And together they have helped us know much about the Saint and the spirit behind celebration of the day. Patrick’s mission in Ireland lasted for over 20 years. He died on March 17, AD 461. That day has been commemorated as St. Patrick’s Day ever since. The day’s spirit is to celebrate the universal baptization of Ireland. Though originally a Catholic holy day, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved

into more of a secular holiday. Or, rather, ‘be an Irish Day ‘. And the Irish has borne it as part of their national tradition in everywhere they populated and prospered. The Catholic feast day for this most loved of Irish saints has become a holiday in celebration of the Irish and Irish culture. The leprechaun, a Celtic fairy, has become entrenched as a chief symbol for this holiday, as is the shamrock, an ancient symbol for the triple goddess Brigit. It is fitting that this holiday should fall at the time of the year when the return of spring begins to seem at hand. But why the icons like the green colour, the tri-leafed shamrock, the leprechaun, or the pot of gold and Blarney’s stone- all came to be associated with the celebration of this Day?

Leyton life





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by David J. Abbott - M.D.

Leyton life

Happy Easter

LESSONS FROM THE BUTTERFLY Outward appearances are deceiving, so don’t be too quick to judge. Take caterpillars, for instance. Some caterpillars are a thing of beauty, but most of them aren’t much to look at. They crawl around like coloured worms, they eat leaves for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they have the personality of a sea slug. How many people have invited you over to look at their caterpillar collection? Few to none, I’ll bet. When God passed out good looks, he apparently skipped the caterpillars. After caterpillars mature, they spin a silken chrysalis around their plump body, and they go into what seems like hibernation. In the chrysalis stage, they’re not much to look at either. A chrysalis may represent outstanding engineering, but as a thing of beauty it’s an abject failure. Their chrysalis condo is simply their crash pad while God works the wonders of metamorphosis. When the butterfly finally emerges from the chrysalis, a miracle has happened. The former ugly duckling is now a thing of beauty. Colours splash across its wings and the former slug like plant eater now enjoys the freedom of flight. It spends the rest of its days flying from flower to flower sucking up the nectar of life. Everybody likes butterflies. These delicate flying palates of colour remind us how much God loves beautiful things. God didn’t have to make them beautiful. He could have made them look like flying slugs; just attach drab wings to a caterpillar’s body, and the job is done.

Perhaps God made butterflies to teach us lessons about life and make us more tolerant and less judgmental. We are all a work in progress and although were not butterflies yet, we can’t become butterflies without first being caterpillars. We’ve got to eat a lot of leaves and do a lot of growing before we blossom into our final state. Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a caterpillar by its colour. The caterpillar might not look like much now, but when God gets done with it, it will become a creature of splendour. Judging people harshly in their caterpillar stage is a big mistake. They are a work in progress, and what you see is not the finished product. Right now, a person may not look like much, but when God finishes working his miracle, a new person painted by God’s palette of love will emerge in awesome beauty. Don’t be quick to judge yourself in a harsh manner either; you also are a work in progress. Your caterpillar stage might not seem like fun, but God knows what He is doing. You have to be a caterpillar before you can become a butterfly; there is no other way. God is working behind the scenes, taking care of the details, and things are going to work out. God has a dream for your life that is better than you can imagine. When you get into agreement with His plan, there’s no limit to how good your life can become. David J. Abbott M.D.

Leyton life


Spring has Sprung Unfortunately, typical weather for us can sometimes be very erratic. One day we are basking in a sweltering heat wave and the next day torrential rain has struck, don’t forget the snow. Nevertheless when we have the first signs of spring we can still give a small jump for joy and be optimistic for the season ahead. With the seasons pleasant climate there’s now no need to turn on the central heating meaning our energy bills should be considerably lower. There’s no need to reach for the light switches quite as often, because now we have bright early morning sunshine that will last well into the afternoon


by Denise Rodgers

extending to the night when we reach the dazzling summer months. Some of us will now venture out through the back door into the long forgotten and neglected Garden. With thoughts of barbecues and lazy relaxing sun filled days. It’s definitely time to get the garden back into sociable shape. Home improvement projects are now at the fore front of some of our minds. With mild weather and plenty of daylight it’s a much welcomed boost to get the task done. Best of all with Spring there comes Bank Holidays and there’s so much or so little we can choose to do.

Leyton life

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Community information

what is happening, where and when? Multiple Sclerosis Society Waltham Forest Branch The last Wednesday in the month (Except January & July) 7.30pm onwards in St. Edmunds Small hall, corner of Larkswood Rd, and Chingford Mount Rd. New members and helpers welcome. Contact: John Short 8524 3454 or barbarafox@sky. com Harrow Green Library under 5’s club Every Tuesday 10.45-11.15 Story telling, toys, and sing along. The Cornerstone 149 Canterbury Road E10 Tel: 020 8558 2121 Tuesday Lunch Club 12:30-3:30pm £3.00 sign up/pre-booking required. For senior members of the community. Delicious lunch, entertainment. Chance to make to new friends and much more Zumba Tuesday 2pm-3pm Mums Bums and Tums Friday 9:30-10:30 £3.00 per class/£5.00 for 2 Creche available £1 per child pre booking required Thursday: Toddler group FREE!!!!! 9.15 - 11.15 Riverley Primary School


Park Road, Leyton E10 7BZ Monday (2 sessions): 11.00 am – 12.30 pm and 1.30 – 3.00 pm (for children under five). £2 per family. Christ Church Toddler Group 73 Francis Road, London, E10 6PL Mark Burkill 020 85394980 www.christchurchleyton. Tuesday term-time 9:15 to 11:15 am Lots of toys, stories, snack time, Music and lots of fun. Please join us! WEST ESSEX RAMBLERS We are a friendly rambling group with walks every Wed., Thurs., Sat., Sun. and sometimes other days as well. Our walks are of varying lengths in both the countryside and London. Sorry, no dogs. For a sample programme To list your free or community event send in details to Leyton Life. Always check with the organisers wherever possible before attending an event. www.walthamforest.

Leyton life

telephone 020 8502 1628, website www. For further details please contact Cynthia Ryan 0208 923-8505.

Picture House Stratford Events 0871 704 2066 SILVER SCREEN Every Wednesday, over 60’s can come to any matinee show for only £2.20, and get a complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits. KIDS’ CLUB Every Saturday morning, we show a selection of kids’ films, from family favourites to recent releases, with games and activities beforehand. Tickets cost £2.00 for Kids’ Club members, or £3.00 for non-members. MONDAY SPECIALS All tickets £3.50 on Mondays. (Excluding Bank Holidays) AUTISM-FRIENDLY SCREENINGS Autism-Friendly Screenings are especially for children and adults with autism and their family, friends or carers. These are run regularly.

How can we help you? Alzheimer’s Society Waltham Forest provides information, guidance and support to people worried about their memory, people with dementia, their carers and anyone needing information about dementia. If you are worried about your memory or you are caring for a relative or friend with memory problems please contact us Alzheimer’s Society Waltham Forest Waltham Forest Resource Centre (South)

T 020 8503 1613 Email

Mother’s Day Special, Saturday 17 March at The Mill, E17, 1-4.30pm A unique opportunity to browse and buy handmade arts and crafts from the local community of artists, makers and designers, in the cheerful setting of E17’s friendliest social space, The Mill, James Street. Whoever cares for you – mum, auntie, nan or anyone else – here’s a chance to say a special thank-you. With bags, purses, jewellery, prints, and homewares, E17 Designers has all the right gift ideas – and at prices that even younger customers can afford. Take the chance too to sample the relaxed atmosphere and inspirational spaces of The Mill, a community centre that is open to all and truly child-friendly. Browse, explore – and shop! The Mill is in the former St James Street Library, a building restored for use by the community, and for the community! Free entry. Raffle tickets for an E17 Designers Goody Bag (or two) will be sold in advance and on the day, with proceeds going to the upkeep of the Mill. For further information on advertising please call 07854 019 002 or email


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Leyton Life  

Free BI-monthly magazine, 5000 copies distributed in Leyton and surrounding areas.

Leyton Life  

Free BI-monthly magazine, 5000 copies distributed in Leyton and surrounding areas.