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Term 3 portfolio Leyton Bowen


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Term 3 reflection This term our class has done so many things that I might not remember all of the things we have done this term! First, I’ll start with the footy Father Son Night: Firstly I didn’t go to it but I heard there were lots of food and a lot of cheering. Now I’ll talk about something I did go to. Junior Concert- Just recently we had our SMS/BGS junior school concert. People enjoyed it, and people didn’t, as in the performers. The audience loved the concert and so did the teachers. I was one of the performers that loved it. But there was just one con- IT WAS HOT! But overall it was a great night and great weather. Now I’ll talk about the house cross country that I didn’t even go too, because I had a snowboarding competition. So I’ll talk about that instead. Well in the first race I got 33 rd and 6 seconds off nationals and in the second race I got 36th and got 6 seconds off nationals off again. Now I’ll talk about house public speaking: In house public speaking this term. The whole school had to write a 3 minute speech. Mine was on Shawn White a professional snowboarder. The concluder for the portfolio… This term has been fun and I hope everyone else has had a lot of fun. P.S We also have done portfolios this term. I think from my opinion, this is the one of the best portfolios I have done this term. I hope you enjoyed my portfolio and I hope you understand well of what I have done this term and thank you.

Leyton Bowen’s portfolio

This is my house public speaking speech.

Shaun White’s life Good morning Miss McMurtrie and fellow 6SK members, as you all know, my name is Leyton Bowen and I would like to talk to you about one of my idols, Shaun White, a champion snowboarder. I will talk about his achievements and his life growing up. First of all, Shaun White is a professional snowboarder. He has won many competitions and gold medals. For an example- Shaun white won every single snowboarding competition for 3 years. So that means that he didn’t even lose a competition for 3 year’s straight which I think is a really hard goal to beat. Shaun is 25 years old, and he was born in San Diego Shaun was born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. He needed two surgeries to help fix it. But not even a heart problem could have stopped Shaun from being active. He first started snowboarding when he was six years old after watching his older brother Jesse trying it. Shaun started entering amateur competitions a year later. After winning almost every snowboarding comp he entered, Shaun became sponsored by Burton and turned pro when he was just 13. Shaun was nicknamed Future Boy when he first started competing as a pro. He was only 13 but was already pushing the limits of snowboarding. Shaun established a rep for getting big air and tying together snowboarding tricks in ways that had never been done before. In 2003, Shaun dominated the Winter X Games and every other event he entered. He won the gold medal in the slope style and the super pipe and also took out the best-athlete award. A month later, Shaun became the youngest snowboarder to win the US Open Slope style Championship. Shaun has won medals every year he has participated in the Winter X Games. He now has 28 medals, 17 of which are gold! After setting new standards in the world of snowboarding, Shaun decided to try his skills on the skateboard. He was so good that he joined Tony Hawk on his Gigantic Skate Park Tour in 2002 and made his pro skateboarding debut at the 2003 Slam City Jam. Shaun is also very creative - he is the only skater to attempt a 10-80, although he is yet to land it. But I have no doubt that he will. Thank you

Term 3 reflection maths This term our class (6SK) has worked on a lot of different things. We have worked on passing time, division, a little bit of subtraction and a tiny bit of fractions. We have done tests and gone outside to figure out measurements. This term a couple of weeks ago we did a test. It was a 4 page test with 51 questions. I did a really good job in the test. My score was 41 out of 50 which means I got an ‘A’ which I think in my opinion; ‘A’ is a really good score to finish with. “Homework” This term in maths we have been asked to complete a maths sheet or task. We have mainly been set a task on Mathletics. Usually if we don’t complete our task or sheet we have to finish it in library otherwise if we don’t complete it we have to go to homework club on a Thursday after school.

“Here’s a picture of two tasks we have completed this term”

ENGLISH TERM THREE REFLECTION Well first of all, I’m going to talk to about the homework we have done this term: This term we have done about 9 weeks of homework. Every week we have done a sheet to complete and a list of 10 words. It’s the same routine as last term where there are 3 different lists. List number 1 is the hardest level of the 3 lists. List 2 is the second hardest of the 3 lists, and lucky last, list 3, the easiest of all. What we have done this term: This term we have mainly worked on spelling, grammar and editing skills. The whole class (6SK) works on the sheet

with Ms McMurtrie and sometimes at the end of the sheet we do it by ourselves. We have also done some spelling tests, where if you get to a certain score you move up a level. The whole class only did it twice because we never really got time to do it. Here are 2 pictures of a part of a worksheet.

Specialists This term we have had a lot of fun in our specialists. Our class has 5 specialists. The specialists are science, music, art, library and PE. Firstly I’ll talk about science. This term science has basically been assignments, assignments and assignments. Well Only two assignments but still, they were big ones. This term we have been working on the Great Barrier Reef and we have found many interesting facts. Now I’ll talk about music. Music- This term has been action packed in music. We have worked on mainly Gustav Holst, a famous accompanist. He has written many songs and the main songs/albums we have been working on are the Planets. A very successful and huge album. Now I’ll talk about art. Art- This term art has been my favourite term of all, we’ll all of the terms were so much fun. But in this term we have done oil pastels colours and now were creating stained glass windows. It’s really fun, and at the start of the term, we got set a 10 question test for colours. It was a fun test. A FUN TEST! Can you believe that? It’s probably the favourite school test of my life, and by the way, my results for the test were 10/10! Now I’ll move onto library. Library- This term in art has been like normal, except there was one test. I can’t remember the result because the score comes into the 1 thousands. But I remember getting a really good result. Also just

recently we had book week and it was a really fun project. The visitors that visit Berwick grammar every once and a while, said to Miss Cole,” WOW! Were these books made by the year 9’s “and Miss Cole said, “No No No they were made by the grade 6’s “and they were really surprised and proud of the effort we have put in to the books. Now I’ll talk about P.E, the last but not least! P.E- This term in P.E we have done a sport that I thought I never wanted to play until I played it. I’ll tell you about that later. Let’s move on to what we first started playing this term. Well first, we started with hockey. That was so fun I didn’t want to leave it. Secondly, we moved on to le-cross. That was really fun to. But we only did that for only about a week. Now let’s move on to rugby. The game I never wanted to play. So on the first day of it, we played a game of it. It was tough rugby not tackle rugby. I got in to the game because I got a superb tri. Then the next game we played, I got a run through the whole other team and did a great pass to Battye and then got called because my tags were an inch to forward so it was hard for the opposition to pull the tag off me.

Term 3 UOI

This term in UOI our class and the other grade 6 classes has worked on ‘sharing the planet’ and ‘how we express our selves’. We fist did sharing the planet and that assignment was an energy efficient. We had to choose a type of power and research on the type of power. I chose to work on solar power. The assignment was letter type thing and we had to give it to Tony Smith ‘the leader of the city of Casey’. We had to do the intro and then move on the assignment step by step. Eventually we presented our assignments in front of the class. We got marked a score which I can’t remember mine but a few people got a really amazing score. But I won’t mention names. After that assignment, our class (6SK) and the other grade 6 class (6LM) got given a new assignment. This assignment is ‘how we express our selves’. We have to write a script and then either do a video, a play in front of the class or a puppet show. I won’t mention names who’s in my group but I think we’re really struggling because one of us keeps deleting the movie and is starting it all over again I think we need to start working as a better group. I also think that we’ll struggle to finish it. But I can’t always be right. ‘Here are some pictures from UOI this term’.

Individual Learning Plan Semester 2 Student Name: Leyton Bowen Year Level: 6 “Virtute et Labore” “Strength through Effort”



Well done Leyton on setting yourself some achievable goals for this semester. To be become a better maths student is a very broad statement. Which area in particular do you want to focus on? Firstly you need to identify that then we can come up with some strategies to implement to help you improve in these areas. To further improve your skills in football, you need to train specifically for it! Kicking the footy at lunchtime and going for a few runs here and there is not something that will lead to sustained improvement. Set aside some time to work with your brother on these elements and stick to it. The more you train the harder you play!! When in class, it is always a good idea to keep eye contact with the teacher, and also to ask questions when you are confused. The chances are that someone else probably has the same question. To avoid getting distracted in class there are two things that you can do. One is to ensure you are not surrounded by anyone who you think may distract you, and the second is to CONCENTRATE! Give yourself every chance of being the best you can be. Good Luck.

Signatures: Student: Teacher:

Academic goals!!! 1. I want to be a better maths student by using my signature strength which is music by listening to maths songs while playing my drums 2: Academic goal!!! I want to get better at my football kicks and my leg strength by kicking the footy with my brother and making me run so I get stronger legs. Behavioural goals!!! I think I should not be talking as much in home room because when the teacher stops talking I’m still speaking. I think I should start being more focussed on the teacher not people from the other side of the class or the people from my side of the class so I can get work done to be a better worker. Attitude goal: I want to be known at this school from being fair, fun and niceď Š

MICUPS: Space & Vision (20), Logic and Maths (20), Music (29), Word (18), Body (18), People (17), Self (19)

Portfolio leyton term 3  

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