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Observación. 2.Planteamient o del problema. 3.-Hipótesis. 4..Experiment ación. 5.Conclusión. 6.- Ley o Teoria.

Método 1.Científico

Egipci os Tales de Mileto Demócrit (Aire) o (Existía un átomo) Metalur gia (Metale s)


Alquími a

Momifica ción

Piedr a filosofal . Fuent e de la juventu d.

Química General. Química Analítica -Cualitativa -Cuantitativa Química Orgánica Química Inorgánica Química Fisicoquímica Bioquímica

Ramas de la Química

Temas de la química!

• Fórmula molecular es la relación entre, los tipos de átomos y el numero real de cada uno en una molécula • Las que solo indican el número relativo de átomos para cada tipo en una molécula es lo que llamamos empíricas.

• Es una medida para determinar la cantidad de masa contenida en un determinado volumen

• Es el número de moles de soluto por kilogramo de disolvente.

• Se define como los moles (moléculas de gramo) de soluto disueltos en un litro de solución

• Enlace iónico: fuerza de electrostática que une a los iones en un compuesto. • Enlace covalente: los electrones son compartidos por dos átomos. • Enlace simple : se unen dos átomos por medio de un par de electrones • Enlace doble: dos átomos compartes dos pares de electrones .


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1. What inspire you to work? Ingrid Guas said: the death of my husband and my two children’s, I only want a better future for them, so I Started working and nowadays I have 8 years for been working and I don't want to give up. MARIELA BERGANZA

2. Is it difficult for you to work and to be a mom at the same time? Adela de la Piedad (systems engineering) said: No, it requires more effort but one manages to organize and that both children as the mother become accustomed to the pace of life. Wing time helps the children to have a life more independent. And in addition it is exploiting its professional achievement without neglecting the family. GRECIA ARBIZĂš

3. What is your favorite thing about working? Why? Yuri Joachin (Secretary, assistance) said: Is do service because I love to Help the people with their Stuff and bring my help to anyone who need it. ALEJANDRA COTTON

4. Was it difficult for you to find a job since you are a women? Zulma Elizabeth Belteton Salazar (architect) said: Yes , for lack of employment opportunities within the circle working career. Because competition is very tight work. Since the field of construction is monopolized. LEYRA BELTETON

5. Influences some aspect by which you work now? Hanjara Alfaro ( teacher ) said: Because I love my profession, because i love work with children’s, and I want to get many teaching experience. CHRISTIAN ALFARO

6. If women didn’t have the opportunity to work, that would be the consequence? Angela Gomez said: The world economy would be worse because we would not have another thought that might help with world economic development. The work of women is very important now because years ago the women have been highlighted with a wider than men's thinking and also have made important discoveries. KATHERIN GALICIA




Integrantes del equipo: Christian Alberto Alfaro Mariela Barganza Grecia Arbizu Katherine Galicia Leyra Beltetòn

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