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Cervical lymphadenopathy - differential diagnosis 

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all causes of generalized lymphadenopathy may present as inguinal lymphadenopathy but anatomical considerations make certain conditions more likely

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Cervical lymphadenopathy Lymphadenopathy Generalized lymphadenopathy - differential diagnosis

Infections Upper respiratory infections: Pharyngitis:       

streptococcal pharyngitis infectious mononucleosis peritonsillar abscess retropharyngeal abscess adenoviral pharyngitis coxsackievirus A pharyngitis diphtheria

Other upper respiratory infections:          

upper respiratory infection (URI) influenza avian influenza pertussis acute epiglottitis respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in infants and children respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in adults measles mumps rubella

Skin infections:       

impetigo folliculitis cellulitis erysipelas skin abscess tinea capitis cat-scratch disease

Other infections:    

    

  

HIV infection brucellosis CMV infection oral and dental infections o acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis o periodontitis o stomatitis epidemic typhus Rocky Mountain spotted fever rubella scarlet fever syphilis o syphilis (primary phase) o syphilis (secondary phase) o latent syphilis o syphilis (tertiary phase) tuberculosis (TB) latent tuberculosis typhus

Neoplasms White blood cell proliferative disorders:     

Hodgkin disease Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) leukemia myelodysplastic syndrome mycosis fungoides

Head and neck cancers:   

head and neck cancers (including oral cavity, pharyngeal, and laryngeal cancers) salivary gland tumors thyroid cancer

o o o o

follicular thyroid carcinoma medullary thyroid carcinoma papillary thyroid carcinoma undifferentiated thyroid carcinoma

Other cancers:      

esophageal cancer (squamous cell or adenocarcinoma) thymoma squamous cell carcinoma of skin hepatocellular carcinoma Kaposi sarcoma melanoma

Other Conditions Connective tissue diseases:     

rheumatoid arthritis (RA) Sjogren syndrome systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) -- systemic-onset adult onset Still disease

Bites and stings:    

brown recluse spider bite black widow spider bite chigger bite mammalian bite

Other causes:           

anorexia nervosa bulimia chronic recurrent parotitis Kawasaki disease Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease (Kikuchi's disease, histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis) (Orphanet J Rare Dis 2006 May 23;1:18 ) sarcoidosis in adults sarcoidosis in children serum sickness PFAPA syndrome - periodic fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis, and cervical adenitis (Semin Pediatr Surg 2006 May;15(2):99) Mucha-Haberman disease (Lancet 2009 May 2;373(9674):1576) Rosai-Dorfman disease (Semin Pediatr Surg 2006 May;15(2):99)

Medications Medications that can cause lymphadenopathy:             

allopurinol (Zyloprim) atenolol (Tenormin) captopril (Capoten) carbamazepine (Tegretol) gold (Ridaura) hydralazine (Apresoline) penicillin V phenytoin (Dilantin) primidone (Mysoline) pyrimethamine (Daraprim) quinidine (Quinaglute) trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim) sulindac (Clinoril)

Guidelines and Resources Guidelines: 

American College of Radiology (ACR) Appropriateness Criteria for neck mass/adenopathy can be found at ACR 2009 PDF or at National Guideline Clearinghouse 2010 Dec 5:15745

Review articles: 

    

review of evaluation of lymphadenopathy can be found in Am Fam Physician 1998 Oct 15;58(6):1313, commentary can be found in Am Fam Physician 1999 Jun;59(11):2984 review of lymphadenopathy can be found in Mayo Clin Proc 2000 Jul;75(7):723 (Am Fam Physician 2001 Jan 1;63(1):138) review of cervical lymphadenitis, suppurative parotitis, thyroiditis, and infected cysts can be found in Infect Dis Clin North Am 2007 Jun;21(2):523 review of acute, subacute, and chronic cervical lymphadenitis in children can be found in Semin Pediatr Surg 2006 May;15(2):99 review of management of cervical lymphadenitis in children can be found in Am Fam Physician 2008 Nov 1;78(9):1097 brief what you should do review of neck swelling in children can be found in BMJ 2012 May 8;344:e3171

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