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Lower level Friends of the Library Reading Area Named in honor of the Friends of the Library—an organization dedicated to supporting the library’s ongoing development—this reading area features several college publications including the Microcosm yearbook and The Dickinsonian newspaper.

Archives & Special Collections

This room houses most of the library’s East Asian language collection, which consists of monographs, journals and DVDs in Chinese and Japanese, as well as a small collection of Korean titles. With its beautiful design, this room is one of the best places on campus to read.

Part library and part museum, this section of the library houses Dickinson College records and artifacts, rare books and various sources of information related to the college’s history. Highlights include the Norris book collection and Joseph Priestley’s scientific instruments. The Archives & Special Collections staff also maintains several digital collections including the James Buchanan Resource Center, which explores the life and times of the U.S. president and Dickinson alumnus.

The Nest

Information Commons Classroom

Upper level East Asian Studies Reading Room

Equipped with a fireplace, the nest is a comfortable spot to curl up with some school work, chat with friends or even to take a nap.

Government Documents The library also is a federal depository and has a small collection of government documents, including resources related to agriculture, geology, the environment and elections.

For more information about the Waidner-Spahr Library, visit

This “smart” classroom has a faculty workstation and is chock-full of computers for in-class student use.

Information Commons Equipped with 32 computers with scanners, the Information Commons serves as a vital center for student and faculty technology use.

Journals In addition to a vast collection of print journals, the library provides access to hundreds of online databases, which link to thousands of full-text journals.


Waidner-Spahr Library

Main level Touch-Screen Kiosk This kiosk provides important information to library users, including library hours, up-to-the-minute availability of the building’s public computers, interactive library maps and the availability of study rooms.

Dickinson Mermaid When Benjamin Latrobe designed Old West, he wanted a weathervane in the likeness of a triton to be placed on top of the building’s cupola. But the local coppersmith didn’t know what a triton was and fashioned a mermaid instead. The mermaid has been a beloved Dickinson symbol ever since. The subject of pranks throughout the years, the mermaid has ridden a bicycle atop Old West and, in a separate incident, was nearly lost to auction after being stolen. Today, the original mermaid resides safely in the library, and a replica adorns Old West.

Stafford Reading Area The warm midday light from floorto-ceiling windows makes the Stafford Reading Area a great place to grab a seat in a comfortable leather chair, sip some coffee and read your favorite newspaper or magazine.

The library retains core reference materials in print and also provides access to current electronic resources.

Circulation Desk

Faculty Publications This display provides a glimpse into the recent work of the accomplished Dickinson faculty.

Student Artwork

Blumberg Reading Area

The recent works of Dickinson’s talented student photography club are on display near the circulation desk. Additional student photos and works by recipients of the college’s Weiss Prize are hanging throughout the library.

DVDs The library has a robust and ever-expanding DVD collection, which includes documentaries and other films for academic use, as well as feature films for general viewing. With a collection like this, who needs Blockbuster?

Dickinson Reads A departure from the research-centered library collection, this shelf highlights recent literature and nonfiction titles for leisure reading.

Students struggling to write a paper or who don’t understand a writing assignment can make an appointment with the Writing Center. Trained student tutors offer helpful advice at any stage of the writing process.

Reference Collection

This desk is a one-stop shop for accessing all of the library’s services, including borrowing items like books, DVDs and laptops, getting course-reserve and interlibrary-loan materials, and seeking reference assistance from the college’s librarians.

This is the site of many of the library’s events. The library sponsors informal faculty talks and hosts its renowned peanut butter and jelly sandwich nights during exams.

Writing Center

Sharp Media Room This room can be used for watching movies or listening to music, so pull up a couch and push “play.”

Liaison Librarian Offices Anyone requiring research assistance—from tackling the library databases to citing resources in a paper—can stop by the circulation desk for a referral to a librarian. Librarians meet face-to-face with library users, and they won’t even make you use your quiet voice. Librarians also can be contacted by e-mail, phone and live chat.

Stacks (main & upper levels) The library’s book collection contains more than 510,000 volumes. In addition to the items located in the Waidner-Spahr Library, there is a small science library in Tome, a map library in Kaufman and a nearby storage site.


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