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Taking care of your HAIR this summer

Being Miss


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couple was asked how they managed to stay together for 65 years and their response was quite unique they said we lived at a time when if something is broken we fix it not throw it away. When we are happy we enjoy the music and when we are sad we understand the lyrics. Love is a beautiful thing when it comes from the heart. Love is patient, true, kind, knows no conditions, it brings happiness and brings out the natural care. It is with great joy that we are now publishing our 3rd issue. Your support is overwhelming, especially when we added the pregnant diaries in the 2nd Issue. In this 3rd Issue we have also brought in entrepreneurship and love diaries which are based on true stories that people are experiencing. Be Real and Stay True to Yourself

Lena Mapfumo

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

#ZimCelebs: local



social media hub

N THIS era of technology, social media has proved to be the gigantic tool of advertising and digital marketing. Social media marketing helps to validate your brand. A company’s social media presence, when done correctly, tells consumers that their brand is active and focused on thriving communication with consumers. ... Social media marketing has the power to increase customer loyalty. From 2017, the up-to-date ZimCelebs page, founded by Lewis John, a Zimbabwean SMI in February, now commands a following of over 80 000 Instagram users. They have managed to dominate the local social media landscape. It has proven that it is a viable business tool over the last decade as most companies have adopted social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, blogs) as marketing platforms for advertising, we have also witnessed the rise to fame of individuals as they have become social media influencers because of a huge following and the creative content they provide for their followers. He says “I started blogging as an experiment. I had several ideas that I was particularly interested in that I thought I could be fairly good at in the entertainment business (music, acting, dancing etc). “As an experiment it was wildly successful in that I learned so much about creating content, social media, branding, and the blogger platform. ZimCelebs’ goal is to uplift new talent by giving them a platform to showcase their work whilst giving established artistes a home to engage with a broader audience. It has managed to attract a number of influential artistes to their platform,local clothing brands, music promoters and church leaders to name a few. He reckons “If you use social media wisely you will enjoy the rewards, listen and get ideas from your audience (through their comments etc), have confidence in yourself and give value to others you will be able to accomplish all your goals.



Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

Entrepreneurship as a highway to success How to create a start-up and maintain a competitive edge. 5

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

Entrepreneurship as a highway to success


ODAY’S generation has started taking risks and starting up their own small businesses hence taking more ownership and control of the local economy. The populace is slowly getting rid of the mentality that being an employee is the best way to sustain a living and to be recognized in society, small businesses are rapidly opening and being advocated for as a way of enhancing growth of our informal economy through enhanced sustainability. An entrepreneur is an individual who, rather than working as an employee, founds and runs a business that can vary in terms of sizes. The individual is normally seen as someone who creates or innovates a certain product or service, in other words, an entrepreneur is able to find solutions to problems and provide where there is a shortage. Entrepreneurs play a key role in our Zimbabwean economy. They have the skills and edge necessary to anticipate current and future needs and bring new and better ideas to the different markets. Entrepreneurs take risks in terms of investment and time, if successful they are rewarded by great profits, a good brand and continued growth opportunities, if they fail they become less prevalent in the society and eventually face closure. All the factors that are important to the entrepreneur in a standard business are critical to their sustainability. Sustainable entrepreneurship is builds on the basics of entrepreneurship and extends it to encompass addressing especially social concerns through the creation of new enterprises and innovation in existing enterprises. Sustainable businesses recognize change by understanding that the consuming public is becoming

increasingly concerned about these challenges to a sustainable world. These changes create market opportunities for sustainability-focused businesses. The market opportunity includes the opportunity to address concerns about sustainability by providing new products and services that reduce energy and natural resource use. How to create a new start-up There is a new time for everything, what is important is to do it right the first time and not face challenges in the long run, prevention is always better than cure, here are some tips on how to establish a start-up: 1) Conduct a research on the market you want to penetrate. Research and research! Learning is a continuous aspect in every one’s life. Research on the market you want to penetrate, the competitor, the companies that have fell and that have succeeded in that market or industry, get even a mentor to help and advise you — someone who has been successful in the industry and market you want to penetrate. 2) Have a clear vision, purpose and values. Create your own organisational culture that will set your start-up apart from other small businesses and that will clearly define who you are. Your vision, mission and values should be very clear to your internal as well as external customers. 3) Make a strong marketing strategy Make your products and services known on every platform, digital marketing is now prominent, reaches a larger populace and is also affordable than traditional means.


4) Human Resource Even a small start-up will need a few skilled people, use the closest and most affordable skills you may find. 5) Execution. Nothing can occur unless one takes action, the last and most important tip to creating a strong start-up is to take into action whatever you have put on paper and set deadlines and targets for it. Ways entrepreneurs can gain a competitive advantage: 1) Become a people developer. Develop the internal customers first within your small business, they should be brand ambassadors and keen to spread information about your organization. 2) Create a strong support base through exquisite customer service and care. 3) Do away with fear of failure. Never regret why you started and never fear failure. Once you start a business there is always that risk as there are always changes in the environment, be open to new ideas and always intend to diversify, if one product or service does not become successful, be ready to go back on the drawing board. Do not give up. 4) Do what you’re passionate about. In most cases, one’s dream job may not always be the best decision financially and also in terms of following your calling and purpose. Sometimes your hobbies are best kept as projects in your spare time for fun. Being an entrepreneur is following your vision and a full time job in terms of managing.

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018



SOCIALITE-CUM-ARTS promoter Tonderai “The General” Rimaunga rose to prominence in 2016 after a tribute song dedicated to him by rising Afro-fusion outfit Dzimbahwe Crew — Changamire Gurundoro — became an instant hit, receiving favourable airplay across local radio stations. Since then he has made a name for himself in the entertainment and arts fraternity by financially supporting young and upcoming artistes to record songs, videos and plays. Also known in entertainment circles as Changamire Gurundoro — Rimaunga, in an interview with this publication, pleaded with corporates, recording companies, music and arts promoters to continue supporting local talent in the form of upcoming artistes and the less privileged in society. “We hope more promoters will emulate us and come out in support of talented artistes who are struggling to record their music owing to the tough economic conditions,” he said.

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018


Best describes music duo Chimana

Who is Chimana? Chimana is an outfit comprising Karville (Tatenda Kamota) and Musso (Tinashe Musoni) and a family on steroids behind the scene. Which genre do you do? We call our genre afro-everything because we basically mix different genres but adding an African vibe to it but it generally falls under afropop. Which two words best describe

you? Good vibe

stream artistes but its high time we release and produce our own music.

What made your passion for music grow?

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in the music industry?

We love music, super passion for sound and good sound and VIBE that resemble Zimbabwe and Urban Pop at the same time.

In the next 5 years we won’t only be talking about Chimana when it comes to music but in all urban lifestyle parameters.

What has been your greatest achievements in the industry?

When should we expect another track?

We both have participated in writing and producing hit songs for main-

In November, we dropped our second single with a video called “Kajuice”.


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

We are also set to unveil our third single. How would you rate your single “love yepagoshto”? As an introduction (debut single) “Love yepagoshto” represents what we are about as Chimana from the sound, lingo, vibe and fashion and we awesome :-) so 10/10 Your role Model? We don’t have a specific role model but models because we grew up lis-

tening to different genres, old school RnB, funk, local urban grooves, sungura etc. So we are mixing everything, you might bump into a Marvin Gaye mixed with System Tazvida in our music so brace yourselves. To name a few Ishmael Lo, Bundu Boys, Fela Kuti, Oliver Mtukudzi and Nekka Ladies would be really interested to know if you are taken or not? One of us is taken one of us is not. What’s your definition of music?


Music is an art and cultural expression which uses sound as the medium organized in time; but to us music is just life because everything possesses a unique sound and it is from nature and our surroundings (environment and experiences ). We get motivation even from the sound made by the shower when you take a bath, heels when you are walking, pop sound of the toaster, spoon when stirring your tea and many more sounds as your day progresses organize that in time and what we have is music.

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

BEING Miss Purple


ISS Purple is a mother, a wife a daughter, a sister and friend. She describes herself as a Planner, further explaining she says “I am generally a natural planner when it comes to my day to day lifestyle. I write literally everything down and then make planned decisions on the notes I take down. As a woman in business,a mother,and a wife I cannot afford to live an unplanned lifestyle otherwise all becomes chaotic. I always say, wake up and make something happen otherwise something will happen to you without your consent. As far as events planning is concerned I could say I have a bit of experience in that as I have worked on a number of events in Dubai alongside my husband hosting Zimbabwean artists in partnership with The BodySlam family. We hosted the likes of Killer T, Stunner, EX Q, Tocky Vibes, Shinsoman, Soul jah Love, Sir Calaz Dj Winnie from South Africa to least but a few. All these were successful events tapping into bringing together Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, I guess that is why I am my husband’s PA. I am a planner. She says, “At some point in my life I was addicted to the colour Purple and I didn’t even realise it, so one of my friends was like “hmmm Nyarie “everyday ukungo pfeka Purple uchatonzi Miss Purple” and boom Miss Purple it was just like that. Then I noticed almost everything I had was linked to Purple, my clothes, my bedroom covers, my kitchen utensils even my buckets. I woke up to realise that the colour purple defines me as it means, clear research on the definition of purple “Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The colour purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. The colour purple is a rare occurring colour in nature and as a result is often seen as having sacred meaning. Lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are considered delicate and precious. The colour purple has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves, enhancing the sacred, creating feelings of spirituality, increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, and encouraging imagination and creativity. Purple is associated spirituality, the sacred, higher self, passion, third eye, fulfilment, and vitality. Purple helps align oneself with the whole of the universe. Different shades, tints, and hues of purple have different meanings.

Light purple hues represent feminine energy and delicacy, as well as romantic and nostalgic feelings. Dark purple hues evoke feelings of gloom, sadness, and frustration. Bright purple hues suggest riches and royalty. Light purple or lavender is a feminine, graceful, elegant colour that has long been associated with refined, wealthy women. While the colour purple represents royalty, lavender represents beauty and femininity. Lavender is the “grownup” pink. Its lighter lavender shades have a sacred place in nature, with lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers considered delicate and precious. The colour lavender suggests uniqueness and specialness without the deep mystery of the colour purple. Too much purple brings out qualities of irritability, impatience, and arrogance. Too little purple brings out feelings of powerlessness, negativity, and apathy. B e cause t h e purple


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

colour is created by combining a strong warm with a strong cool colour, the colour retains both warm and cool properties. On one hand, the colour purple can boost imagination and creativity, on the other, too much purple can cause moodiness. Throughout history, purple robes were worn by royalty and people of authority or high rank. Many believe this to be true because the rare occurrence of purple in nature made it one of the most expensive colour dyes to create. The United States Military awards the Purple Heart to soldiers wounded in battle. In Thailand, purple is the colour of mourning for widows. Purple or violet gemstones are believed to increase your imagination, remove perceived spiritual obstacles, calm confrontations, and re-energize the learning of new things. That’s a lot about Purple its Cleary, shows a lot of passion for purple. Everyone has someone they look up too who her role model is Cynthia B i -

zure Sithole. She is a humble successful business woman, she started from the bottom and worked hard all the way up and she is also a wife and mother a God fearing one to top it all.


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018


Popularly known as the “King of the Runway” by his fan base, he is a flexible, persuasive and bold self-starter who is meticulous. 12

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

TWENTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD, Zimbabwean professional model & multi award-winning male model. A very dynamic and ambitious individual with an internationally recognized influence. Shadel holds several accolades in the competitive Arts industry. A fierce, hardworking model whose purpose is to inspire by making an impact in every sphere of influence whether economically, socially, culturally or even spiritually. Has successfully been a part of various runway shows and events such as Mpumalanga Fashion and Design Week, Intwasa Fashion Show Bulawayo, Jan Jam Men’s Fashion Show Harare, Botswana Fashion Without Borders, Swaziland Fashion Week, Tshwane Fashion Festival (South Africa), Lexis South Africa Menswear Fashion Week. Titles Male model of the year 2015, Outstanding model 2017, Best International model 2017, male model of the year 2017, Outstanding male model 2018, Best Runway model 20172018. Mr Zimbabwe 2017-2018. Brand Ambassador: The Livingstone Gaden Trust and Edgars



Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018


Prince Tino’s birth

The preggie drama began as soon as I found out I was pregnant, the tiredness, laziness got worse by the day, I enjoyed sleeping more and more (naturally I love sleeping but this was worse and uncontrollable). I would feel sick and not understand what was wrong with me although this didn’t last long. During my pregnancy journey I didn’t really fall sick like I hear other people do. I would only do the prenatal visits because it was a must but not because I was feeling sick. I resigned from work because I couldn’t spend long hours without sleeping. Fast forward on the day we went for our 1st scan we both were curious to know the sex of the baby but hey we went too early but just seeing the foetus in my womb was the best feeling ever I even cried. The whole time I was preg-

nant I kind of really didn’t believe I had a life growing inside me till the day I gave birth, don’t ask me why because I don’t know too. I really wanted to show off my baby bump, but it took about 6/7 months for it to really show I was pregnant, but my face would show, big nose black marks in short, I looked ugly and I knew it, make up couldn’t even hide it. My number 1 fan (hubby) would always say u look beautiful honey, it was his duty to make me feel good especially because I was carrying his son that was the least he could do, massages I would get any day I like anything I wanted I would get if he could. I remember 1 night I craved for minute maid tropical flavour at around 2am and we didn’t have it in the fridge that was the worst news for my life I literally cried I felt like my world was going to end if


I didn’t have it that moment I couldn’t wait till dawn so he had to make a plan and boom superman did, but by the time he came back I was over it and I had moved on, I didn’t want it anymore but ungadii, hapana (what can you do) l. I thank God for my husband he was by my side all the time he made the whole journey a lot easier, our love grew stronger and it had a whole different mature feeling. I hear other women sex drive decreases during pregnancy or they actually hate their husbands but for me it was a different story I always wanted him close to me and Zimbos (Zimbabweans) being Zimbos they would say “haaa mwana musikana” yet the scan had said it’s a Prince so for a while I got continued on: P15

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

Pregnancy diaries: Prince Tino’s birth

Continued from: P14 worried had the scan shown us the wrong gender, but I didn’t want to go back to confirm. As the due date got closer I got more and more tired I couldn’t stand it. For all my life I prayed to have a September baby because that’s my birth month too but and my EDD was 31 Aug so 1st days I prayed “Lord let it be days after my EDDâ€? And God answered and made it 2 Sept 2018, but 1 Aug I was already SOOO tired and I didn’t care if the baby was going to be an August baby I wanted the journey to be over but God had answered my prayer already đ&#x;˜‚ so be careful on what u wish/pray for. I hated how I looked how I was as a person, I felt like Nary had gone somewhere far and this wasn’t the Nyarie I knew I missed myself like crazy. I didn’t want the camera anywhere close to me, but somehow Lexxyrue (God bless her for me I have beautiful memories because of her) managed to drag me for a photoshoot l wasn’t looking as bad as I thought, thank God for whoever brought face beat for us. On the other hand, this baby loved eating I wasn’t choosy at all when it came to food I would eat anything that is eatable but tea and freezits were my favourite anytime was tea/freezit time for me, sometimes I would want them one after the other, I still don’t understand how but yah it was like that.


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018


OMETIMES WE THINK LOVE IS FOR SPECIFIC PEOPLE AND WE END UP THINKING LOVE DOESN’T EXIST. LOVE NOWADAYS IS SEEN AS ANCIENT THING, THESE DAYS MANY THINK ITS ALL ABOUT TOLERANCE AND COMPROMISING BUT REALLY IS THAT ALL THERE IS TO LOVE. I THINK LOVE GOES BEYOND THAT, LOVE IS THE CARE, DOING THINGS UNCONDITIONALLY, BEING HAPPY, BEING SAD TOGETHER, SUPPORTING EACH OTHER, FEELING EACH OTHER’S PAIN. MY OWN DEFINITION OF LOVE IS A STRONG FEELING OF DEEP AFFECTION AND A GREAT PLEASURE AND INTEREST IN SOMEONE. AS I STARTED THE LOVE DIARIES THEY ARE BASED ON TRUE STORIES THAT REALLY HAPPEN, TO REVIVE LOVE AND MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT LOVE EXISTS, IT’S JUST A MATTER OF TIME TILL YOU FIGURE OUT THE RIGHT PARTNER. IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT BEING PERFECT AND FINDING THE RIGHT MATCH BUT ITS ABOUT ENHANCING AND SEEING GOOD IN THE FLAWS THAT OUR PARTNERS HAVE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ADAPTING TO EACH OTHER. Here goes my story ONE early Monday morning as l was leaving home for work, waiting by the road for a taxi to come but it took a while. Then a silver tinted Benz passed, after it had moved a distance it started reversing, surprisingly it stopped when it got to me and there was a handsome young man, he took my breathe away just by a single glance. He said “Hie where are you going?” I answered “Hey am going to work”. Then he asked the route I was using I told him am going via Mbare and he asked if I worked in Mbare. At that moment I felt offended not that there is anything wrong with it, I said to myself this guy has a lot of nerves. He wanted to use the Seke Road route, he insisted on giving me a ride, but I rejected. After he saw I wasn’t going to say yes, he asked for my number, though deeply I really wanted to go with him, but my ego didn’t let me, something about him had captured my attention I wasn’t sure what it was though.


I gave him my number and I always give the number with one last wrong digit wrong, but surprisingly to him I asked for his phone to make sure I had given him the correct number. When I got to work I told my best friend about this guy and I called him a killer because of the way he was insisting to offer me a ride. The day passed, and I was so waiting for his call and nothing came through, I just thought to myself maybe I had given him the wrong number. The next day after I was done with work he called, we met that evening and I found him to be sweet and amazing. As days went by he showed me a lot of care and would go out of his way for me and didn’t complain. As the days passed I grew fond of him and we would joke together. I told my close friend this guy is bad news the way he changes my thinking and the way I thought that love was nothing but just a mere word with no actual meaning. He made me realise what love is real and am glad he did. We carried on until we both fell in love and for the 1st time it felt so good and meaningful, coming from him. As we talked I realised that the very day we had fallen in love was actually the day we met. It was love at first sight as I am saying it and as you read it, I know it sounds like a fairytale but that’s how I got my Prince Charming. Just when I least expected it love rearranged my whole world and I keep telling him how happy he makes me feel, but then he keeps saying I haven’t started there is more to the happiness you feel right now. We are not perfect we both have our flaws, but we are making the best out of them and the love keeps growing stronger. If I could find love so can you, it’s a matter of time and patience till you get your match. And there is no such thing as Mr Right, but you will get someone close to it, just have the right mind. Don’t look for love let it find you, just be true and kind. Miss Lexxy

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018


ashion at a glimpse ot #what’s H


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018


“There are some basic and easy rules to protecting your hair — the most obvious being wearing a sun hat or headscarf. This will act as a physical barrier between yourself and the sun,” Hersheson advises.

How to take care of Hair this Summer 2. SLATHER ON SPF

Vial says: “Like with our skin, the sun can also damage our hair and scalp — if a hat isn’t your style, use a good quality SPF for your hair to stop the chlorine penetrating each shaft of the hair. I’d also recommend using colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner as this will prevent fade.”


He continues: “Whilst on the beach, a great way to look after hair is to put a treatment on the mid-lengths and ends and then put it in a braid — this will provide nourishment whilst keeping hair off your face whilst you sunbathe.”

4. TAME THOSE TANGLES “Brush hair twice a day to keep tangles at bay. Start at the ends and work slowly up the shaft to avoid knots collecting,” Vial says.


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

Summer hair care tips


“A deep conditioner is incredible at restoring hair health,” Hersheson recommends. “I love the John Frieda Full Repair Hydrate and Rescue Deep Conditioner. It’s a rich, yet lightweight deep conditioner that is perfect for protecting and repairing all dry and damaged hair types, including colour-treated hair. If you have curlier hair, the John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Deep Conditioner is perfect. “For complete control and repair of rebellious hair we offer ultimate treatment from KeraStraight,” says Harry Wiffen, senior stylist, Trevor Sorbie. “The treatment is a protein-based hair smoother and repairing treatment. The treatment has the added benefit of holding blow-dries for longer and works to limit the effects of humidity on frizz prone hair.”


It’s not just what you put on your hair that matters: “Start from the inside out. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hair and skin hydrated. Also eating lots of oily fish will promote shine and add nourishment,” Vial adds.


“Hair oils are a great solution to help put moisture back into damaged hair,” Vial advises. “Depending on how damaged the hair is, I’d recommend using them once or twice a week, applying it through the mid-lengths to the ends – putting it on the roots of the hair can potentially reduce volume.”


“Minimise the use of heat appliances as these will only do further damage to already dry hair,” Vial warns.


“Prevention is better than cure,” Vial says. “I always advise my clients to never let it get to the stage where the hair has become damaged, however, if you have allowed it to happen, then the first thing to do is to book in for a cut to remove the damaged ends.”


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

How to Face Scrub


XFOLIATING your skin can make it appear smoother and softer and can help skin treatments work better. However, you have to use the right kind of exfoliation for your skin type to get the best results and avoid irritating your skin. It’s best to consult with a dermatologist about how to exfoliate your face. In general, there are several products and medical procedures you can try, and even some natural at-home remedies you can use. 1. Pull your hair back. If you have long hair, pull all your hair away from your face and secure it with a hair tie. If you have bangs, you may need a headband to hold them back away from your face as well. 2. Wet a clean washcloth or rag with hot water. The water should be hot, but not so hot that it burns your skin. Place the washcloth on your face for one to two minutes to open your pores. Alternatively, take a hot shower first and soak in the steam for several minutes. 3. Use your standard face wash. After you’ve opened your pores, gently wash your face with your usual facial cleanser. You don’t need to scrub hard, you just want to have a nice clean face to exfoliate. 4. Patch test first. Before you use a new product, you should do a patch test to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction. Choose a one-inch square along the side of your face or chin. Dampen the area and apply the exfoliant. Wait about five or ten minutes. If the area starts to burn, wash it off quickly and completely. Do not continue using that product. If there is no reaction, you can use it on the rest of your face. 5. Apply your exfoliating scrub. Whatever exfoliant you’re using, have it ready to go. Maybe you decided to make a scrub at home, or maybe you’ve purchased a product at the store. Either way, apply the exfoliating paste to your clean, wet skin. Use two fingers or a clean washcloth wet with warm water. Gently rub the paste in circular motions over your en-

tire face to get rid of dead skin. • If you’re using an exfoliating brush or sponge, use short light strokes for about 30 seconds. • Don’t exfoliate if you have open cuts, wounds, a sunburn, or a herpes outbreak. 6. Rinse the scrub off your face with lukewarm water. Wash off all the exfoliating paste with warm, not hot, water. Then splash your face with cold water to close your pores. Make sure you’ve removed all the scrub, otherwise your face will be sticky or grainy from the leftover scrub. 7. Pat your face dry. Use a fresh, soft, clean towel to gently pat dry your face. Do not rub your skin. Your skin may be a little more sensitive after exfoliation, and you do not want to irritate it further by rubbing it. 8. Apply a moisturizer with sunscreen. After you are done exfoliating, use a non-comedogenic moisturizer with sunscreen to preserve your skin’s smoothness, avoid breaking out, and protect it from harmful UV rays. It’s easy for fresh skin to be damaged by the sun, so be sure to wear sunscreen if you’ll be spending time outdoors. • Use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 sun block. 9. Time your treatments. If you have oily, tough skin, you may be able to exfoliate daily without any problem. On the other hand, those with sensitive or dry skin should limit at-home exfoliating to 1-2 times per week. If your skin becomes red or irritated, cut back on how much you’re exfoliating and consult your doctor.


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018



Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

Body shaming: to DEAL with it By Tatenda Rungisa


ODY shaming has become a serious issue in our society. It is whereby inappropriate, negative words,actions and attitudes toward another person’s weight or size is made. It is humiliating and results in most of the times one losing their selfconfidence and shunning away usually taking part in activities that cause self-harm. Body shaming occurs in many ways, 1) Self criticism, What are those unspoken thoughts and beliefs you have about your body? Not what you say out loud – but what you really believe. How do those thoughts and beliefs impact on you? Kids are smart, they don’t fall for words that do not resonate, they pick up on the real meaning very quickly. 2) Criticising someone else in front of them. 3) Criticizing another’s appearance without their knowledge. Fat shaming, is also referred to as body shaming, it is generally an act in which individuals are judged negatively based on their physical appearance. Generally, men and women are fat-shamed if they appear “overweight” or obese, some have even been labelled as “pigs” or don’t fit the idyllic image of “thin and beauti-

ful.” In an age where social media are easily accessible, there is a strong emphasis on idealised beauty, individuals start to become critical of their own bodies and succumb to the pressure of living up to somewhat unrealistic standards of celebrities. Celebrities have to become victims of body shamming which usually becomes headlines in the media. Body

shaming is also prone in high schools and colleges where the issue of labelling and name calling is prominent. Criticizing your own appearance, through a judgment or comparison to another person. (for example one would call themselves ugly in comparison to another person or even negative comments with regards to their body shape and weight. Whilst most prominent mentors address the issues to do with self-discovery, the normal existential struggles and self-discovery route of teens is usually inclusive of questions such as - Who am I? Am I worthy of love and respect?—are too often channelled through another question:


How do I look? For girls the most significant social pressures they face as teens are to conform to conventional notions of beauty. Effects of Body shaming 1) Low self-esteem 2)Overeating People react differently to situations,most people who have gone through victimization of Body shaming struggle with emotional eating,where they will eat so much food,it is sometimes known as comfort eating. This further creates a problem as the victim further gains weight and will continuously be labelled. 3 ) B o d y shaming makes people hate their bodies Fat shaming leads to poor body image and low self-esteem. And people aren’t motivated to take great care of their bodies if they hate them. This is destructive and causes one to be always emotionally drained. Stigmatized people don’t feel comfortable in the gym or running in public. 4) Depression Weight bias has a lot of negative psychological effects. Reports show that discrimination can increase depression and even trigger suicidal thoughts. How then can Body shaming be dealt with? Changing your body might seem like the answer. If only you could

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

How to deal with body shaming

right morally. The most powerful influence our children can have are parents. When parents believe in themselves and are confident, they pass this on to their children and groom them to be confident and love themselves as they are. The children are then able to pass the attribute of confidence and self-love to the external parties,that is the society. 4) Identify who in your life is body-positive — Think of people who celebrate their body for what it can do, and people who refuse to comment on others’ physical appearances. Spending time with these people can be especially helpful while you are struggling with your own internalized body-shaming .Find mentors and strong people that will help you build your own self– esteem. Find that person who will take you through the journey of reinvention to positivity. 5) Love yourself Always remember and remind yourself that there is no other you! You are unique and made in the image of our Maker, God. No one has to validate you, no one has to define pretty for you. Have the courage and boldness to define yourself and your story as the best!!Self -love and acceptance are the key aspects that you can never do without.

be thinner, leaner, stronger, bigger, you’d feel great. Perhaps you would in some ways. Unfortunately, even when one does reach their “if only”, they find that it wasn’t the answer to all of their pain and problems. More often than not, healing these painful wounds takes a different kind of change. Usually, healing body/fat shame takes changing internally, not externally. Below can be ways in which an individual/society at large deal with body shaming. 1) Confront those who perpetuate body-shaming. If you become aware of the perpetrators who entice the behaviour, talk to them

and educate them on how it affects another person. Discuss why it bothers you and help them see how it may also be hurtful to them and the victim. 2) Find something you like about your body. We spend so much time witnessing advertisements about how to make your smoother skin etc however it would be ideal to celebrate and appreciate one’s body as it is. 3) Model empathy during socialization. There are many reasons people struggle with their weight. Some are health related and can be a constant battle for the individual. It is important to not shame people, parents should be able to educate their children from primary level that shaming/bullying is not


How to deal with your body image 1. Get fit for the right reasons Exercise to get healthy and fit,do not strain your self. The best thing you can do is to change your mindset around why you exercise. 2. Make your diet and exercise plan comfortable and enjoyable. Find out what works for you, and what you’re comfortable with, so you can start making healthy changes to your lifestyle. 3. Identify body-positive people in your life. Negative thinking can be infectious, so it’s important to surround yourself with people who don’t judge you, or anyone else, by their physical characteristics. Be Proud of who you are.

Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

Belinda Potts conquers Zim’s beauty WORLD


ETERINARY Sciences student Belinda Potts was crowned as the new Miss World Zimbabwe beauty queen at this year’s edition of Miss World Zimbabwe national competition held at Orchid Gardens in Domboshava. Potts, who hails from Masvingo landed the coveted title after shrugging off stiff competition from 13 other contestants. Currently she is in China for the Miss World competition where her prospects of participating in the finals are bright as she is working round the clock to make herself outshine other contestants. The finals are set for 8 December where 30 out of the 122 girls in the competition will participate. She said she needed the country’s support through votes, so that she could get to the finals. “The competition is stiff, the girls are competitive — I don’t want to lie but I really believe in myself and I hope to do nothing but the best and I really don’t want to disappoint the country. “So basically in the African countries, South Africa’s representative is really favoured, she is very popular and it’s believed that her country helps out to the Miss World pageant. But I hope I will be able to make myself shine and just be chosen as well,” she said. “There are five fast tracks that will make five girls that win get into the final Top 30 and the rest of the 25 will be chosen by the judges through prejudging. I’m just trying to make sure I secure a spot and I get into the final 30. And it will be a first for Zimbabwe as well,” Belinda added. “There is also a big language barrier in China, we are 122 girls in total and most of the girls can’t speak English and we have to use a translator. Even the Chinese they do not really speak English, but the hospitality is good.”


Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018

THE STATE OF CANCER: Are we close to a cure?




Lexxyrue Issue 3 - December 2018


HE World Health Organization (WHO) note that, worldwide, nearly 1 in 6 deaths are down to cancer. In the United States alone, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimated 1 688 780 new cancer cases and 600 920 cancer-related deaths in 2017. Currently, the most common types of cancer treatment are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tumor surgery, and — in the case prostate cancer and breast cancer — hormonal therapy. However, other types of treatment are beginning to pick up steam: therapies that — on their own or in combination with other treatments — are meant to help defeat cancer more efficiently and, ideally, have fewer side effects. Innovations in cancer treatment aim to address a set of issues that will typically face healthcare providers and patients, including aggressive treatment accompanied by unwanted side effects, tumour recurrence after treatment, surgery, or both, and aggressive cancers that are resilient to widely utilized treatments. Below, we review some of the most recent cancer research breakthroughs that give us renewed hope that better therapies and prevention strategies will soon follow suit. Boosting the immune system’s ‘arsenal’ One type of therapy that has attracted a lot of attention recently is immunotherapy, which aims to reinforce our own bodies’ existing arsenal against foreign bodies and harmful cells: our immune system’s response to the spread of cancer tumors. But many types of cancer cell are so dangerous because they have ways of “duping” the immune system — either into ignoring them altogether or else into giving them a “helping hand.” Therefore, some types of aggressive cancer are able to spread more easily and become resistant to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. However, thanks to in vitro and in vivo experiments, researchers are now learning how they might be able to “deactivate” the cancer cells’ protective systems. A study published last year in Nature Immunology found that macrophages, or white blood cells, that are normally tasked with “eating up” cellular debris and other harmful foreign “objects” failed to obliterate the super-aggressive cancer cells. That was because, in their interac-

tion with the cancer cells, the macrophages read not one but two signals meant to repel their “cleansing” action. This knowledge, however, also showed the scientists the way forward: by blocking the two relevant signaling pathways, they re-enabled the white blood cells to do their work. Therapeutic viruses and innovative ‘vaccines’ A surprising weapon in the fight against cancer could be therapeutic viruses, as revealed by a team from the United Kingdom earlier this year. In their experiments, they managed to use a reovirus to attack brain cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. “This is the first time it has been shown that a therapeutic virus is able to pass through the brain-blood barrier,” explained the study authors, which “opens up the possibility [that] this type of immunotherapy could be used to treat more people with aggressive brain cancers.” Another area for improvement in immunotherapy is “dendritic vaccines,” a strategy wherein dendritic cells (which play a key role in the body’s immune response) are collected from a person’s body, “armed” with tumor-specific antigens — which will teach them to “hunt” and destroy relevant cancer cells — and injected back into the body to boost the immune system. In a new study, researchers in Switzerland identified a way to improve the action of these dendritic vaccines by creating artificial receptors able to recognize and “abduct” tiny vesicles that have been linked to cancer tumors’ spread in the body. By attaching these artificial receptors to the dendritic cells in the “vaccines,” the therapeutic cells are enabled to recognize harmful cancer cells with more accuracy. Importantly, recent studies have shown that immunotherapy may work best if delivered in tandem with chemotherapy — specifically, if the chemotherapy drugs are delivered first, and they are followed up with immunotherapy. But this approach does have some pitfalls; it is difficult to control the effects of this combined method, so sometimes, healthy tissue may be attacked alongside cancer tumors. However, scientists from two institutions in North Carolina have developed a substance that, once injected into


the body, becomes gel-like: a “bioresponsive scaffold system.” The scaffold can hold both chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs at once, releasing them systematically into primary tumors. This method allows for a better control of both therapies, ensuring that the drugs act on the targeted tumor alone. The nanoparticle revolution Speaking of specially developed tools for delivering drugs straight to the tumor and hunting down micro tumors with accuracy and efficiency, the past couple of years have seen a “boom” in nanotechnology and nanoparticle developments for cancer treatments. Therapeutic viruses and innovative ‘vaccines’ A surprising weapon in the fight against cancer could be therapeutic viruses, as revealed by a team from the United Kingdom earlier this year. In their experiments, they managed to use a reovirus to attack brain cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. “This is the first time it has been shown that a therapeutic virus is able to pass through the brain-blood barrier,” explained the study authors, which “opens up the possibility [that] this type of immunotherapy could be used to treat more people with aggressive brain cancers.” Another area for improvement in immunotherapy is “dendritic vaccines,” a strategy wherein dendritic cells (which play a key role in the body’s immune response) are collected from a person’s body, “armed” with tumor-specific antigens — which will teach them to “hunt” and destroy relevant cancer cells — and injected back into the body to boost the immune system. In a new study, researchers in Switzerland identified a way to improve the action of these dendritic vaccines by creating artificial receptors able to recognize and “abduct” tiny vesicles that have been linked to cancer tumors’ spread in the body. By attaching these artificial receptors to the dendritic cells in the “vaccines,” the therapeutic cells are enabled to recognize harmful cancer cells with more accuracy. Importantly, recent studies have shown that immunotherapy may work best if delivered in tandem with chemotherapy — specifically, if the chemo

Cancer: Are we close to a cure? Continued from: P26 therapy drugs are delivered first, and they are followed up with immunotherapy. But this approach does have some pitfalls; it is difficult to control the effects of this combined method, so sometimes, healthy tissue may be attacked alongside cancer tumors. However, scientists from two institutions in North Carolina have developed a substance that, once injected into the body, becomes gel-like: a “bioresponsive scaffold system.” The scaffold can hold both chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs at once, releasing them systematically into primary tumors. This method allows for a better control of both therapies, ensuring that the drugs act on the targeted tumor alone. The nanoparticle revolution Speaking of specially developed tools for delivering drugs straight to the tumor and hunting down micro tumors with accuracy and efficiency, the past couple of years have seen a “boom” in nanotechnology and nanoparticle developments for cancer treatments. Tumor ‘starvation’ strategies Another type of strategy that researchers have been investigating of late is that of “starving” tumors of the nutrients they need to grow and spread. This, scientists point out, could be a saving grace in the case of aggressive, resilient cancers that cannot effectively be eradicated otherwise. Three different studies — whose results were all published in January this year — looked at ways of cutting off cancers’ nutritional supplies. One of these studies looked at ways of stopping glutamine, a naturally occurring amino acid, from feeding cancer cells. Certain cancers, such as breast, lung, and colon, are known to use this amino acid to support their growth. By blocking cancer cells’ access to glutamine, the researchers managed to maximize the impact of oxidative stress, a process that eventually induces cell death, on these cells. Some aggressive types of breast cancer may be halted by stopping the cells from “feeding” on a particular enzyme that helps them to produce the energy they need to thrive.

Another way of depleting cancer cells of energy is by blocking their access to vitamin B-2, as researchers from the University of Salford in the UK have observed. As one study author says, “This is hopefully the beginning of an alternative approach to halting cancer stem cells.” This strategy could help individuals receiving cancer treatment to avoid the toxic side effects of chemotherapy. Cancer treatments and epigenetics Epigenetics refers to the changes caused in our bodies by alterations in gene expression, which dictate whether certain characteristics appear or if certain “actions” are affected at a biological level. According to research that addressed the impact of such changes, many cancers, as well as the behaviours of cancer cells, are determined by epigenetic factors. “Recent advances in the field of epigenetics have shown that human cancer cells harbour global epigenetic abnormalities, in addition to numerous genetic alterations.” “These genetic and epigenetic alterations interact at all stages of cancer development, working together to promote cancer progression.” Thus, it is crucial for specialists to understand when and where to intervene and the expression of which genes they may need to switch on or off, depending on their role in the development of cancer. One study, for instance, found that the gene responsible for the advent of

Cancer is the leading cause of death across the globe. For years now, researchers have led meticulous studies focused on how to stop this deadly disease in its tracks. How close are we to finding more effective treatments?

Huntington’s disease produces a set of molecules whose action may actually prevent cancer from occurring. Now, the researchers’ challenge is to channel the therapeutic potential of this process without triggering Huntington’s disease. However, the scientists are hopeful. “We believe a short-term treatment cancer therapy for a few weeks might be possible,” says the study’s senior author. Another recent study was able to establish that estrogen-receptor positive breast cancers that become resistant to chemotherapy gain their resilience through genetic mutations that “confer a metastatic advantage to the tumor.” But this knowledge also gave researchers the “break” that they needed to come up with an improved treatment for such stubborn tumors: a combination therapy that delivers the chemotherapeutic drug fulvestrant alongside an experimental enzyme inhibitor. What does this all mean? Cancer research is running at full speed, taking advantage of all the technological advances that science has achieved over recent years. But what does that mean in terms of coming up with a cure for cancer? Whether or not there will ever be a cure for all cancer types is currently a matter of strong debate; although promising studies are published and covered by the media almost every day, cancer types vary immensely. This makes it very difficult to say that an approach that works for one type will be adaptable to all. Also, while there is much emerging research promising more effective treatments, most of these projects are still in their early stages, having conducted in vitro and in vivo experiments. Some potential treatments still have a long way to go before clinical trials in human patients. Still, that doesn’t mean we should lose all hope. Some researchers explain that these efforts should make us optimistic; while we may not be at the stage where we can claim that cancer can easily be eradicated, our furthered knowledge and ever more precise tools keep us ahead of the game and improve our odds in the fight against this disease. *** Medical News Today***


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