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Homecoming 2012 Red, White, and WKU

Sigma Kappa, Sigma Chi, and Alpha Kappa Alpha posing in front of their homecoming float, October 19th, 2012.


omecoming, it’s that one time a year that everyone looks forward to. It’s a way that really starts off the new semester with a bang. This year, Western Kentucky University decided to use the theme of “Red, White, and WKU” in order to celebrate this presidential election year. Being in a Greek organization, there are many ways of opportunity to get involved with Homecoming Week, including float building, homecoming competition games against

the other organizations, and participating in the homecoming parade and pep rally. As a sorority and fraternity member, you get majorly involved with this campus activity, and it’s a week filled with excitement, stress, fun, parties, laughs, and so much more. For Greek life, the bases of Homecoming Week starts out with the random picking of who you will be partnering with. Ususally, one sorority is paired with one or two fraternities on campus, along

with the possibility of being partnered with one or more Historically African American organization. This year, as a member of Sigma Kappa sorority, we had the wonderful opportunity to be partnered with the handsome men of Sigma Chi fraternity and the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha. And that’s how the week begins. It’s fun having all the Greeks come together, in a friendly way, to kick off the new school year and semester, and be together as one, huge family.

Sisters of Sigma Kappa, and sisters in real life, Michelle and Christina Porter, cheering hard at Big Red’s Roar.


here are many events that take place over the Homecoming week. After all the sororities and fraternities are paired together, the real work and fun begins. First, each group of pairs is expected to design and build a float for the parade leading up to Big Red’s Roar, or the pep rally before the Homecoming football game. This requires hours of work, crumpling tissue paper, gluing, and sometimes painting, but the results at the end is always a reward. The float building is actually a competition, as well, for the most creative float design that goes along with that year’s theme. The parade is also a huge part of Homecoming and a lot of citizens of Bowling Green, Kentucky come up to the hill and watch all the floats go by, kids usually coming in Halloween costumes, since it is the month of October, and hoping to collect some candy from all the Homecoming Queen nominees, and students just getting into the spirit of the week. Walking with your sisters is always a good time, and cause a few laughs too. That’s the thing


about Homecoming week. Even though you are putting in hours of work, you’re spending all that time bonding with your sisters and other Greek members that maybe you wouldn’t have had the opportunity of meeting before. Another fun event that take place is Big Red’s Roar, the huge pep rally, taking place downtown in historic old Bowling Green. The streets get packed with students, family, alumni, and others, cheering and screaming on, getting excited for the home football game the next day. The winners of the float competition and most spirited are announced, which makes for more excitement within your groups, but you know that no matter the outcome, it was all in good fun and you already can’t wait until next year. (Even though most of the students there could use a week’s worth of rest after everything they’ve done throughout the week). As part of a Greek organization, Homecoming is something you get very involved in. And sometimes, most people would agree, that if you weren’t Greek, Homecoming some times isn’ t as fun or as rewarding. Most of the activities that take place are Greek affiliated, besides probably attending the football game. Even the Greek organizations have their own tailgating area for the game, and all attend with their friends.

Sigma Kappa’s and Sigma Chi’s are all smiles for the Homecoming parade.


ne thing that I wanted to point out about Homecoming, though, is that I honestly believe that it is a time that the Greek community, or as I like to say family, comes together to celebrate, raise the Western Kentucky spirit across the university, and just come out and have a good time with you second family, or your “home away from home�. The whole week is definitely filled with many moments that can bring on so many different emotions. But, whether you’re feeling happy, pumped up and filled with energy, or feeling tired and stressef, trying to get your float done on time, every moment is spent with you sisters. And I believe that is some times overlooked because of how stressful the week can honestly be. But, if you need something, there is always a sister, and probably even a fraternity brother there, who has got your back, and is going to help and support you every step of the way. The whole point of Homecoming is to have fun and celebrate. And having your sisters there the entire time just gives you another reason to do so.


Tips & Tricks

for surviving Homecoming Week

#1: Get plenty of sleep the week before, if possible. #2: If any tests or projects are going to be due, make sure those are finished and completed. #3: Be mentally prepared for long nights. #4: Long nights include more than just float work. #5: Remember, it’s about making memories and spending time with sisters. #6: Remembering to eat to have energy helps. #7: Party and have a little fun.


Homecoming 2012  

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