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A Journey of Creativity with Lex Weinstein McCaughin

I present to you my masterpiece, the portfolio of my last four years of undergraduate schooling. This collection speaks to my work ethic, my creativity, my determination, and critical eye. My designs have the power to brighten the world and create beautiful tools for communication and understanding. As I culminate this endeavor, I am so grateful for the opportunity to create this work and have it be honored. Thank you. Lex W. McCaughin

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Chapter 1: Fashion Photography

10 Chapter 2: Type Cube Experimentation


Chapter 3: Screen Prints


Chapter 4: Keepers of the Coast Identity


Chapter 5: Vans Shoes


Chapter 6: Girl Next Door Surf Shop


Chapter 7: Fuze Ad Campaign


Chapter 8: Notes on Visual Communication


Chapter 9: Driftwood Magazine


Chapter 10: Weleda Organic Beauty


Chapter 11: M.I.A. Poster


Chapter 12: Gypsea


Fashion Photography Fine Art Portraits

Objective: “It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.” - Paul Strand A well-wielded camera reveals the beauty of “insignificant” details. My approach to photography is to accentuate the beauty that exists within the simplicity and nature of my models. This campaign was a vision I had for fall fashion inviting viewers to “Fall in love with Fall” at the Girl Next Door Surf Shop. Creating an ambiance of drama and fantasy glorifies the uniqueness of the models in these portraits. The tasks I conquered for this job include: • Concept and Storyboarding • Complete Styling of Outfits and Accessories • Hair and Makeup • Art Direction • Photography • Touch-ups / Editing Creating an ambiance of drama and fantasy glorifies the uniqueness of the models in these portraits. **Note: These photos will be used in advertisements for the Girl Next Door Surf Shop to be published nationally Winter 2010

Fashion Photography | 4

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Fashion Photography | 6

Fashion Photography | 7

Fashion Photography | 8 chapter name | 8

Fashion Photography | 9 chapter name | 9


Type Cube Experimentation 6 Sided Typographic Structure

Objective: The goal of this project was to fill six sides of a 7x7� cube, so that each side each side connected and flowed in a manner that was beautiful and cohesive.

Solution: With such a lush, dynamic song, it was an adventure bringing the typography of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to life. Using the exquisitely clean typefaces of Helvetica Neue and Edwardian Script, I used my typographic skills to illustrate the passionate range of vocal timbre and affectation. The pictoral elements amplify the typographic effects.

Type Cube | 10

chapter name | 11

Type Cube| 12

Type Cube | 13


Screen Prints Creative Expression

Objective: We work in an age of computers and technology that can deliver instant gratifcation with the click of a mouse. When screen printing, I am forced to slow down my process and be patient, something that I find very challenging. I am deeply influenced by the era in which silk screening was most popular, the 1970s. The model Twiggy is a source of great inspiration for me. Her doe-eyed innocence and perfect silhouette make for an excellent pattern print as well a diverse experimentation with paper. I also designed a 4 color print in tribute to the great Victor Moscosso, poster-printer extraordinaire. I received such positive feedback I was then inspired to print on canvas bags.

Screen Prints | 14

chapter name | 15

Screen Prints | 16

Screen Prints | 17


Keepers of the Coast Not-for-Profit Corporate Identity

Objective: Keepers of the Coast is a non-profit organization involved with turtle conservation and beach clean up. The client required a logo redesign, poster, and full stationary package. The nature of the company demanded that the identity and its substrates be environmentally concious.

Solution: My approach incorporates multiple beach associations in one strong, visual element. The unification of the sea turtle and the sand dollar symbolizes the fragility of the oceanic ecosystem and the majesty of one of nature’s oldest, most gentle creatures. The color scheme reflects the earthy tones of sand and tortoise shells. All pieces were printed on 100% recycled paper.

Keepers of the Coast | 18

chapter name | 19

Keepers of the Coast | 20

Keepers of the Coast | 21


Vans Shoes Shoe Designs/Fine Art

Objective: I was interested in an experimentation combining abstract and commerrcial forms. Many fashion companies such as Nike, Volcom, and Louis Vouitton commission artists to create a piece for their collection, and I wanted to be that artist for Vans. I used original drawings, paintings, and homemade prints for my designs, showcasing my work in a format that is not only interesting, but successful as functional, marketable apparel.

Vans | 22

chapter name | 23

Vans | 24

Vans | 25


Girl Next Door Surf Shop Logo, T-shirt, and Sticker Designs

Objective: The Girl Next Door Surf Shop was a client that required a reconnect with its target audience. Women surfers have a powerful feminine voice that is often stifled by the maledominated industry. For this reason, it was crucial that the Girl Next Door brand be a platform for that voice, loud enough for those women to be heard.

Solution: The “GND� heart logo is clean and simple, yet bright, cheerful and undeniably bold. The heart is a symbol of love, compassion, and nurturing; feminine qualities made fierce by the vivid color palette. This heart logo has been been printed on contest tents and entry forms, t-shirts, and stickers.The other t-shirt designs embrace the same attitude, proving that it is indeed achievable to be both cute and powerful. I used inspirational elements from 1970s pop culture to engage the modern surf diva. To appeal to this demographic, the clothing feature vibrant colors and designs as well as stickers that promote environmentalism and social unification.

Girl Next Door | 26

chapter name | 27

Girl Next Door | 28

Girl Next Door | 29


Fuze Advertisements Advertisements/Concept

Objective: Fuze is a health concious, fruit beverage company that markets itself to a consumer who is intelligent, sophisticated, physically active and forward thinking. The campaign for this client had to be visually striking while connecting with the audience on a deep, personal level.

Solution: I paired the Buddhist Mandala with the “Truly Infuzed” headline to illustrate that Fuze’s fruit, vitamins, and flavor would take them to a place of higher conciousness and enlightenment.

Fuze | 30

chapter name | 31

Fuze | 32

Fuze | 33


Notes in Visual Communication Book Design/Hand-Made Typography

Objective: Notes in Graphic Design by Gregg Berryman was written in 1979 and is an invaluable resource for budding graphic designers. However, the design of the very text book is outdated for the context of 2009. One objective was to redesign the book and update it for a modern aesthetic. The other was to experiment with typographic structure by building the title using small objects as pixels.

Solution: I designed the typeface of the title, “Vibrant” using Skittles as individual pixels. Each letter was built to be 3-4 feet tall and arranged into a giant compilation of type and color. When designing the book cover, I used a blind emboss to mimic the bulbous shape of a Skittle. I also employed a circular di-cut that reveals a splash of color from the Skittle invasion on the inside cover. The beautiful contrast of stark white on the outside reveals a surprise of bold color as you open the book, creating excitement. Each chapter’s tab features a photograph capturing my process of creating VIBRANT in beautiful still shots.

Notes in Visual Communication | 34

chapter name | 35

Notes in Visual Communication | 36

Notes in Visual Communications | 37

Notes in Visual Communication | 38

Notes in Visual Communication | 39

Notes in Visual Communication | 40

Notes in Visual Communication | 41


Driftwood Magazine Editorial Layout

Objective: We were required to conceptualize, design, and execute a magazine from scratch. This included theme, masthead, table of contents, and articles.

Solution: My concept for Driftwood Magazine was to offer surfers an alternative periodical combining the cinematic visuals of a travel magazine with the excitement of an extreme sport. The piece was designed to immediately catch the eye of a young surfer, while also maintaining a level of edgy sophistication. The magazine features tantilizing imagery and cheeky headlines, keeping the reader not only engaged but “stoked.�

Driftwood Magazine | 42

chapter name | 43

Driftwood Magazine | 44

Dirftwood Magazine | 45

Driftwood Magazine | 46

Driftwood Magazine | 47


Weleda Organic Beauty Corporate Identity/Package Design

Objective: Weleda is an organic beauty product supplier committed to self affirmation and social responsibility. The company needed a new corporate identity and package design that reflected its appreciation for environmental elegance.The challenge with Weleda was communicating its message of “cultivated beauty,� a naturally organic product in a manufactured industry.

Solution: The typeface for the logo was chosen due to its thin and graceful, twig-like quality. The packaging is a simple white with stark photographs that spotlight nature’s beauty without seeking to amplify it in an artificial way.

Weleda Organic Beauty | 48

chapter name | 49

Weleda Organic Beauty | 50

Weleda Organic Beauty | 51

Weleda Organic Beauty | 52

Weleda Organic Beauty | 53


M.I.A. Poster Poster Design

Objective: To create a vibrant, eye catching poster design for any venue, exhibit, or event.

Solution: M.I.A. is an artist whose music and style never go unnoticed. I designed this poster to be loud and in your face, but still simple and classy. The event Is a concert at Terminal 5 in Brooklyn, New York so I created a poster that would appeal to a young, modern crowd.

Santogold Poster | 54

Santogold Poster | 55


Gypsea Self Promotion/Identity Design

Objective: To create a self-promotion campaign, including logo, stationary package, and direct mail piece.

Solution: I chose the name “Gypsea� because it describes me to the fullest. I am the most inspired when in an exotic place on a surf trip, immersed in different cultures and soaking up the beautiful natural elements. The color scheme I chose illustrates the elegance and simplicity of the ocean, and the typeface represents the vibrant, bold approach I take to my designs. The whale is a symbol of the greatest gypsea in nature, and of my gentle yet powerful essence. The eye catching, hand crafted, direct mail is a cohesive piece that displays a small portfolio of my work, my resume and business card. Featured in the direct mail is an origami fortune teller that displays my work alongside inspirational design quotes.

Gypsea | 56

chapter name | 57

Gypsea | 58

Gypsea | 59

Gypsea | 60

Gypsea | 61

Gypsea | 62

Gypsea | 63

Thank you for taking the time to review my work. I hope it made you smile! Comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to contact me at


Examples of work by Lex Weinstein in the fields of graphic design, fashion, and photography